Informed delievery

I recently just signed up for this and was wondering how i see when the shipping label was created or any information on my package. I ordered saturday and theres nothing in my mail according to usps website. Not to sure how the informed delievery system works if anyone could help explain please and thank you :)


  • Did you order from Loud&co or Med mama? There are quite a few of us who ordered from Med Mama and have not gotten ours either. I ordered on 11/17 and mine is not even shipped yet. There is some kind of major delay for reasons which I do not know.

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    Hey Pineapple. What did you order?

    You said in another post that this is your first order. Did you get the sample and another item? If you did, they will bump your order. Sample gram/eigth must be ordered alone/without other items.

    Just trying to help... but what you really need is Medboy...

  • I ordered from medmama this time around. First time ever was from loud n co. But i just ordered 11/30 so i understand its gonna most likely take some time to recieve it. First time ordering from loud n co i got my order in 3 buisness days

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    @daCabbie That is correct it was my first ever order as I am a first time customer. Being that I have never ordered I did not know about any freebies so I did not ask for one (newbie mistake). I did contact @medboy monday and he said he is requesting tracking from the shipper and after that he ghosted me and has not replied to me since so I am still in the dark. If I knew about the freebie at my time of order I would have took advantage of that. BTW I ordered from Med Mama. So since my payment confirmation on 11/17 still waiting patiently. Naturally anyone can empathize with my frustration and being that I really need my medicine its hard to keep myself from being pissed because I have been waiting an insanely long time. Its not just that if I would just get a clear and direct answer as to whats going on it would at least give me some peace of mind. Needless to say my first impression is not a good one but I am forgiving and willing to try again but not until after I have gotten my first order. @medmama I will give you the benefit of the doubt because the strains you offer are what I need but please for the love of GOD make this right.

  • @shleezen most have said that L&C is fast and reliable I feel some regrets I did not take my time ordering and chose them because I would most likely have had my order early last week.

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    I’ve noticed ID often clogs up this time of year, after Black Friday purchases hit the mail chain. So delayed alerts and scan updates are possible. Also if you sign up after the label is created or package hits the chain I’ve found the tracking may not show up in your new account.

    With that said the label for my turkey day order from MedMama was created right away but like others here, nothing has happened since. It is very out of place looking back at my 2 yr history with MedMama. The other half of my order with Loud is on track and should be arriving today or tomorrow.

  • Funkynugz that's true, but right now the biggest issue has been with Med Mama's operation. She got seriously tied up over the past month. She promised me she would be completely caught up by today.

  • I did sign up for informed delievery about 3 days after i ordered. My order was on 11/30 medboy am i effected in this medmama back up?? @medboy

  • @shleezen you might not get ID updates on a package that was sent before you signed up for it. Only new ones...

  • @Sixwaychili oh ok thank you i didnt know that i was wondering why nothing was showing up lol now im curious if mine was shipped out yet a review will be going up once i recieve it. My first order with loud n co was awesome this time im excited to try medmamas goodies

  • All good @medboy i got my pack today but wrote to you via the website form regarding a non-delivery issue. Please check your mail. Thx.

  • I think I saw and answered your message, funkynugz!

  • Yes @medboy i received your email. I sent a reply that may help. Fn

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