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I was sitting on my couch last Saturday evening when I received an email from Coinbase saying my Bitcoin purchase is now Available to trade. I thought that was rather interesting since I didn't initiate a bitcoin buy for anything and the only thing I do is for The purchase of product from this site and has been for the past four years and I never had a problem. I immediately thought my account was hacked so I logged on and deleted the credit card and reported fraud on my account. I then went to my bank online and locked my credit card that was used changed my passwords. To say it's been nothing but a nightmare would be an understatement! Coinbase HAS the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my 56 freaking years!! It took me a week to just unlock my account that I locked myself! And while that money shows up in my account it's unavailable as it says transaction did not complete ,that's funny because according to my bank the transaction was completed 4 days ago! So where's my money? Anyway I read the Bitcoin thread here again and I downloaded the Cash App and have begun the process of being verified. I know there's quite a few people here that use that so any tips would greatly be appreciated on how do use cash app I've only used coinbase and obviously it's different. Thanks in advance for your advice. And the response I received from Coinbase Regarding the purchase to begin with was they said it was my fault, said I set up reoccurring buys?? that's bullshit I don't know how to set up a reoccurring buy and even if I did that's not something I would do. I only purchase Bitcoin at the time I place an order here. As I have 100+ times in the past four years.


  • Cashapp is pretty much wham bam you’re done. I noticed they changed how they retrieve fees recently for bitcoin, the fees used to come from your total purchase. Now you need to specify your total purchase but also need to have enough cash to cover the fees. Looking closer though it may be that now there isn’t an add cash then buy requirement as I had been doing. I think it’s one transaction now which would be cool. I’ll need to actually initiate a buy to be sure.

  • Just received this from them?? Cash App: We were unable to approve Bitcoin Withdrawals and Deposits for your account. There was no explanation? I logged back on and it put me right back through the taking my drivers license picture routine again? Are there problems trying to get verified through cash app?

  • Just as I was writing that last email I got another one telling me now I can buy bitcoin I guess it was my photo.

  • God I wish there was a better way to pay . As an older dude with shitty computer skills I’m having the hardest damn time getting bitcoin ... I just suck at I guess

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    I have only positive results using Coinmama. It took them about 3 weeks to get me registered but I also was trying to join while the market was hot, and, I sent in identifying photos that were too small for them to use.

    Once all that was passed, I had to go around a couple of times with my bank before they got it right as well.

    I use a debit card with Coinmama, two factor authentication with the bank, and the whole transaction from when I enter a buy to getting my bitcoin is around 20 minutes, give or take a few.

    I use BitPay for a wallet. They are nice and cheap with the mining costs.

  • I still can’t get bitcoin approved through Cashapp so I just deleted it. I do the bitquick method and it works perfectly and no messing with bitcoin or wallets etc.

  • I had massive problems with CashApp trying to get verified so I went to Coinmama and was verified within the bike and my transaction was super smooth

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    I also go for the BitQuick route. It's a bit "old-fashioned" - you have to physically go somewhere (like a bank) to deposit cash - but it's easy and involves no application process.

    I once wen through the whole process of joining something like CashApp, only to discover that none of my banks were accepted. Like they couldn't tell me that before I spent a week uploading my life history.

    I guess if my orders were small and often, like some people here, it makes sense to use your own wallet, but my purchases are large enough that I don't need to order that often, and a cash deposit is the least headache.

  • I just do a bank deposit through bit quick...they always list a bank close to me and I don’t have to worry about all the online bull crap that’s out there! It’s really easy and convenient as I’m always out running around for work and just create an order, go to bit quick and enter the info, go to the bank and make a cash deposit and 2 hours later I get an email saying medboy received payment...just the easiest way for me personally

  • Surprised to see the comments about cashapp. To be fair, when I signed up they just added bitcoin support. There was no verification or hoops to jump through which was surprising. Guess regulations crept up on them. I just bought coin directly through them with one instant transaction, just a few swipes on the phone and coin are on their way to my BRD wallet ready for tomorrow’s sale. Even easier than it was before. Guess I was lucky 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I as well couldn’t get verified through cashapp for bitcoin so I emailed the support team and got verified within 2 days. Usually use coinmama but cashapp is quick and easy.

  • Just used a new debit card on Coinbase and from order to confirmation from MM 26 minutes and I never left the couch ok I’ll stop bitching now 😉

  • Debit cards are much easier on Coinbase, but of course they have higher fees....

  • I paid $4 in fees on $130 worth of bitcoin. That's not bad.

  • I'm dead in the water right now still waiting for Coinbase to resolve my issues and for whatever reason even though I've verified cash app It doesn't let me buy bitcoin I've contacted support and haven't received any response so I'm kind of dead in the water right now and I'll probably miss the sale pisses me off. I'm confused on how to use bit quick? Hopefully I can figure that out and still place an order in time for sale

  • Can anybody help me with coinmama, I read the tutorial here and I went to the website and I'm confused are you buying from an individual? And then I have to go to the bank? Sorry not the greatest with computers and a little confused if anybody could help me I'd appreciate it thank you

  • You mean bit quick? You said bit quick in the previous post and then coinmama on last post...if it is bit quick you are speaking of them yes you have to go to a bank and make a cash deposit...when you sign up at bitquick and put you’re info in on how much bitcoin you want to buy they will give you a list of several different banks...always try to get one of the ones on the top of the list because the fees are choose which bank you want to go to and they will give you the account info.... just make sure you follow the instructions on changing the amount to the exact bitcoin amount and not the dollar amount...,hope this helps

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    Yea i meant bit quick , Do I hit cash deposit when looking for a bitcoin? It has my bank on there Bank of America but they're charging way more than what I can actually buy it for a coinbase I need to feed the purpose of buying for the sale. There is a cheaper one on there by fifth third bank but I don't have any around me do I have to go to that bank or any bank? I'm really confused any help again I'm sorry thank you

  • You do have to go to the bank you choose...usually Wells Fargo or shared branch credit unions are the cheapest ones...yes you hit cash deposit and bit quick takes that deposit turns it into bitcoin and sends bitcoin to the wallet you give them from your confirmation email

  • I do not see Wells Fargo on the list which is kind of hard to believe as i am in New York City? Fifth third bank is the cheapest at this time and I don't have one near me either so it's irrelevant. Bank of America is gone now so that's not even an option but even at that what they're charging is ridiculous , it defeats the whole purpose of trying to do this for the sale. Thanks for the help I think I'm gonna sit this one out it's too frustrating. Thanks

  • An important point from a seasoned BitQuick user: When prompted to put in either a bitcoin or dollar amount, you will of course put in the exact bitcoin amount that you got in your confirmation email. But you'll notice that before you submit, that bitcoin number will be lower because of their fees (not the bank fees, but BitQuick's fees), so you have to than raise the bitcoin amount back to MB's number, which will raise the amount you need to deposit.

    Make sure the bitcoin amount is what you need it to be before you submit.

  • The best deal right now besides the fifth third bank for which is not an option for me but has Bitcoin for sale for 7100. The next option for Bitcoin is for over $7600 per bitcoin. I'm not gonna pay that when it's going for a little over 7000. Just defeats the purpose like I said I won't be participating in the sale. Maybe next one. Thanks for all the responses

  • Flapples I just put in an order thru bit quick for $208 and total after fees at a shared branch credit union was $224.63 so it’s not too you not have that option for shared branch credit union?

  • So my bank 5/3 has a minimum greater than the holiday discount amount of my order. My question is can I send MORE than the amount in my order response or does it have to be the EXACT amount. They won't let me buy (BitQuick) the smaller amount

  • The Bitquick site is a little misleading. It's not the banks that are signed up. They have individual sellers who list their availability on the site. Each seller gets to set their own rate so you can see costs vary widely. But for some reason, the seller is primarily advertised by the bank they use. I think this is more than a little confusing.

  • Coinbase is still the easiest by far ! I been using them 3 years now ! It just takes time to understand at first, but be patient ! because it's worth it, period ! but you have to read the instructions completely to understand ! Coinbase is just making sure all information is correct ! And use a debit card ! Its instant ! Buy coins, send to MM, and be completely be done in 3 minutes ! i get an email from MM in 10 minutes that they recived my bitcoins . And i usually get my package in 3 days ! No lie 3 to 5 days ! I would never even think of trying another way. Good luck !

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