Wedding Cake

Dense package. The vacuum pack bag, that is.

Subdued aroma out of the bag but part of that is due to ... why did I only get a quarter ounce of this? I ask this as I deconstruct one of the three Movie-star quality buds inside. Seven grams of beauty ... it looks so lonely. Now I smell Wedding Cake, as I break it apart. And the spirit world announces its presence.

To taste, I filled a rice paper cone with about half a gram of ground up flower. I then headed to the shower where the convection currents from the hot mist obscured the combustion aroma and took me to new levels of bliss and cleanliness. The taste of Wedding Cake doesn't set it apart for me; what does is the quality of the high. Two thumbs up. I will probably mix some with shake from a different, more aromatic strain for regular smoking, while it lasts...don't tell the kids!


  • Or the grandkids...they repeat everything they hear! A most excellent review!

  • Nice review George! WC is one of my all time favs..did you get the indoor or greenhouse WC? Definitely packs a punch huh?! Aroma as well..very distinct and satisfying..I like combining it with Lemon Tree or Alien Orange Cookies..

  • WC... hahaheehee... you are smoking European (I know) toilet water...

    Yes I know I have the humor of a twelve year old.

  • Hmmm, indoor wedding cake or indoor wedding cake?

  • I don't remember writing

  • Received MedMama's "Wedding Cake" again, in April (apparently I bought it and reviewed it in February, also...oh well; you know Steven King doesn't remember writing books in the 70s...or 80s...maybe also the 90s...).

    The stench out of the bag was ridiculous. I had to rush it to a vacuum-sealed Mason jar, at the risk of alarming my family members in the next room.

  • The smell of these buds linger in the air longer than Covid

  • My birthday cake kush will be coming today, that’s pretty much the same thing as wedding cake right? I’ll leave a review when it arrives

  • @liarliar03 I got in my order of Birthday cake kush and Strawberry dream. The BCK is very nice! Only a few hits and I was nice and toasty.

    It was a hard decision which one to try first because they both smelled awesome!

  • i got a nug freebie with my order and it's a f'n knockout, i'm in a virtual meeting with 20+ people. bad decision. lol.

  • I still have one medium bud of MedMama’s Indoor WC from earlier this year..very pungent and still one of my fav’s..

  • How do you all keep the buds fresh?

  • Boveda

  • I have to say my favorite is Herb Preserve. Useing past 5 yrs I don't use any type of mosture packets and the product you put in gets fresher and keeps the smell as is when you purchase

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