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I guess orders are slow shipping this week still no tracking from the westcoast


  • Just got mine a few minutes ago (19th, 11am) door to door in about 4 business days. Even arrived a day ahead of informed delivery after a delay at origin.

    Loud, 2 zips, ordered 11am Sunday the 15th.

  • dang awesome news!!!! well I orderd the same time and day and still nothing showing from west coast yet and just checked mail elzipo so hmm!!!

  • Yeah got my MM part but the L&C part is mia

  • yep mine was all L&C and its all MIA still

  • My L&C left the left coast but hasn’t arrived yet. the MM part shipped the same time and was delivered today , mine is being held up by the USPS

  • got ya I
    have not seen anything since Sunday and i got my payment acknowledgment

  • Mine from loud was paid for on Monday. I recieved the payment confirmation but nothing has shown up on informed delivery yet...

  • I ordered from Loud on Sunday and ID says it will be here tomorrow to the east coast.

  • Right I order from another site and they send tracking info for usps because informed delivery can not track there usps tracking numbers and once I put in the info informed delivery will track the packages.

  • Ordered Sunday am got Mm yesterday and LC today

  • Put faith in the hope that my loud order would arrive today. It did not. So now it wont arrive before Xmas. I have read through this forum several times and I guess my order is just yet another one that has "slipped through the cracks." I am sorry but I have ordered from several places with small staff and it isnt acceptable for their orders to disappear and just not show up. I suppose its the nature of the "job." Will not be ordering again.

  • @Crazystonernurse There's mail delivery on Dec 23 and the 24. What state do live in? I placed an order as well and never expected it to arrive during the holiday rush by today Saturday. But I live outside Philly. And don'y relay on Informed Delivery, has not worked for me. Been a buyer for six years and have had only one recent problem a Med Mama order, still not resolved. Never a problem with Loud. Be patient.

  • Yeah...i do need to chill out. Lol thats why my username starts with crazy...i just moved from Florida to the top of Alabama. I never had any problems finding good stuff in FL, but its a different story here. It's a whole other world here. Right in the bible belt. These ppl are backwards. So from the time I order until I Get that package safely I feel really nervous. It's still very criminalized here. Hopefully it will show up Monday.

  • My condolences for having to move to alabama.

  • Lol thank you! Yeah, AL is pretty bad. Although I shouldn't talk bc I'm from TN originally. I missed how peaceful and quiet this part of the South is. I even missed these messed up ppl after I moved. Plus my accent is so bad I can't go anywhere else! My package came today. I was really happy after spending the weekend at work worrying.

  • Stonernurse, please contact me about your shipment through the contact page.

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