Permanent Marker



  • PM is getting low. Might be subbed for a bit. Next batch will be ready in a month and I’m looking if a buddy has any to tide us over.

  • In the meantime, the same farmer has Lemon Cherry Gelato, Lemon Pistacio and Pink Certz, all highly recommended.

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    @MerlinsMagic is that the Premium or the Indoor Lemon Cherry Gelato? Love that strain.

    Not sure if you're supposed to have that listed twice. @medman

  • @MerlinsMagic i have tried all three of those strains from you and they are all 🔥🔥. Really loving the Pistachio lemon.

  • Mean people have different chemical make up and can't please everyone every time, there definitely an anomaly in my area that isn't a fan of some stuff literally everyone else loves but all 3 them sound great already a fan of lcg anyway but them other 2 have caught my eye lately as wet

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    Wow, I'm getting the sativa effects with PM tonight. Or maybe it's the THC simple syrup drink I made with just seltzer and lemon. (Simple syrup + vape refill syringe + A LOT OF MATH to figure out the dosage) I got it to about 25mg per tablespoon. Since I mixed the drink with 2 bong hits of PM, I'll never know where this sativa buzz came from. Can't remember the vape oil strain. Possibly Juicy Fruit. But I'm not much of a believer in vape oils having much different effects from each other. Maybe this is evidence? Or maybe PM can have sativa effects. Music sounds so damn good right now.

    Listening to ZZ Top. I always forget how great they are. Wow I'm high! Next AC/DC

  • @Sixwaychili The PM can have some hybrid effects but yes the refills for me have an energizing effect.

  • I found a half unit of the PM... will post it, and otherwise we will wait until the girls finish growing.

  • Ordered some today, hope there is still some left 👍🏼

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