I ordered my first time it was Blueberry I was stoked. Except Blueberry didn't come it was Blue Goo which is different, I like indica. It had a nice smell to it.

Trichomes were on average for upper mid level stuff I suppose.

I was told my order was substituted but it was actually for a lesser valued type. When I asked I aas kurtly reminded of their policy and they can substitute according to that if they wish. Fine.

I can't really get a sense of what top tier bud is here. I read mixed reviews and then some reviews speak about receiving bud that has no business being sould, ratty looking stuff.

I feel it's likely there might be amazing bud but the pics don't exactly help.

Im 40 so I know the game. I like the super keify trichome stuff that turns into dust between your fingers when you break it and has ZERO hint of greenness or moisture.

Its not clear to me which of these crops are grown with HID vs sunlight or soil vs hydro.

I just cannot get a sense of the tier system. All the descriptions are very generous but contradict alot of reviews.

I want to order but I only want the top shelf and can't pull trigger.


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    Most everything I’ve ordered has been top shelf in regards to what your looking for. I’ve placed several orders. Stick with Premium or Indoor and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Ive been happy with the greenhouse and outdoor too. Just received Indoor Bluedream and GH Lemon Tree from MM. Both exceptional! Also in your comments box put what second choice you would like.

  • Grab some of Louds Outdoor Jager. It’s pretty special.

  • I'm loving the Jaeger and Purple Diesel from Loud. Please don't buy all of it. :smiley:

  • Yes I agree 100% on the Jaeger! I ordered some the day it was available and honestly some of the prettiest buds I’ve received. Haven’t tried the outdoor purple diesel, but I was fortunate to grab some Purple Orange Diesel a while back. Both of those are amazing.

  • If you told me that the subbed strain was of a lesser value and I missed that, I apologize. Please bring it up with me again through email, only I ask your patience because my email has been out for the past 3 days and we need a little time to get it going...

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