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I normally get my orders 3-4 days after I place a order. it’s now been two weeks still haven’t received the package. Is anyone else having problems with the mail?



  • Two weeks including weekends? Are you using USPS Informed Delivery? If so, has a shipping label been created for the package? I'd wait the full 10 business days before starting to worry. Mail has been pretty steady in my area, including package deliveries.

  • Shippers have been consistently averaging 4-6 days, for me, going back many weeks.

  • If you've waited 2 weeks without a package, please reach out to me through the contact form about it.

  • I did I sent a message about it yesterday, thank you

  • 8 days, maybe tomorrow 🤔

  • Ordered mine 3/25...received on 3/30. Normal.

  • I noticed it is taking longer as well- I put an order in last week (5 days ago) and I use informed delivery so as soon as they create a shipping label it shows in my post office portal- no shipping label has even been created yet meaning it will be at least another 4-5 days for delivery IF it were to post today- a little concerned- wrote to MB- no response. ;-(

  • Same here but have a lable says wanting on package on my 8 the day

  • I had a order in on 3/20 that I’m still waiting on. I put another order in for MM and loud on Friday and got it yesterday so looks like it back to normal. Only thing I didn't get was last months order

  • I put a order last Thursday from loud and haven't seen label created either

  • I know that informed delivery often doesn't work right. Who knows how screwed up it is now with the virus situation...

  • Hi I also put in a order in on 4/4 and it is 4/9 and all it said was shipping label created in informed I have been with mm for about 2 years now and it never took this long than you got to wate 10 days to contact mm by that time all the flower that I picked is sold out and 420 will be gone by than just placed another order today for medmamma mabe this order will get here before mm order this is just some hard times and i try to put my order in early to wate longer

  • Same thin paid on Friday and it's usually here on Tuesday but it still says shipping label created ,was getting worried

  • Same, ordered 4/4 and mine still has not even popped up on informed delivery and I have never had to wait more than 4 days for an order and I am also getting worried.

  • Still hasn't moved keeps saying shipping label created

  • I got a answer back from MM just waiting for a follow up email with the tracking. Hopefully We all get ours soon, I Will keep you guys posted

  • Ordered on 3/30 and still nothing.😢

  • In my area USPS has a big ad for many part time workers because of call offs .
    Number of planes carrying mail has been significantly reduced because of decrease in passenger flights ,USPS has few dedicated
    daily flights that just carry mail in its many forms.
    I worked for the Post Office, as it used to be called,its a big ,bloated slow moving bureaucracy that somehow manages to lose money ever year and we wonder where are packages are ,if we give them 11 billion dollars more this year they promise all the problems will just disappear with smooth sailing going forward .This means large salary increases for upper tier management an nothing for the mail handlers and mail carriers who are so vulnerable to this virus.
    I'm just stating the obvious,everyone on this site has figured out what's going on with the mail
    I've been a loyal customer for almost 4 yrs and honestly this is the first time I've encountered a problem ,I mean it was like clockwork confirmed payment -4 or 5 days later the goods appear after being flawlessly tracked on Informed Delivery.

  • @BigOtis Yep, I posted on another thread that the USPS has granted 80 hours of paid leave to non-career employees, and if I were in their shoes I would be glad to take a week or two off work for free.

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    Where i am at it was on the news that a large area in my city has not gotten mail in days and people are bitching because they have meds and bills and packages etc. Said usps is aware and trying to remedy. But they are very short staffed. I do live in a covid19 hotspot that is locked down. But i imagine it is same everywhere now. I am still getting mail everyday. But i think it was Tuesday the last time mail came to my office. So there is that i guess.

  • Ordered on 4/4 from loud and still nothing informed is saying shipping label created still getting frustrated ☹️

  • I got the tracking number after I didn’t get my package, says it was delivered on 3/25 but I never received anything and our mailboxes have lock boxes for our packages so idk what happens not sure what I can do

  • That sucks "SlapThatBass"- I've never had that happen before- does MedBoy know? I hope they fix for you. I have locked mailboxes in my building too but they have delivered mail to the wrong boxes many times- most times neighbors return no problem but I do wonder about some folks.

  • Just arrived ! 10 days to be exact 😊 never got 0 on informed mail ? I never relie on them nomore ! And still gave me the deal on the Vape mistake ! Thank You MM !

  • Yeah this is my first time ever having a problem with the mail. Not sure what to do about it, I hope they are able to fix it or something. was my stock up order. :(

  • Order 4 -2 no shipping label at all shows on I'd hopefully it will just be here today or tomorrow

  • Ordered on 3/30 and not a thing so far.

  • Ordered last week too, no shipping lable, no nothing ,customer for six, seven years, never lost package yet, but almost always get package within a week. Not sure what's going on

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    Yikes, I placed two orders yesterday and am already worried because of all these comments.

    For those who are still getting their orders, please chime in here.

  • I ordered Saturday evening. ID's been working and says it'll be delivered tomorrow. A little longer than normal. My last 4-5 orders have been delivered in 4-5 days. I don't rely on ID anymore...it's hit or miss at best, but it's nice when it works.

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