Reviews roach blunt

Composed of various strains and removed from a dirty ashtray.

The first appearance is ugly. We have a mixture of ashes and burnt weed. F

The nose is off putting. I wouldn’t let my dog smell it. F

The taste deserves a a higher grade due to the blueberry wrapper. D-

Effects. Better than nothing. C

I hope that helps.


  • 😂🤣 10/10 🔥👍🏼

  • Sad and hilarious simultaneously, well played 🤣

  • hope this comes back on the menu soon

  • I remember the times when I'd smoke the resin left in all my pipes and bowls. Could make it last for days!

    Not worth it anymore. lol

  • @Sixwaychili LOL! Same. Back in my younger "iron lung" days

  • I’ve got well over a zip of collective roach weed sitting atm. Doubt I’ll ever get to it though.

  • Hoping the roach comes back on menu wild 🤣💀

  • Hey. When it’s all you got, it’s a wonderful thing! Lol

  • Oh definitely been there more than I'd had liked and still occasionally lol thread is hilarious though the situation isn't when in it

  • Look, I am a conservationist. Every speck of weed that is not total gray ash gets scraped, poked, or dumped into a small Tupperware. Half of the bowl smoked and left? Saved. Hit the one-hitter and need to clear it for another? Poke that thing right off into the box. Roaches, scraps, etc. Then when I run out of my normal stock and I'm stuck for a little time waiting for the next batch to hit, "The Box of Ass" is opened and I get a dry harsh mix of whatever different strains are together in there. Sometimes it's glorious, sometimes it's just a headache. But either way I get every penny I spend LOL

    "What is the weight of smoke?" - SMOKE (1995)

  • edited December 2023

    Those were the days @Sixwaychili @funkynugz @OzBaxter !😂 I hope those days are behind me now but some habits are hard to break.😉 I still have my “box weed.” It’s all the flower that missed the bowl and ends up in the bottom of the box. Tossed salad…along with some dust and cat hair! The effects are usually a surprise!😎🧐

  • I do use my roaches after they accumulate. It’s not about the quality, but more about conservation. Obviously.

  • @TheProfessor I have a jar of ABV (already been vaped) that I'll make into oil someday when it gets full. Problem is that I like smoking a bong more than dry vaping. I should update my will to include that jar. lol

  • @Sixwaychili I showed my son (23) my dispensary vault and copious amount of smoking supplies, told him one day this will all be yours 😂

    Believe it or not I do have it in my will 👍

  • @Sixwaychili I’ve got a jar of abv myself. When I get more than a cup collected we make infused honey. Haven’t collected much lately for the same reason, I like my bongs and my glass pipes. @funkynugz My kids work for the government and have clearances…they have no interest. A shame, I have a nice collection to pass on one day.😎🧐

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