Wrong freebie

I know I shouldn't complain about receiving a piece of edible candy instead of the joint that I specified in the comments for my freebie, but damn. I hate edibles... lol


  • Skholla I feel you I have had several edibles and have never felt a thing other then an upset gut that is why I also don't like edibles.

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    Request free sample flower bud.

  • I always ask for a joint as a freebie. There have 2 times I got a gummie instead.

    I would not have tried them otherwise as I am not into edibles. The 2 times confirmed my bias, as both experiences did not appeal to me.

  • Don't expect a freebie joint If they a running out of flower as you can see in the website, they will give you what they can/have things are tight due to the current virus situation

  • It’s probably because they are running out of flower on the site. After all this is over with I’m sure it will be back to normal.

  • That makes sense about running low on flower. It's all cool..

  • I got a doobie in my order. I prefer an edible but forgot to specify. Why do you want a joint when you getting a bunch already?

  • Usually it's a different strain on the joint. I got to try out a strain thst was different from one I ordered which was cool. I don't smoke that much at a time by myself so I put it in my dugout which works perfect for me.

  • I'm going to be hopeful and think they are not "low on flower"; instead, they are adding new strains to the menu and experiencing technical difficulties.

  • I asked for Triangle Kush sample joint and got Sour Tangie. Love it...but I just got a half 2 weeks ago of Sour Tangie and was hoping to try new. Can't complain as Sour Tangie is getting low.

    Thank you Med Family!

  • @RandomGuy - "Why do you want a joint when you getting a bunch already?"

    Because... "this one goes up to 11" :smile: ... more is better.

    Now that I think on it... besides gummies and joints, are there any other freebies MM gives out? I do not recall how I learned about the freebie.

  • The freebies are listed on the main site. I've gotten jolly chips, taffy, and gum drops so far other than a joint and a gummy bear.

  • I love all the free stuff.

  • I've had pretty much every freebie they've listed except the shatter chip, which is what I requested this time around. Gotta admit, I'm excited as hell to try it as I've never done concentrates before. Figured it was time to switch it up since my tolerance is so screwed. As far as the edibles go, they don't have much of an effect on me. The gummies did absolutely nothing, but the jolly chips were actually great. Such a huge boost of energy!

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    @Jdtokes - I must be blind, I do not see it there, or on the order page, the rules page, the FAQ, the ITFR, nothing. Where is it?

    (edited) Oh, I found it.. LOL! OK, at the top of the order page. derp! :smiley:

  • The shatter chip is not an actual piece of "shatter" . It's like a jolly rancher edible. I think it's the name brand. I too asked several times for a "shatter chip", thinking it was gonna be a smokeable chip of shatter. It was a hard candy called Jolly-chip.

  • Yep...their shatter chip is just a hard-candy edible. I've gotten them many times and freebies and have ordered them a couple of times.

  • Well shit, lol. Oh well, it's free. 😄

  • @justaguy I didn't see all the options at first either and my first order I forgot to list something in the comments. Luckily they had my back and sent a freebie lol.

    When I saw the freebie list, I thought oh crap! Completely spaced that off.

  • Half the time, I forget to specify what I want as a freebie. The other half, they send a different freebie anyway.

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    Guys, when I asked for the “shatter chip” the first time for my freebie, I thought “well shatter is thicker than I thought.” Then I broke a piece off and tried to smoke it in my bong with some flower. Three times before I thought to put it in my mouth.

  • Anyone who didn't get what they requested can write me through the contact form.

  • @TutorGirl - lmao! Sounds like something I would do. They really need to rename those, shatter is shatter ffs.

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