I haven’t seen many reviews for the psychedelics, so I thought I’d share my experiences. Keep in mind that everyone is different and you may have different experiences than I have.

I’ve ordered a lot of shrooms since they’ve been in stock, and had some pretty great trips, so I’m gonna go strain by strain.

Manifest - These were the first mushrooms I’d ever tried. As far as taste they were pretty standard, which is to say that they’re really gross. They were really tough and easy to cut up though, so I just chopped them up and took it like a pill. The first time I took them I only took about a gram, but it was definitely much stronger than most shrooms I’ve had since. The effects with Manifest were a lot different from my subsequent trips. Not too many visuals, but the proportions of everything were extremely warped and when I focused on something it felt like I was looking through a telescope backwards. I had put on a stand up special towards the peak and couldn’t stop laughing. It was definitely a really good social or party high, but it was pretty obvious to anyone around me that I was tripping. I remember thinking that the only way to describe how I was feeling was just “orange.” Eventually I wound down and felt amazing for the next few days. I had gotten a half ounce, so I took a couple more trips before I ran out, and they were all pretty similar. I haven’t had anything like them since. These are the perfect shrooms to take before a movie or something where you can just sit down and watch something funny with a some friends. I wouldn’t take them around strangers personally, but to each their own.

Golden Teachers - These guys were pretty average. Standard potency if not a little bit lower than normal. The best experience I had I took about 5-6 grams and painted a room in my basement. I eventually had to stop and lay on the floor while I listened to Tool though. Overall they were really chill and a very mind expanding kind of experience. Would be fantastic for going to a museum, hiking, or most activities where the goal is to look at nature and other cool stuff. It was much easier than the Manifest to stay cool on, and I was able to keep myself under control while going about my day. The come up was definitely a little speedy though. I personally don’t mind that, but I know it’s an issue for some people. Taste is pretty normal, but a little bit more savory. I had an easier time getting these ones down than a lot of the other ones. Overall they were your average magic mushrooms, can’t go wrong there.

Penis Envy - I bought this half about 9 months ago and haven’t been able to finish it. These guys were especially contemplative. I had some nasty trips, but they were definitely good for me in the long run. I would recommend caution with Penis Envy generally just because it can be really potent. The come up pretty standard if not a little mellower than most. The visuals weren’t too intense and the focus seemed to be on my mental state more than anything. These guys are perfect for meditation or watching some sad, artsy film like “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” If you’re ok bawling your eyes out, maybe put on some good sad music. It was hard to keep these down because there was some very fluffy mycelium growing inside the stem of the mushroom. Texture was a lot more chalky and I had a hard time with my usual method of cutting them up and swallowing the pieces like a pill.

Melmac PE - Besides the Manifest, this strain is my favorite. I felt like a rockstar every time I take these. The come up was very clean and energetic, great for dancing to Talking Heads or any kind of weird jerky music. As I got into the full trip, I found myself being entrances by various things. I was running errands with a family member and got absorbed by a wall of various springs in the hardware store. It’s a little hard to keep your cool with these guys, but I was able to stay undetected. It’s really hard to eat these because of how much flesh there is. These have a full stem and aren’t hollow at all. They are incredibly potent however, and have taken me on some amazing trips. These are great for hiking or any activity that gets you moving while still letting you stare at beautiful colors.

Makilla Gorilla - I haven’t taken many trips with these yet. They’re the most recent ones I’ve gotten. I took them in a little bit of a different way than usual by using lemon juice mixed with some various other stuff to help mask the taste. It didn’t work. These are in between the Golden Teachers and the Penis Envy, as far as taste they are a little bit more gross than usual, but they’re not as chalky as the PE. The trip from these guys was a little bit shorter than usual, probably because of my method of ingesting them. Really heavy visuals, there were various geometric patterns almost like a filter over everything I saw. The floor looked like the scene from Fear and Loathing. I’d like to take a higher dose at some point, but I’ve gotta hype myself up to eat them. These seem great for looking at stuff and hanging out. Maybe take some with your friends and trash a hotel room like Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo, just make sure to tip the staff.

These are all the strains I’ve tried as of right now, but I have some indigo pyramid gel tabs on the way that I’d like to review. If I can save up enough I want to get a vial of liquid acid and take an Albert Hoffman level dose to report on.


  • I can't imagine ever trying shrooms at this point of my life, but I really enjoyed reading your reviews and experiences @idkman49! Thanks!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor I’m definitely at the beginning of my psychedelic journey lol. And thank you! I’m planning on writing a review when I get the acid.

  • Great reviews appreciate it @idkman49

  • I forgot to add this earlier, but all the mushrooms I’ve purchased were from @MerlinsMagic I believe. Not sure if that matters to anyone though.

  • @TheProfessor Just turned 60 here. Wow. Where did the time go? Anyway, I contemplated the mushrooms for a couple of years since they’ve become vogue again. Earlier this year I decided to micro dose a couple of times with the chocolates. Didn’t notice much. Over the summer I tried again with a gram and went to a Braves game with a friend. We had a great time. No visuals, just a happy day. However, it does deplete the serotonin and all, so I wouldn’t recommend it for regular use. Bottom line is that I was a little afraid of it even though I did go college, and did eat a few back then. My 2 cents.
    Since you’re so kind to offer reviews, I thought I would respond.

  • Thanks @leaf for sharing your experiences. I’ll be 62 in less than a month. I already have issues with imbalanced brain chemicals. I understand that shrooms could possibly help, but without direct guidance and supervision I’m not comfortable with the risk. Thanks for the information though! I’ve always been intrigued.😎🧐

  • Part of my concern was that I take Ssri meds. So, agree that there’s no reason to risk it. Also, those chocolates have too many carbs!
    They are fun and I hope others are enjoying them.

  • Yeah, me too @leaf. I’m just now getting my meds and anxiety under control after ten years of trying SSRI after SSRI and I’m not going to risk that.

  • SSRIs are more dangerous than shrooms

  • I don’t know about shrooms, but my experiences with SSRIs would have me agreeing with you @TreesPlz. My psychiatrist finally took me off of SSRIs this year and I’m trying something different. Life is so much better now!😎🧐

  • Great reviews!!! @idkman49 if you can write us your name in the comments and I’d @medboy can confirm your identity Is love to send you samples

  • Thank you for taking care of yourselves and now going in for.more than you’re ready for everyone. I was nervous making these offerings not only for the risk but with the concern that people would get too crazy. It’s a relief to hear people erring on the side of caution.

  • When I was on SSRIs, I didn't even feel human anymore. I cannot imagine being on them again.

  • I'm an alien

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