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  • @ Winston ,wow tomorrow is 14 days for me from MedMoma and who you waiting on ?

  • @Rella321 I'm on 17 days from Loud

  • I'm still waiting on my order from the 2nd. Hoping it will come sometime in the next couple days, but now I'm thinking it probably won't be until next week

  • my first 3 deliveries all were within days no more than 4. I am hoping the Med guys are working on it.

  • My sense is that USPS has been screwed up because of this virus.

  • Popping in here after more than a few months MIA. Sorry to see some of y’all struggling with deliveries. But keep the hope.

    I placed a Cali order last Saturday night. Label created sometime Monday. Goods arrived just now (Thursday). I live in a major Midwest city. ID was on it at every scan point. This order is just 8g of cement shoes wax (4 silicone pots) though, the package was a small padded envelope with first-class Postage so it likely moved through the system as an envelope rather than a box. Don’t know if that helps any.

    A friend living near LA said it’s pretty crazy on the left coast right now as you would expect. Her trackable priority packages to me generally have been taking roughly double the time. Not nearly as many commercial flights in the air moving the mail plus weird weather plus lots of USPS call outs, and The ‘Rona of course, all play their roles to slow the shit down. Add in the MM sale with 4/20 and you have the perfect storm.

    Hang in there and may wellness follow you....

  • funkynugz you got lucky that's for sure. For the rest of you waiting for pkgs please read the blog below. USPS has some problems with packages right now and I believe this is where the bulk of issues are. Of course getting new stock in may be problem as well. You will be amazed how many packages just are not moving either at all or very, very slow.
    Hang is there and yes I have an order in which no progress has been made.


  • I placed an order on 4/2. Expected delivery just popped up for tomorrow. According to USPS informed delivery the package was circulating in CA for about a week and half and then it only took two days to get from CA to New England. Thought that was interesting. Obviously though, what it said on informed delivery could be completely innacurate

  • @funkynugz How is that Cement Shoes?

  • @LifeLong14 consistency is kind of like natural peanut butter, color is dark orangish. A little harder to work with (stickier) than previous wax I’ve gotten from MM. the description for the buzz on the site was pretty spot on....strong and full body. Wish I had an ounce of the stuff.

  • I placed an order yesterday with Loud and I hope it doesn't take that long to get to the Lone Star state. Happy 420 y'all!

  • Mpou10 lest see who gets it first placed order Friday see how long it takes to az !!

  • Ordered Thursday from Loud. Last order took 8 days. Usually takes 4 days from both shippers for me. East coast

  • Things seem to be shaping up like last week. Weekend order from Loud seems to be moving today after a lazy start, if you believe ID. (I do; not for you, maybe... it works mostly perfectly for me.)

  • I also put in for an order from both shippers. ID shoes MM but not Loud unfortunately. Really hoping I don’t get subbed or anything. Was really looking forward to some more Lodi Dodi.

  • I put an order in with Loud on early Friday morning. No label yet and my ID is usually spot on.

  • @Azfirekush have you received anything yet? Just curious if you even get notified via ID or if it just showed up in the mail. My mail came in today and nothing.

  • Mpou10 no I had a label created Wednesday with no update yet seeds like packages going out 4 days slower than usual

  • @Azfirekush, Thank you! Hopefully you will get it soon.

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