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  • @MerlinsMagic @medboy I took Merlin’s suggestion and ordered Permanent Marker last weekend and just put “Send Permanent Marker Instead” in the order comments and “ordered” a placeholder strain. However, I only paid enough for Indoor thinking that it would be indoor based on Merlin’s comments in the forum. Do I need to send more money or something?

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    Same here @HockeyEagle. Hopefully it will be honored. I definitely don’t won’t Kalifa. I’ll pay the diff if need be. @MerlinsMagic?

  • Did the same thing based on the following "While I could post it as a premium or more, I'm able to go direct to the grower and pass down the savings." and " But for now just order whatever and write in the comments SEND PERMANENT MARKER INSTEAD and we'll get it to you sooner." As a result I ordered Kalifa with the "send permanent marker notation."

  • So much for passing on the savings. I hope everyone gets their Permanent Marker. It’s taken a long time to make its way to the menu. On a related note, for the first time, one of my local dispensaries has PM (28.8%) at $41 a 1/10th.😳. 😎🧐

  • I only ordered an 1/8th, so it shouldn’t be too much a money difference for me (if needed).

  • Ultra premium @MerlinsMagic - how much we saving?

  • Yeah I was going to order some PM but decided to go with louds Cherry Pie Kush instead cuz I've read some good reviews on that as well. If it still would've been under indoor I definitely would of went with the PM tho...

  • Merlin came through, like they said they would. Class act.

  • I did order my ultra premium PM. I go with the 1/2 O size.

  • Yeah was hoping it'd list under indoor again but figured at some point it'd get bumped up the list to P or UP but at least it's an option again

  • @leaf word. The lemon pistacio from same grower is under indoor there. Next time if we all like something lets not gas it up as much

  • I would expect a "Strain of the Year" to be valued as an ultra premium.

  • Well deviated from my usual split request and went full on pm and had restock gummies so hopefully things go well cross the board I get antsy any time deviate from the norm routine

  • @Zackarrry Merlin appreciated we talked it up. That's why he said he'd pass on a discount to us.

  • I asked Merlin and they just now told me to list as an indoor. It was originally given as an ultra-premium in the description. Anyone who bought it as an ultra-premium can hit me up for a credit.

  • Thanks @medboy! And thank you @MerlinsMagic for sticking to your word! This is why I still buy here regularly!😎🧐

  • Thanks medboy. I sent you a message on the contact form.

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    Oh hell yeah that's what's up I had just placed a tix for pm but would most definitely appreciate the store credit, thank yall very kindly it's much appreciated

  • Nice gesture from the med family. Thx again

  • @medboy good looking out was able to get 4ozs since its indoor now. Trying not to run out as quick but its so hard when you have a sesh with your buddies and everyone wants an eighth. Cant blame them though this PM is lovely. @MikeyC oh ny bad i misread itt i apologize.

    Thanks again @MerlinsMagic @HappyTrees @LoudnCo all you guys are life savers ❤️

  • I'll have to jump in next time as I was gonna pick up a half oz but pm was still listed as an ultra premium. I'm sure there will be a next time or a cross of it soon since it's the Leafly strain of the year and will be requested a bunch

  • @mikey it’s still on there. But moved up a few rows…

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    I see that the description now calls Permanent Marker a sativa dominant hybrid. I wouldn't call it that. It has the best of both indica and sativa effects, but more of a balanced hybrid. First hit you immediately get talkative and giddy like a sativa. It makes my head tingle too. Then the indica side kicks in and you get the pain relief, body numbness and the munchies but without the couch lock. I wouldn't call it sativa dominant. It's definitely easy to sleep at any point as well.

    Its parents, Biscotti and Jealousy don't lean sativa either. Biscotti is indica dom and Jealousy is balanced. If you go back up the lineage, this is all the cookies strains mixed with Sunset Sherbert a few times. In fact, I'm not even sure where the sativa effects come from.

  • Interesting. I noticed the sativa reference in the description too,and I’m happy to hear otherwise. My first order is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I placed a second order of the same today. So, I’m looking forward to that.
    I hope you guys haven’t oversold it. Jus’ kiddin.

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    There’s GSC genetics all around in that Permanent Marker @Sixwaychili! My guess is that the Sativa effects come from the Durban Poison that parents GSC. GSC is the heavy favorite in Biscotti, Jealousy, and the Sherbet backcross…love them all! I agree with all your observations. After a few months and a couple ounces, I still feel PM leans slightly Indica, but it’s pretty balanced. Good stuff! It’s still in my regular rotation.😎🧐

  • Ah that's probably it @TheProfessor! In my little stoned world, GSC is the original strain, without parents. lol

  • Anyone else use their discount code? Mine didn't alter amount due on order submitted so not sure what deal is but sent email

  • Imagine if Willy Wonka took Permanent Marker and made a candy bar that made you permanently feel like you do when smoking Permanent Marker?

    Wow I'm high. Guess on what? lol

  • Wouldn't that be amazing @Sixwaychili ! "Pure Imagination!"🤣🧐

  • Got my 4ozs of PM in yesterday. Can't beat it. The bud or the price. I see it says sativa hybrid. It's more of an indica to me

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