Average wait time for ghost packages that dont show on id

Would like to know if you received a package with nothing ever showing on informed delivery what was your average wait time


  • I haven't but I have one now that has been 12 days with infirmed showing lable printed April 1st mail just passed and nothing and mail does not run manday where am located

  • Happens all the time. Shipping time is generally the same, whether on ID or not, whether from CA or WA or not. 4-7 days. ID says I have a package coming today from CA...ordered last Saturday night, so 6 business days. Our last two shipments from WA (L&C) took 4 days...to OH.

  • That's weird tac heard usps is slowing down I've even had a hard time finding silver bullion for cheap I guess just everything slowing down

  • loud & company as quick as 5 days as slow as 8 days for me to the east coast so far
    Medmama 99 % tracks on informed for me most times its 5 days for them

  • Finally showed up 7 business days med man always comes thru

  • This just happened with my last order, 6 days.

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    1st order ever didn't show in ID. Took 4 days east coast.

  • My package didn't show on ID and it took 4 business days plus weekend.

  • I have 3 labels created on ID for 2 orders from last Thursday. Still waiting on package drop off.

  • Payment confirmation on the second, shipping label created the 11th ,post office awaiting item

  • Package accepted today at 12:49 pm, in California, strangely it says expected delivery the 13th, which is today, package is in California., Me in pa. , strange !

  • New update now says delivery date the15th. Woo hoo

  • @Yaqui319 man I'm also on the east coast but still waiting on an order from March 30th.

  • Same here East coast ordered March 30th nothing in mail today .

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    My last order with Med Mama was also much more condensed and cube shaped than normal and arrived in 5 days. Just placed an order with Loud hoping for the same.

  • I ask to have mine put in the smallest box so i know it will go in my box at my apt complex if not theymake me pick it up at the post office because they will not bring to door.

  • @Winston did you get your order yet? I'm going on 15 days placed it on the 1st of april

  • @Cjhaze no going on 16 days oderd on March 30th .

  • I have gotten one from loud and i from medmama both orderd after the first

  • @Cjhaze @Winston I'm starting to think ours were never sent for some reason and now it appears they are completely out of stock

  • @Cjhaze I hope not.... I had a shipping label created on 4-1 . If so mb and mm will make it right

  • New stock am sure will be coming in soon

  • @kmoles I'm gonna give them till friday, if I don't get my package by Friday Im gonna try contacting them again. Cuz 17 days on Friday is waaay too long. At this point I'm not even waiting for the mailman like I was the other 14 days, why cuz that's insanity lol plus he always honks , I live in Puerto Rico and there's no informed delivery here but medboy assured me that delivering to PR would be no problem. That's why I wish medboy or Medman would at least tell us what current state are packages are when it takes longer than 10 days , I don't need a tracking number just at least let me know where the shipment is or how far it is etc, cuz this waiting game sucks. But it is what it is my friends I guess the waiting game it is lol

  • @Winston nothing yet?

  • Things have definitely slowed down. USPS is partly to blame but I've noticed that in general, Loud has been faster than Med Mama lately.

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