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Last one for the Night and I am going out with an absolute BANGER!
BOB MARLEY is Famous for Reggae music, being a influential positive being and...... smoking GANJA, Lambs Bread is derived from a Jamaican Landrace Sativa and has been perfected across the globe desired by many mainly due to his influence on the positive experience that this medicine provides.

The Appearance: WOW...... TOSS every image of flowers you have in your mind out... This stuff is green with orange hairs and white trichomes fighting it out for even space. I find it to be a representation of its flavors and the layers they hit. Reminds me of a fire in between the crevices with the hairs being so abundant yet cold as ice with the trichomes surfacing atop it all.

The Smell: Super fire Skunk, with a hint of citrus, finishing with the classic haze that makes you open the bag again and take another whiff. I can smell this one over and over and each time I smile, and I smell another "angle" that reminds me of a different kind of citrus yet all remains very good and boggling to the senses in a good way that keeps you coming back for more.

The Cure: 10/10 PERFECT, grinds to perfection, has retained all the amazing terpenes perfectly! Very few strains are grown to this standard of quality, you can tell someone cared a lot about this plant and hopefully jammed out to some Marley while it was growing!

The Taste: Upon first inhale you get a hint of very good kush/pine followed by a super smooth cheesy exhale. The last note leaves at the tip of your tongue is a citrus finish that reminds me of a super light grapefruit. My better half said orange but you get the idea.... its short nothing, pure amazing and honestly I don't think it compares to much out there even on the market today as far as comparable flavors with as many layers. I typically don't prefer the cheesy tones but this one provides a super wild mix of flavors I wouldn't want it without.

The High: Have you listened to any Happy music lately? That song you got turned up real loud in the car and you just cant help but to jam to... This is that strain... no matter what your choice of tune you will have a ton of energy, be creative, outgoing, and feel uplifted by the experience. Very happy, uplifting, good for getting out and about, great hiking strain!

The Conclusion: I can see why Bob Marley among many others have touted this their favorite strain. It's like the perfect spouse: Looks good, smells good, will make friends jealous, doesn't talk back, Uplifting, and taste good! What more can you ask for?

Link to pics and 40X 4k microscope Trichome pics, Take a look into the PAST and see what Marley saw in this Beauty and wonder of NATURE!

Big Thanks to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for providing this World renowned Strain at a top notch quality, I don't think there is a such thing as this one coming out any better. ITS A 10/10 in all aspects besides the fact I did not buy more of it!

ALL testing for the reviews are performed with a laser smoking device for a fuel/element free uninhibited smoke source that has no alternate flavors, butane, or other chemicals to burn providing the purest, cleanest, highest flavor experience available for the most accurate flavor profiles in the world.


  • Another banger review! Although I’m waiting on my Sour D replacement the 1/4 of Lambsbread I received is indeed 🔥! Has a classic cheesy undertone that I ❤️. Spot on with the high review! I also experienced a lot of color enhancement.

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    I got a sample bud of Lamb's Bread and it's absolutely as good as this review @Hideurself. Huge fan. Totally agree about this being a music-listening strain. Try some Steely Dan for some really great smoking music.

    Wish I had more, but all my jars are filled and I stop myself from buying more jars. It's the only way I can limit myself. lol

  • I don’t have that problem @Sixwaychili, I gave up long ago and just buy extra jars.😆…and Steely Dan anytime!😎

    Agree with my friends @Sixwaychili and @superman38NC that you @Hideurself write a great review…and love the pics! Carry on!🫡🧐

  • @TheProfessor steeley Dan and box scaggs. We’re from the same. Oh, don’t forget Santana.

  • Boz, of course.

  • You bet @leaf! Great bands/artists all! If I’m feeling a bit more rowdy, it’s CCR, Deep Purple, and Hendrix. Plus about a hundred more!🧐

  • @theprofessor I’m considering a newbie. Billy Strings. Check him out.

  • Just got more in stock, enjoy y'all its from the same grower

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