Fruit Loops Revisited

The original Fruit Loops review can be found here, from Superman38NC:

I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now...

-Bob Dylan

Remember when Fruit Loops burst onto the scene, with a menu description touting its exceptional potency? It seems like such a long time ago, hence the Bob Dylan quote from "My Back Pages." That feels like a year ago; but no, that was last month. I decided to get in on it early this time. The MedMan420 discount didn't hurt. Will it live up to the hype?

Normally, I use a hemp cone or a rice cone, one gram size, to get the full benefit of flavor. That or I roll a large joint. Today I'll use a smaller hemp cone both to conserve herb and because the larger cone might be overkill. I have actual work to do today!

My 7 grams of product came packaged with Memory Loss, so it's hard to say which herb is responsible, but the smell out of the bag is ridiculous. As strong as any other half ounce combo I've had from them. Upon isolation, the "Fruitloops" (alternate spelling I guess) smells of pungent tropical fruit.

It's really good herb. I've been privileged lately, having learned about DJ Short Blueberry ( and XJ-13 ( in the span of days. This feels like some fusion of those two strains. Very zippy, very clean. One of the strongest herbs ever? No. I only took three hits. I'm still functional, still making sentences. That's good!

Good/great herb for putting on an old record and doing some good work. Yet another amazing botany lesson. Sadly, I see that this one is no longer available.

Oh well...makes decision-making easier!

**FYI: **The trim on this was...seventies porn...not that there's anything wrong with that...I could see people having a problem with it here, though, because there were a lot of large leaves.



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    So I bought the blueberry and the fruit loops this time around, the blueberry was exactly as you described, awesome bud/structure/etc... the fruit loops I got I haven’t tried yet.. the trim job is definately 70s porn but, being a home grower myself I completely understand and don’t mind the extra bit of leaves... more thc... the starkikler shatter is alright. Wouldn’t spend 120$ on it again.. for being a “high THC” strain can’t wait to try it later on tonight(fruit loops)! I’ve got MAC and Alien OG on the way with some Dutch fire... all premium strains.. I will say this is the first time I’ve bought an “indoor” strain and the quality is definately a little better imo.. looking forward to the primo!

  • Enjoy Fastguy199!

    Note that this Fruit Loops is the indoor product, first released a couple weeks ago.

    It is phenomenal; I smoked some again over the weekend. It's incredibly strong and will make you remember things you had forgotten that you liked about smoking herb (whatever that means to you...I got it from the "premium" Fruit Loops description but I remember thinking how true it is for the indoor product, too.

    I have not seen the premium (yet! I see through ID that the shipping label is already in the works). As someone noted in the comments of a previous thread, "it really does smell and taste like Fruit Loops."

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    @georgetirebiter Hopefully you didn’t snag up too much of the Premium Fruit Loops😅 I’m still waiting on my label so I’m hoping I managed to catch it considering I put in for it Saturday.

  • Ha! Nope. I split a half with California Orange, a strain I'm not familiar with.

  • Awesome! Sure hoping it doesn't get subbed in mine, split half with California Orange as well, hadn't heard of it prior either. Seems people liked the Sunset Sherbert as well seeing as that is now gone.

  • Just noticed this morning that the premium FL's were gone. I'm hoping I got in on it in time, that was the only thing I ordered this go around.

  • I was after the Sunset Sherbet was there in the morning...went back in the afternoon to order and it was gone. Ordered some White Cookies instead. We'll try something new.

  • Both Sunset Sherbert and Premium FL went fast huh?! surprise with the FL..especially premium..hopefully that grower will keep on rocking..

    I ordered some Dolato and Space Candy..been a member since last fall..don’t recall seeing these..anyone else order or ha e any exp with these?

  • Ohh Fudge.... Except i did not say fudge. Lol. Was going to have the funds tomorrow for a 1/4 prem fruit loops. Damn that went FAST. Hopefully non premium is still therebby the morn. @georgetirebiter got me wanting them fruit loops.

  • Just had some of the last batch of indoor and it’s just as good! Very sticky..

  • Haha! Finally seeing ID 1 of 2, anyone else get insanely obsessive waiting, especially in these times?

  • Fruit loops indoor and Dolato are my recent picks on the way. Got the indoor FL based on Superman38NC review.

  • Just pulled trigger on the indoor fruit loops. Going to be eating ramen till i get paid on the 15th. But yall make me think its worth it. Did not want to miss out.

  • It's better than breakfast cereal. Definitely essential.

  • I'm thinking of getting in on the indoor FL's. I'm praying I ordered on time for the premium but I don't want to chance it.

  • I'm a fan of Blueberry strains so can't wait to try Indoor Fruit Loops! 70s porn or not. I've missed out too many times on this one. One day I'll catch the Premium version.

  • @MizterNiceGuy coming from someone who devours cannabis,,, you can’t go wrong with the indoor fruitloops!(never tried the primo.) It’s my go to after a long day! Hits hard!!

  • Must be Bomb. Fruit Loops are all gone again. Hoping my only 14g comes. Conserving it-hardly.

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    Ordered just a 1/4 yesterday morning early. Hoping i got in under the wire and it shipped today. A man can dream eh. 😀

  • Damn I missed getting in on the indoor for a "just in case" measure if I was late getting in on the premium FL's.

    Anyone have a good comparable reccomendation?

    Space candy sounds good

  • The terpene profile gets more and more amazing.

    It's interesting how "that fruit loops smell" segues into a skunky aroma, as the buds are ground up. It's a short-lived smell, but it's there. Makes me remember that this is an indica-dominant, right?

  • My order came through and I did end up getting the FL's. I felt like it was pretty balanced between head and body. There were a few times that we got lost mid sentence haha.

    But definitely one of my favorites!

  • Guys,, I have a rolling tray with I’d say 4-5 different kinds of bud.. some white widow and blue dream I grew, fruit loops, Mac, and some Durban/ Willy’s wonder (not sure which).. took a one hitter with this concoctuion mixed with some blue dream wax to a guy I work with (that smokes everyday 3-4+ times) and me and him were literally forgetting our sentences.. been a while since I’ve had those effects! He was even like “fuck, this is some awesome bud”

  • Had a similar experience yesterday morning. Rolling tray had Fruit Loops and Willy's Wonder from the night before. That is an awesome combination. Interesting coincidence, Fastguy199, that we both mixed it like that, unintentionally.

  • @georgetirebiter I think we might be the same person, living in different dimensions 😮

  • Quite possibly. I live in a dimension called "uh high uh," a.k.a., "Ohio"! (That's not how we say it, but I'm originally from Oh ree gone (also not how to say it)...

  • Indoor Fruit Loops finally arrived!! A must have when it's on the menu. #1.5 flavor and genes.
    Premium must be heaven.

  • Just tried the cheapie fruit loops. Have to say this shit actually smells and tastes like fruit loops. Awesome stuff!

  • Question. Would it say if it was outdoor, indoor, or premium? Mine just said Fruit Loops on it.

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    I have the 1st batch premium offered a few months ago and the recent indoor fruit loops..both from the same clones according to the description..equally amazing and very comparable! Premium had a better trim job, but honestly the indoor is more sticky.

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