Merlin is looking to liquidate some stock. So through the end of Thursday ALL of their mushrooms are roughly 25% off and ALL premium and ultra premium bud is listed at indoor prices! Time to stock up!


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    Nice! Thx @MerlinsMagic

    @medboy side note Loud's GH "sun kissed " buds are stated as lower price/on sale but are priced more than the regular GH. 1/8's are cheaper but that's it. Pootie Tang looks like she had a rough night 😂

  • Wow you're right. I didn't doublecheck the price was an old one. Thanks for the catch!

  • Any reviews/recommends for the UPs currently on the Merlin menu?

  • @funkynugz cant go wrong with the permanent marker. Juat ordered some and its my 4th time getting it. You'll get spoiled on it so be careful lol

  • Same here.

  • Just got the new batch in and it’s phenomenal. Sooo sticky and just picture perfect buds!

  • I already pulled 2 zips of PM during the last sale tho 😉

  • Zip split, Purple Creme Brulee/Orange Creamsicle. Did well with HTs UPs so WTH.

  • @funkynugz how is the purple cream Brule and orange Creamsicle? Or have you tried either yet

  • Crap I missed part it said thru Thursday but it was still showing sale price and discount code didn't take off anything so sent email to see if we can get things figured out so I can submit funds and get things finalized and on way

  • @Vapedad78 hasn’t likely even left its destination yet. I got a label notification.

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