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The only way I know to store cannabis for months at a time....Right now I guess I will just shrink wrap small amounts ....put in a sealed mason jar & store in the freezer for use several months later....I live in S. Texas & temps will be in the 80's-90's soon....Right now I store the weed in a vacuum coffee plastic cannister left on countertop which
works during cooler weather....Any better ideas appreciated ?



  • I just put mine in mason jars,locked in a dark safe... my house stays at most 73 and as long as you keep it out of UV light it should stay good for awhile.. I too live in Texas so I know how gnarly the heat is!

  • Nothing beats vacuum sealed bags just like the ones we know so well. A good sealer machine is less than $100 on amazon. Easy to use. Worth it.

  • And a crappy sealer machine is only $20! Better than nothing, it is. Also I have a vacuum pump (and special lids) that make my Mason jars resemble a vacuum.

  • Cvaults or Herbguard jars with a 62% boveda pack is by far the best way to keep large amounts fresh for up to a year before you have to get a new humidity pack

  • Hey liarliar03,
    I have, I think, 58% Bovedas, but I'm not sure why I got that %. Do you know whether it makes a difference?

  • I’ve read multiple articles saying that 62% humidity is the absolute best for cannabis storage, but I’m sure the 58% and the 62% don’t have much of a difference

  • Might have picked up that notion from someone who's used to curing cannabis, not storing the final product. Thanks!

  • Mason jars all the way...if you can, get the darker/uv blocking ones. I try to avoid freezing my weed due to moisture issues.

  • In my experience, I would NEVER store it in a freezer. Tried that once when I was a teenager and I guess it depends on how it’s cured, but when I pulled out my buds they basically crumbled into dust.

  • The trichomes are too delicate for extremes like freezing. At least that's my feeling about it. I've never examined them before and after but I imagine the cellular water in the surrounding tissue bursts the cells and destroys them.

  • I’m still going to say that vacuum sealed bags are better than anything else.

  • Joha, for long term storage I agree. For everyday use, bags aren't practical for me.

    I have three levels of storage: for long term storage, I leave them in the bags they came in, double vacuum packed. For everyday use, I keep them in Mason jars with Thrify Vac lids (they make 'em in standard and wide mouth); the "vacuum" is nothing close to perfect but it allows me to choose my flower and grind it up and re-seal it, several times daily. When I get tired of a strain (or if) I move it into bags again, with my own bag vacuum sealer which is a cheapo version.

    This reminds me that I have a lot of good, older strains in "medium" storage right now. Should probably check them out!

  • I thought we were talking long term... gonna have to get some vac lids for my jars tho, thanks 😊

  • That might have been how it started out, Joha...I don't know at this point! Enjoying the discussion, though. Maybe it's time to invest in real vacuum sealer bags. The Food Saver brand bags don't last very long when you try to reuse them. They don't last at all, really.

  • I use a Food Saver attachment for a mason jar to store mine. You can also buy generic bags that are just as good as the Food Saver brand for less than half the price on amazon. The only thing I don't like about storing in vacuum bags is that the buds get too compressed.

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    @Yaqui319 do the moisture packs help? Maybe I'd just add one of those to the mason jars. And now I've gone down the rabbit hole. Which RH% would be best?

  • Would there be any negatives to storing it with a moisture pack plus a vac lid on a mason jar?

  • I guess I'm concerned with what is in those moisture packs. I'm leaning against them now.

  • @Sixwaychili I bought a different brand to try but I wish that I would have gotten broveda. I went to their site and looked them up, they're pretty straight forward on how to use them and how they work. What's even more impressive is that they provide a safety data sheet so that you can see what's in them.

    The 62% packs have:
    CAS No. Percent
    Water (Reverse Osmosis) 7732-18-5. 20 to 50
    Potassium citrate monohydrate 6100-05-6 50 to 90
    Xanthan gum 11138-66-2. 0 to 2

  • I ended up getting some broveda 62% rh packs and some thrifty vac lids for mason jars. The lids seem to be working pretty well so far but I haven't replaced my other rh packs to broveda. I'm also running out of room in my stash spot.

    Are there any recommendations for a good stash box or safe or what would be good to store them in besides jars?

    Mainly looking for ideas that are inconspicuous.

  • Be aware the bovedas have been shown to pull the aesthetics out of the herb over time, like smell and flavor. If you use them use the tiny ones in masons and don’t let the herb touch. Best use is in a “c-vault“ when you have quantity and/or are doing a cure of personal garden. The packs are “rechargeable” to a certain degree too.

    Air and light and temperature are herbs worst enemies. Freezing using a standard consumer fridge is not advised because they purposefully thaw on their own and the temp swings will damage the herb. The extreme cold also fractures/exploded the trichomes which isn’t desirable.

    I store mine in air-tight masons in a dark cabinet in the basement where it’s cooler, also add a plastic grocery bag to each jar as an non-absorbing material to replace some of the room/airspace. Used to vacu-seal jars with a brake bleeder but it got to be a hassle.

  • Black vacuum canisters....light is not THC's best friend

  • Boveda pack and a jar?

  • @MikeyC with the final word!

    Good clarifications @funkynugz.

  • @Joha I have 2 vac sealers one is the newer foodsave for $135 and the other and amazon one call Blusmart for $99.99. Bought many 50ft roll vam bags for like $40 and have never need to refill on bags cause i can just cut the plastic into and shape i want then heat seal the sides and pack then vac. Id say the Blusmart is the winner cause it also has a scale on it and is a bit faster during vac the the Foodsaver. Still love both cause I can single vac pack and the second it pulls a vac and then heat seals, you cant small any hint of MJ. Even passed a p12 K9 sniff and that was single sealed. Best sealing i do is product in electrostatic ziplock baggies with electrostatic warning sticker then vac and heat seal ziplock silver baggie in the vacuum sealer. So simple and easy. Pulse all my food get vac sealed especially swiss cheese l0l

  • What an old thread eh? It’s even got a tirebiter cameo. I stand by my statement, cvaults ftw!

  • A lot of value info here, so I thought I'd tag 😉

  • Yeah thanks, already got a vacuum sealer

  • I know that if its cured well, erring on the dry side it can keep for 10 years vacuum sealed stored in cool dark (basement/ cellar). I wouldn't put it in freezer I dont like the consistency afterwards. When storing in jars I make sure to burp regularly ( weekly). I learned this from an old hippie who's been growing since before I was born, so you know it has to be true.

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