Corona and Medicineman

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Just letting you all know that we're doing our best to keep the products rolling out the door, but of course we're a bit slowed down with everything going on. Please have extra patience with delivery times! We have no plans to close up. :-).
Hope you all are staying safe and healthy!



  • Stay safe and healthy to you guys too Medman Medboy shippers and crew and everyone on this site.

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    What I do not understand is how some people get their orders dropped off at the post office immediately while others wait weeks. Why isn't it first order in/first order out? I totally understand slowness in filling orders and for shipping times because of the virus, but this does not make sense.

    It wouldn't be as frustrating if it didn't feel like some people are 'cutting' in line while getting strains that might run out by the time your order is filled and making you wait longer. And then if you specified 'no substitutions', you have to start over again at the beginning.

    And this is me just worrying about what might happen. I'm sure it has happened to many people based on the comments here.

  • Thankyou for the service you provide!

  • @medman, as in all products, as this medicine in a flower, anxiety takes its toll and to pin it down to whys and ifs, we all should understand bye now. I have been a customer for some time. The wave is always....Thank you for the 20%, thank you for at the very least it making to someone in any time frame. The simple fact is you give a dang and for every ill will there is 50 good ones....I promise. Thank you.

  • @medman Thank you for everything!

  • Sixwaychili - It generally is a first order in, first order out. Not sure what happened in your particular case.

  • @medman : Seeing as I’m sure you have a tad bit more experience with Informed Delivery, both recent ones have been “In Transit” for some days now, what does that typically mean? Usually it’s a 1-2 day thing max.

  • @PieMan it means friday was good friday

  • @medman, what's happening with all the strains?

  • Thanks @medman
    I've been using this service regularly for about four years and have never been let down. Current order is the longest wait I've ever had (two full weeks and counting) but I have a feeling it will arrive soon. Above all else, I hope you and the folks who send these out are staying safe.

  • @medman, thank you for the service you provide. I'm grateful. Stay safe.

  • Thanks for everything you all do.

  • @kmoles same here 14 days today . I feel like it will show anytime tho iv been a regular customer since 2013 and always get what I ordered

  • Thank you all! Stay safe :)

  • God bless you. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks to MedicineMan I have quality flower to get through this time of isolation and quarantine. I am so grateful to have access to this. Best to all.

  • @medicineman the way I look at it, if hvac techs, plumbers, and electricians have to work... cvs, Walgreens and liquor stores are open, y’all are more essential to me (and I’m sure many others)than any other item on that list... THANK YALL FOR WHAT YOU DO.. We all seriously appriciate it!

  • @medman are you guys ok? Haven't heard back in a while about a missing order. I hope all is well?

  • @kmoles my email has been out since Monday. But I answered all the requests I had in my inbox on Sunday.

  • Hope all our grower friends are safe and tending their gardens. Looking forward to a bumper crop of the finest flower when it's available.

  • Just want to know when some more strains will be posted again

  • @Cvaden1 . MedBoy said loud will be adding more strains in a day or 2

  • Yeah sorry for the lack of strains..more will be up on Friday!

  • All good! Just happy to have the service @medman and @medboy

  • Speaking of miracles, my order from 3/30 arrived today. In four years with this service, this is the longest wait I've ever had by far, but it's true that y'all always deliver. Thank you so much. Stay safe <3

  • Mine to ! 😉 Thank You MM !

  • Mine to from 4/4 thank you 😃

  • Mine didn't hopefully before long medboy working on it.

  • It's the thrill of the hunt! I don't know what I'm hitting harder- the coupon or the nugs!

  • Merry Treemus.... Twas the nite before 420 and all through the house, the pieces were clean and ready, time to play Treehouse.... The Nuts were crunched up with all kinds of care, in hopes the flames would toast them, and smoke would fill the air.... Hope everyone is well and with Peace of Earth...It is past time, again.....thx MM and MB

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