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Hope to see some new product soon! Last night there were 13 THC flower strains available, this morning it was down to 10, and now 7? Demand is apparently very high right now (and add a 20% discount code)...please don't run out!


  • Oh damn, I'm glad I got my White Cookies/Black Lime order in yesterday! I know Medboy mentioned that they couldn't get any more greenhouse from Loud because of the virus. They very well may run out if their supply chains have been cut off. I really hope not though.

  • Just a few days ago loud added like 15 strains. Everything went fast. Hoping I get the 4 I picked. Paid extra to split 2 halfs up. I think everyone is spending their stimulus check at medman.

  • @klaasje115 do you remember where you read that? I thought I read everything on this site...

  • @georgetirebiter MB said they couldn’t outdoor strains because of virus.

  • Yeah, greenhouse and Indoor strains should be okay to grow. I wouldn't expect to see an outdoor strain pop up for awhile. But the selection running thin around 4/20 doesn't surprise me.

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    @georgetirebiter - It was here, near the bottom (he said outdoor, not greenhouse, I got that mixed up) - https://medicinemanonline.com/discussion/722/can-we-expect-new-stock-anytime-soon#latest

  • Confusing why any type would be cut off from growing/harvesting/purchasing. Why would outdoor be any more dangerous to process/sell during the weird times we live in?

  • And now there are only 5 THC selections. I'm sure it's just temporary, but I don't ever remember so few strains. Glad I'm well stocked.

  • It's hard not to be negative right now with 2 orders in with "no substitutions".

  • Absolutely...I hope you get what you ordered. Clearly, orders and inventory are linked, but to what extent? In almost 3 years here I've never been "substituted," and that's orders every 2-4 weeks.

  • Was substituted Forbidden Fruit for Slurricane. Disappointed.

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    Not sure if you guys remember but when Loud posted the plethora of outdoor strains a few months ago they stated in the first outdoor strain “agent orange” description that those would be the last for the season..unless people are growing autos outdoors, then the outdoor harvest is later in the year..typical flowering for outdoor plants begins end of Aug around my parts..I would imagine that would be similar for greenhouse too..

  • And then they were down to 3 today

  • Well supposedly, ID says I'm getting my packages tomorrow, so the negativity has drifted away for now. Great timing, because I'm down to crumbs and resin. And vape oil that is too harsh on my lungs.

  • Then there were just two!

  • Loud is getting more strains, over the next 1-2 days they'll be posted.

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