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  • I hate it when ID doesn't work because I don't normally check the mail every day. Sometimes packages are dropped at my front door and other times they're put in my mailbox about a block away.

  • Were all use to the 3 and 5 day deliver , but times are different with the virus. And in the past I to have ordered on a Friday and got it in 2 days on Monday, a few times ! But untill 14 days has past or 10 business
    days dont stress about it ! It will come as alway !

  • Am on 10 business days now

  • I did have a problem with L n C a few months back. I waited my 14 days and nothing ? I then wrote the contact page to MM , and that took a week back and forth and for some reason L n C couldn't accept my home address nomore I had used for 4 years ? They have no idea why ? So I had to get a PO Box , it took 5 weeks total to get it lol ,but I got it though ! All good now.

  • Good luck to all waiting, I’m sure it’s on the way. Things seem to be working fine for me on the East Coast. Ordered immediately last Saturday when Loud put up some new strains, and got exactly what I wanted delivered Wednesday of this week.

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    Unfortunate, I also ordered Saturday on the east coast but am still awaiting my order. Hoping nothing was substituted as requested.

  • I’m on day 6 and informed still has nothing for me...

  • They should have never created this forum....smh...pot heads are a different kind of bitcher! And trust me I’m one of them! Bet med boy is regretting this!

  • I've been 8 days business days asked mm to verify if shipped says cant say anything after 2 weeks I've had other packages update other purchases am concerned that mm package hasnt updated after 9 days

  • Finally ! Informed Delivery says label created
    tomorrow 4/11? Had payment confirmed 4/2
    Delivery sometime in the not so distant future.
    MMAD !

  • Ordered 4/4/20 delivered today east coast no tracking from informed but that has been par for course with loud&comp lately

  • Been putting up with waiting on the "Smoke em Up " for 42 years from somebody.......MM delivers and usually some extra.... and the Post Office Delivery System needs to be so appreciated right now.

  • Ordered last week,payment received last Tuesday, shipping label created today,awaiting item at post office , according to informed delivery,

  • Just an fyi for you guys and gals. I just had a check arrive at my office. Postmarked 3-26 and received 4-10. Cross city mail took 15 days. Mail is SLOW

  • The mail is all wonky, both sending and receiving packages. Coast to coast has taken anywhere from 3 days to 8 so far. Sending a town over has been anywhere from next day to 5 days IME.

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    it said my package was delivered like two weeks ago and I never got it. So I called the post office and never got a call back after multiple attempts. So kinda gave up hope on it even tho I never had a problem with delivery.
    But there is good news my friends it came today! It’s a 4/20 miracle.

    Thanks MM and everyone else who was reaching out to help me find out what happened greatly appreciated

  • Warning Warning Slap That Bass - Not a miracle - The prohibitionists never ever ever ever give up. Some staff at the USPS appear to be monitoring your packages. Have a friend send you some packaged coffee in the mail and see if it arrives on time..

  • Referring to the above two comments, I just had a buddy wait a week and a half for his phone case because it said it was delivered but it was actually at the post office. I’d say still proceed with caution, but don’t have a full blown panic attack over it.

  • Not trying to promote panic / paranoia... The long delay in delivery is suspicious as noted above - be cautious and try the simple test as described... Have never had USPS delivery issues with MM

  • I’m thinking it’s the large amount of items being purchased online..even everyday use items..so probably backlog with less workers..my usps person said they were behind like peak Christmas season but way understaffed..probably less planes flying as well..just my 2 cents

  • @agingboomerfl, do you have any reason to think that a long overdue package indicates surveillance? I had a package go AWOL for 31 days. It arrived. To the original poster, yours will too.

  • Without knowing the specifics of Slap's situation, the short answer is YES depending on the details.. Have never had problems with usps delivery via MM but have had a shipper misplace/ lose my order one time about two years ago. USPS is by far the safest way to ship as it would take a court order / search warrant to open / inspect a package. In the case of isolated SMALL (1/2 oz or less) packages, this is not a problem. But shipping via UPS and Fedex creates a very different scenario; they can open and inspect any package and there is a signed paper trail.... Would never call the USPS PO about a MM package - especially in small towns / rural areas. Take a look at some of the scenarios shown on NGC shows such as Locked Up Abroad and you will see that impoverished 3rd world countries routinely open and inspect small packages... Shipping volumes are smaller now and multiple package deliveries to a small town location in backwater states like AL or MS will create additional scrutiny ... especially for people of color .. Individuals like Jeff Sessions are still around . Such unholy characters are Not Christians - Never have been and never will be .. I never blame Jesus for the actions of such devilish people who had the gall to separate helpless children from their parents for months even years .... Sessions was the Attorney General of the USA about two years ago not 20! Be discrete MM customers....

  • In fact, the recent heavy volume of orders on this site is noteworthy.. Loose lips sink ships.. It is entirely possible that the NSA /FBI monitors this forum.... be discrete always ... In fact, Weedmaps and it business clients are facing federal legal scrutiny right now ...
    Consider ....

  • I'm starting to get pretty frustrated. My order was confirmed on March 30th and there's still nothing today. Been in contact and heard almost two days ago about "we'll look into it" but nothing since. What is going on? I've been getting all other mail quickly. Something's wrong for sure.

  • I am also getting frustrated my order was confirmed on April 4 th and nothing yet it said wating on package on informed got to wate intill Friday to contact mm but they have very little if no supply left. Never had to wate this long this was my stock up supply

  • Personally, I think it’s a thing to do with the amount of orders. If you got payment confirmation, they will always deliver. I’d suggest contacting prior to 14 days(or restock, whichever comes first), that is if you want to be sure there are no substitutes, but if that’s not a huge deal I’d just wait it out. ID has been very screwy in recent times, with everything.

  • Everyone calm down...

    Of course the P.O. is gonna says its delivered... that way they can avoid insurance claims for 'guaranteed delivery.'

    The Feds are not gonna break down your door... they could care less about you and your few ounces.

    Packages will arrive. Shippers will restock. Stoners will get stoned and life will go on.

    Go to your local beer store and get some kratom and CBD that will hold you a couple of days.

  • I was getting Monday's orders from loud by end of the week, saturday at the latest for the longest time. Ordered from medmama and approaching the two week mark :(. maybe its all slowing down, sucks, local stuff just aint the same, even if it "looks" perfect. Not really freaking out just adding data to the thread.

  • Am on 16 days right now and still waiting

  • I just got an order in today from Loud. I normally I order on a Wednesday and get it by the next Tuesday. Sometimes it comes in on Wednesday, like today. There was a winter storm between me and there, and I figured there might be a delay this time, and I was right. But that is my expectation from Loud. They usually ship within 24 hours or so of getting my order. Once, it went out on the same day, and my order beat the weekend. I was a happy "4 day" camper that month.

    With my MedMama orders, I have come to expect a delivery... eventually. I have never had to wait more than 11 days, even then that was back during the Perfect Storm.

    Informed delivery has been pretty accurate for me. I once saw my package go back and forth between MM and their drop off point a couple of times before heading east. Once, it took a whole 24 hours to move between two distribution centers here in the Lone Star State that are only 165 miles apart.

    I don't want to start a dis thread. By no means am I disappointed with MM, Ok? Don't torch me. :-)

    Delays are not always the shippers fault. I don't have stats to show that (one time i wondered why it took 3 days for an order to be shipped out). If that were the case, I would expect way more negative posts here.

    Right now, I am enjoying a very nice freebie from Loud. DJ Blueberry, where have you been all my life?

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