LOUD: A simple and polite review.

Order on 11th. Label created on the 14th. Pack on the move on the 16th.
9 Days shipping (20th) to a neighboring state.
Split requested (R2D2 and Pineapple Express) but was not honored 😔. Same price?

Strain R2D2. Small buds. Identical to website pic. Not much flavor, a little grassy. However, I do feel effects after one toke. Nothing mind blowing but quality medicine just the same.

Overall, I'm happy with the services provided here. It saves time and money over driving. I do get aggravated sometimes with the shipping and coordination with USPS. There's a knowledge gap concerning the whole process and rightfully so. I think it may be the day of the week I order on? Is there a better day to order to ensure prompt shipping? @medboy , I realize now that I ordered on a Saturday (after Veterans Day). Apologies for the snappy and now deleted post.
I have customers in my line of work and I don't want to be "that guy".



  • I don't know that there's a particularly optimal day for ordering to ensure a faster delivery. Orders placed Friday will not process until Sunday (closed Saturday), which means not processed by the USPS until Monday, so that's something to factor in I would think. Obviously, holidays will cause delays. The entire month of December is generally a mess for the post office, so all days are bad days.

    Each shipper is in a different location, so different USPS drop spots are used. They all switch these as well, so they may get one that's super efficient and scans packages properly and quickly, but to stay safe they need to switch to another which may not be as fast. It's an unfortunate part of dealing with the USPS.

  • My orders average 9-10 days if I’m lucky. Things used to be faster but something happened and it’s much much slower now. I plan for 2 weeks when ordering and if it comes sooner it’s a plus.

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    I ordered on the 16th from @HappyTrees but haven’t seen a shipping label yet. @medboy, so by your timeline, I should have definitely received a shipping label by now. Last time I ordered from them, shipping was super fast, I think six days to my door. So I hope to see a shipping label today at least.

  • @Tealeaves Is this from ANY shipper or Loud in particular?

    @TheMad710Chemist Labels don't always show in ID. Usually yes, but not 100% of the time. As always, 10 days pass and no package? Absolutely email me.

  • I noticed Merlin speeds slowed down to east coast for me but my orders become more sporadic.

  • Loud in particular but Merlin's orders have drastically slowed. It used to be a dependable 3-4 days from order to delivery now its 8 days on every order. Im on the east coast as well but there is a noticeable change that has happened. With all that said, Im still happy with the site I just plan for a 1 1/2 week delivery time now.

  • This time of year always seems to be chaotic with USPS. I’m looking forward to my order from HT either way. I imagine it will be next week sometime . Hope you guys get the PM. Merlin must have grabbed a bunch this time. It’s definitely one of my recent favs!

  • I was shocked to see my loud sale item had label showing 1st even though I had a Merl sale item requested over 12 hrs earlier right after code 1st posted still waiting to see label for

  • I ordered from LOUD, Merlin, and Happy Trees. Eight days, and I just got LOUD and HT. Merls looks to deliver tomorrow.

    Sorry for the less than stellar pics!

    Wedding Cake from LOUD
    (1st Pic)


    I rarely order from LOUD, and I'm starting to remember why. Dry, flat, small, no smell, no bag appeal, and I wonder how much of the weight of the bag was all the stems I got? I am honestly surprised someone from LOUD shipped this out unironically. I could have bought this from a plug on the street. I will continue to stick with Merlin and HT going forward.

    Georgia Pie from Happy Trees
    (2nd Pic)


    One giant bud! Love it. The bud looks kind of frosty, smells like Georgia Pie. Good stuff Happy Tree! Looking forward to trying it tonight.

    The Chocolatina and Ice Gas Cookies from Merlin should be swinging in tomorrow.

  • Buzz Reactions:

    Wedding Cake - Good buzz, settles behind the eyes. Very calming. It was kind of a sharp burn due to dryness. But a night with El Boveda should help. Overall, it's not bad weed. But I guess I expected more from LOUD. I see them as the connoisseur shipper, so to get a bag of a lot of stems and dime-buds, it's disappointing.

    Georgia Pie - Creeper buzz. At first, I didn't feel it was all that. Then about ten minutes later I realized I was still holding the lighter and doing absolutely nothing. Had to rewind the vid I was watching. I think I told my wife the same thing twice. This one is dangerous lol

    This entire thing was a struggle to coherently scribe. I am now going to drool for a while.

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    Ugh please don’t tell me that, I’m waiting on a loud order of wedding cake right now @OzBaxter. It sure does look like lots of stems.

  • @Rubygirl816 You can see in that first pic I posted, mostly stems and popcorn. Hopefully yours was loaded before I got the bottom of the bag lol 😜👍🏼

  • @OzBaxter I would write to medboy and tell him you’re unhappy with it. That’s what I would do and will do, if that’s the case with mine. See if loud can make it right.

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    The NYCD and R2D2 both not the prettiest buds..minimal aroma..but hit ok. I wouldn't order again based on what's available from other shippers. Taking a chance on the Bellini. Loud has had many bangers but don't expect premium from the greenhouse offerings. Mine was minimal stem but I ordered a while back.

  • @Rubygirl816 I thought about it. But in the end, it's a lot of trouble and it was my choice to try Loud again. I will just vote with my wallet and stick with Merlin and HT going forward.

  • @superman38NC I almost went with the R2D2. Is it sleepy-weed? Always curious about the buzz.

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    I love wedding cake. Had been staring at it for a bit. I had the finances, to order from medman and another place. Figured I would have it by the time I finished the other. Wrong, a week for the label to pop up. Granted there was issue with site, but still should not take a week for label. Now I remember why I don’t order from Loud either. I also thought they were trying to fix it. Remember seeing a post bout it. Live and learn.

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    @OzBaxter I haven't had it in a min but I don't recall it being a sleepy strain. Euphoric and floaty.

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    Banana Bellini landed yesterday am. Quick shipping from Loud to where I live. Upon opening the bag visually the buds are stunning! Aroma wasn't loud like I was expecting but what's there smells great. Biggest quam for paying ultra premium is how dry it is. I know this time of year things run drier but these buds were very dry. The posted pic makes the buds look super sticky. That didn't stop me from firing one up but rough on the throat when that dry. We'll see what a few days with boveda does. As far as effects I wake n baked and I didn't feel any drowsiness. Excellent body buzz with a smile of contemptment. 8.5/10 for me due to the dryness level. The bud I got from HT was slightly dry but nothing like this.

  • The stuff I got from loud from cyber Monday landed right bout a week from request and both .5zip were very nice quality and sized some gmo and gelato

  • Said F if that blueberry pie and slapz both sound 🔥 so fingers crossed for decent turn around

  • I did get a confirmation email for that just throwing it out there

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    Still waiting on my package. It is right back to where it started, as of this morning. Sorry loud I will never order again, that usps hub has no friggen idea what they are doing! My package has taken the scenic route all over Washington and like I said, it’s right back to where it started from. I have no meds and am losing my shit. Shame cause I would have loved to order that blueberry pie. From now on it’s medmama or my back up place. Now I have to spend a fortune to get something local. Hate Xmas time just hate it. Bah humbug

  • I’m so sorry 😞 @Rubygirl816 ive had that happen before and eventually it showed up🤞🏻I would share if I could!

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    I hate not being able to share @Rubygirl816 @superman38NC! So many people here that I’d like to medicate and/or share with.☹️ I’m hoping your package shows up for you soon!

  • Thanks @superman38NC and @TheProfessor I so wish there was a way we all could share! It will show eventually. Just had to vent.

  • Been there and it sucks big time @Rubygirl816! I think there should be a “Bud of the Month” club, I’d buy into that membership!

  • @Rubygirl816 Damn, sorry girl I know that feeling. It sucks.
    We need "hubs" of buyers that are located where they can drive to other users homes to share in times of loss or drought.

  • Dang that sucks hate to hear that I know I always feel like I'm gambling if gonna get in time when go loud route but it'd seemed like had been rectified there for a little bit I had gotten one in under a week from them couple months back and last one went past me first but still TD bout a week so hoping gets to you soon and stuff from there stays moving smoothly thru holidays and whatnot

  • Package went back to where it started from and now has not been scanned for two days. This really sucks. Tomorrow is two weeks. I have a feeling somebody had sticky fingers especially being it’s the hub they have had problems with. Again, this really sucks and have no money to buy more. And today is the sale too. Just disgusted

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