Permanent Marker

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2023's Strain of the Year is coming back and bringing friends.
While I could post it as a premium or more, I'm able to go direct to the grower and pass down the savings.
If they raise prices I might reconsider, but for now we can keep going

@TheProfessor do you mind sharing your review in this thread?

I'm bringing along a great sativa from the same grower... Lemon Pistacio... I wonder if it will hit as hard.



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    Permanent Marker

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    Awesome thank you Merlin! Both beautiful. It would be cool if all strain pics showed the larger sack. Great quality pics! When do you think it will be available to order?

  • I think it'll get posted on Sunday. But for now just order whatever and write in the comments SEND PERMANENT MARKER INSTEAD and we'll get it to you sooner.

    @superman38NC you want photos of my sacks!!!???
    I'll think about it lol.

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    Most certainly @MerlinsMagic. Love the bulk pictures like my buddy @superman38NC ! It's no secret that you've made me a big fan of Permanent Marker. These were my original thoughts on this great strain from back in September:

    Permanent Marker has the pedigree to be amazing and it doesn't disappoint. As the menu points out it's a Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherbet BX hybrid, generally listed as 70/30% leaning Indica. It's so shiny and sparkly! The aroma is sweet and spicy with a kick of diesel. It's so's everywhere! The smoke is a little harsh but it has a unique peppery/spicy taste. The effects hit almost immediately. It has us feeling happy, calm, and relaxed without much sedation. It's known to be a high THC strain, and I don't believe it disappoints as It's really strong. My educated guess would be high 20s...maybe 27-29%, something I haven't noticed here often. This Permanent Marker is really outstanding and probably should have been a premium offering. If you're a fan of GSC or Sunset Sherbet like I am, Permanent Marker is for you! Really strong, relaxing, and not overly sedating...perfect for unwinding after work or for a lazy weekend afternoon.😎🧐

    I keep a lot of strains around, but I've still got a good bit of PM on hand. While it's not my strongest indica it's definitely a heavy hitter and one of my favorites. Rarely does a strain check almost every block!

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    😂 @MerlinsMagic fuzzy green & purple ones only plz

    @TheProfessor we are definitely fans! Been out of PM for a week or so. Ready for a good blaze again. Nothing else touches it. The Lemon Cherry Gelato I picked up yesterday is semi close.

  • Great news @MerlinsMagic. Thanks for the heads up. Order placed.

  • I’ve got some really good local LCG, but you’re right @superman38NC , it’s just not Permanent Marker. That said, if you find some Violet Fog or Northern Frostberry, jump my friend!😉😎🧐

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    Thx the heads up my friend! @TheProfessor I'll be on the lookout for those..sounds great. The LCG batch I grabbed is Sunset Sherb dom..smells, hits, and tastes wonderful! Looking forward to more PM. Placed my order Merlin! Placed it under Kalifia. Please don't send anything but PM!

  • @TheProfessor Funny you would mention NFB, I work at the company that produces that strain. It is a great one for sure.

  • That’s awesome @bluedreamer ! Galenas is the cultivar here and it’s one of the most fragrant, hardest hitting (non-sedating), Indicas I’ve had…droopy eyes and some serious couch lock. Actually we’re enjoying some 29% NFB and Wildcard football this evening! It’s a wonderful Indica. It was a little more than I usually spend, but well worth it! Snowball is my other Galenas staple, but only for sleep 😴 😉. Kudos…nice work!😎🧐

  • Yep, it’s a great company to work for. Just a heads up, we just dried and bucked a crop of Snowball this past week so it maybe on the shelves in a few weeks after testing and trimming.

  • Cookies and Chem is another high tester @ 30+ and a new one called the Hydra came out recently which is another great strain with an amazing terp profile. Unfortunately the whole crop was purchased by one dispensary.

  • Dang somehow I missed this thread before ordered split of premium gelato and indoor cookie dawg but I'm sure will be needing some before long anyways

  • Very cool @bluedreamer , and thanks for the heads-up! It's been quite awhile since we've had any Snowball in SW OH, so I will definitely be looking for it! Snowball is some of the best medicine for insomnia! I've been eyeing some of your Cookies n Chem (33.5%), but haven't seen any Hydra yet. Love your Second Breakfast and Blueberry Cookies, but haven't seen either around here for awhile.😎🧐

  • I just smoked one hit of the Ultra Premium Cherry Pie Kush and this is the only strain that might hit even harder than PM. I am so f'ing high!

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    You're not the first to mention the UP Cherry Pie Kush @Sixwaychili ...maybe @MigraineWarrior79 ? I haven't had it, but it sounds really good!

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    I wish I had ordered that (CPK) instead of the banana bellini. Had some yesterday after a month with boveda and it’s ok. Premium for appearance minus the extreme dryness. Minimal aroma and not heavy hitting. I bet this new batch of PM will spank it like the Packers did the Cowboys.

  • In the meantime I can’t wait to try this batch of Watermelon I just picked up. Hands down most Watermelony terps I’ve ever smelled. As soon as I started to cut the seal it hit me in the face.

  • Agree with you on the Banana Bellini. Bought it during the sale. You were spot on.

  • Still don't see Permanent Marker on the shelf.

  • @Good2Go thx I try to be fair with my reviews. Some hit better than others. I’ve got a label for my PM but with the nasty weather I’m expecting delays.

  • @superman38NC When did you place your order from Merlin? I placed one on Sunday the 14th and still no label...

  • @Mr4Sher I placed mine on the 13th. Hopefully it's shown for you now. Little piece of mind.

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    Also anyone wondering the Jifflez prerolls are excellent. Aroma, flavor very similar to Xj13 if I'm remembering correctly 😎

  • @superman38NC I got my label created...

  • Will PM be on the menu???

  • Permanent Marker is now on the menu!

  • Danng i thought itd be on the indoor or at the most premium

  • @Zackarrry it got too much press.

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