Top Three?

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Just curious what everyone’s top 3 strains have been from MM? Doesn’t have to be shipper specific unless you want to add that. Mine:

1-Wedding Cake (2 diff batches..both 🔥..really helps me sleep at night)
2-Mimosa- (also tried 2 diff batches..1st was my fav. buds had most kief I’ve ever seen..incredible aroma! Great for anytime of day.)
3-Fruit Loops-(I really hope this one comes back quick. #1 vote for aroma. Just like a bowl of fruit loops..high delivers intense euphoric ride)

I could honestly make this a top 10-20 list because 99.9 % of everything has far exceeded my expectations. MM, MB, Mama & Loud, & Tech guys..thx from a very satisfied customer!!


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    Hmm... I log the strains i have had. So i can try new ones. Star my favs. So far top 5
    1. 9lb hammer
    2. Pink starfighter
    3. Amethyst
    4. Mendo breath
    5. Black cherry soda

  • I'm going to add MOAB, Jager, and Purple Urkle...Outdoor. Best value AND second to none in quality. My experience with MOAB was at another level, and I rarely get that.

  • You must have bought it all i ordered same day and got a jack sub

  • If by "all" you mean 7.3 g., well yes, yes I did! And it disappeared into the sad but so hopeful one day to meet again...

  • Wow, so many good strains over the years: Northern Lights, Purple Punch, Grape Ape, Mendo, Grandaddy Purple, and a bunch of kushes . Currently really enjoying the last batch of Tahoe OG (a real insomnia punch!) which is surprisingly stronger that my most recent shipment of Tahoe OG. And I agree, the Outdoor Purple Urkle is an incredible value (I still have some hoarded away).

  • There was a vape I tried several years ago that was 98%. I only saw it once and it was the bomb. Not sure who offered it at the time Would love to see it again. There were 3 suppliers and I look for it every visit. It just had a number assigned to it. Been visiting this site for 5 yrs but WOW. Anyone remember?

  • Medicine love was the 3rd vendor if i remember correctly. Was it the xj13 strain dont really vape. Flower guy here lol.

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    I think that was the number. Did you try it? We all loved it. Thank you for the rapid reply. Would love to get it again.

  • Nah i am old school flower. Vapes and extracts always seemed to be missing something. Always preferred the full spectrum you get with flowers. Never tried the newer full spectrum vapes though have thought about it.

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    I agree but that one vape made us all smile from ear to ear. It was the only vape that i liked alot. After 5 years, I lost track but most were exceptional. Wish I had kept the list now.. I remember Mendo breath and Amethyst. tried A lot of kushes but never Mimosa. Guess I lost track.

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    Never tried scatter. Don''t have the equipment that i need. There is so many I would like to try.

    1. Northern lights about a year ago
    2. Space queen last month
    3. Willies reserve
  • Is "Willie's Reserve" the Willie Nelson strain? I enjoyed that one, too. Missed out on the others, though I tried to order the Northern Lights.

  • I don’t believe it’s the same Willie strand...this was a premium offered some time ago

  • Indica only. Loving the recent 🔺and 🎱 kush!

  • Just received the Agent O and Lemon Kush. Will definitely post a separate review, but for outdoor I’m impressed. George if you like the Lemon Tree I think you would like the L Kush. Very similar in appearance and smell, however there is a distinct sweet smell. Very nice.

  • Thanks Superman. Trying to navigate this new menu while leaving money

    The Super Lemon Haze struck me as ideal. I like citrusy sativas, it seems. For my "knockout" weed I chose Willy's Wonder, because, well, the name.

    I might circle back to the Lemon Kush, though. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • jlpettis: I remember Willie's Reserve. I bought a small amount of it, maybe in November of last year. Wish I had it as a staple.

    Not sure who the "Willy's Wonder" guy is, but I'm going with that album by CCR...Willy and the Poor Boys...grab a nickel and move your feet...or something.

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