"Experts" Say Smoking Herb Increases Chances of Getting COVID-19

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Without even mentioning the studies that suggest THC/CBD can have a protective effect on the lungs, the Chief Medical Officer for the American Lung Association LEAPS to the conclusion that inhaling ANY type of smoke raises your odds of contracting the virus, without a single scrap of evidence, because, ya know, we need more misinformation about the virus and potheads need something to be even more paranoid about (even if it's not true). -Lights a bowl-


  • I could see the tobacco vapes with the water vapor carrying the virus into the lungs. Since you are inhaling water deeply. I think smoke and dry vapes would not have the same effect. Not a doctor. But i did play one on tv.

  • It's the puff-puff-PASS the joint/bong/blunt courtesy scenario that can spread germs. And coughing like a mofo.

  • Any medical or nutrition headline will mistake correlation for causation and print horse crap.

    And it never fails to piss me off.

  • My mistake: Not a correlational study reference. Instead, it's another scourge on science representation in the media, the "here's some guy's opinion" piece.

  • They're full of shit, however they neglect to mention any other form of ingestion. This is how they fight to keep their pockets lined with green. They assume we all light it on 🔥.

  • Yeah, that's just a load of BS. As someone who has asthma and smokes weed, ive noticed that smoking has a positive effect on me when I participate in endurance sports. In fact, I ran a marathon and smoked everyday during training. One thing I also noticed is that when I took a long break from smoking weed (1-2 years), my asthma symptoms were much worse.

  • Agree with NayNay. I have asbestosis, result of working in a terrible Job Corps facility. Quitting smoking cigarettes was essential in my thirties and a chest X-ray showed why. Interestingly, I don't have any respiratory problems when smoking cannabis, just cigs.

  • My shoulder angel and devil have been fighting this correlation for years. FWIW I too believe in the prophylactic and healing properties of cannabis. But even good things have a ying to the yang.

    There aren’t shreds of evidence on the long term effects of cannabis use, especially chronic (daily) use, this is 💯 fact. But that’s where the rift is. There hasn’t been many if any studies on long term cannabis use.

    There have been plenty of studies done on the smoke created by tobacco though. What I’ve read over the years make it pretty evident -to me- it is likely that inhaling smoke of any kind, especially on a regular basis, is irritating to the mammalian mucosa and can cause chronic lung inflammation. What I’ve read lately is any lung inflammation can create a higher risk (ICU) situation IF you become infected. It doesn’t raise the risk of infection.

    Lungs are pretty efficient at clearing themselves out. Healthy lungs at least. But studies show smoking kills or paralyzes the cilia that sweep crap out of the lungs, and stiffens moisturizing surfactants that help make the Alveoli sac membranes pliable, important for the ideal exchange of gases. This is also important if your lungs are fighting CoV19.

    Now I realize tobacco studies likely had chemicals and fillers added, that weed use isn’t measured in packs per day like cigs, and that Marlboros simply are not the same thing as joints. But intellectually I still feel smoke wasn’t necessarily intended for humans to inhale purposefully and/or on a regular basis.

    Who knows really? Every body is different. That’s what makes the unknown of The ‘Rona so fucking scary. What I do know is I’ve had a dry CoV19 cough for at least a couple years now - and I haven’t smoked a puff of tobacco since April 2006. I don’t care for vaping so I’ll just continue on my path smoking bowls and cones of flowers and wax. I’m old and it seems America want us old people dead now anyway 😉

    Stay lifted and may wellness follow you...

  • Thanks to MedicineMan, I have a variety of quality flower to smoke every day. My wife got one of those blood oxygen monitor thingies that goes on your finger. My level is 99/100 and resting pulse rate of 55. Not bad for a fellow who's smoked pot since age 16 and who will turn 65 this summer.

  • Breathing comes with inherit risks.

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    Science has become $cience. Another religion for people to put blind faith into. Another tool for the elite to use to control people and money.

    Let's see the study that has actually isolated corona virus in a lab and proved that it causes disease. Let's see the double blind study that corona virus testing can prove that someone is actually sick. It has never been done and never will. And then when the bullshit vaccine is produced, there will be about zero actual science to prove that it is safe and effective. There is a reason why they have never come up with a cure to the common cold. It's because it's impossible to kill bad viruses without killing good ones. A strong immune system is all you ever need to fight every virus that ever comes along. Humans would not exist if this were not the case. For those with compromised immune systems, everything must be done to repair them as the one and only response to getting sick. But western medicine continually destroys immune systems because it's only ever about money. They want repeat customers forever.

    They also don't tell you on the news that the PCR tests produce at least 50% false positives for corona virus, like I read on NIH's website. That's because fear porn sells and grows government.

    People were sick of the war on terror, just like they got sick of the war on drugs, just like they got sick of the war on poverty. So now it's the new war on viruses. There are trillions of virus cells in every single human being so the possibilities are endless.

    If you were hanging off the edge of a cliff for a week and finally fell to your death, they'd say you died of corona virus if they found one virus cell in your body.

    Once you have your eyes opened to this bullshit, there is no closing them ever again. That's one of the major reasons for the prohibitionists. Cannabis expands the mind and can break your programming that started at birth.

    Now they're going to start the antibodies tests, as if that means anything. With HIV, a positive antibody test (HIV+) means that you have the antibodies and that will lead to AIDS. In fact, if you ever got an HIV vaccine, you would then be HIV+. But now with corona virus, a positive test will supposedly mean that you're immune. Or maybe it means that you're sick. They don't know. They just change the rules to whatever is convenient for their motives.

    I'm going to have a real problem when they start giving out immunity IDs. They'll test you for the antibodies, give you a card saying you're fine if it's positive. If it isn't, they are going to require you to get a vaccine and then get that card. This card will let you participate in society. Without it, you must stay home. And by the way, these vaccines being developed are likely going to permanently alter your DNA with unintended consequences. They're the new gene therapy vaccines that have never been approved for use on humans.

    And remember, COVID-19 is just the first one. Expect there to be a new one every single year. This is the new normal. All they need to do is signify the start of a new virus, then start blaming all deaths on it.

    Meanwhile, medical errors and taking prescription drugs as prescribed (not abused) kills 225,000 Americans every year and that is a very conservative estimate. That's how many more than COVID-19? And they refuse to even list it as a major cause of deaths, let alone have it be the leading news story on tv every single night until that is greatly improved.

    I guarantee that hospitals are killing more people than ever because they're stretched so thin (and being financially incentivized to put people on ventilators even when they don't need to be). The two major side effects of ventilators? Bacterial pneumonia and collapsed lungs.

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    I would comment on your ignorance but I'm prevented from doing so by the rules of the forum .

  • @BigOtis Who are you referring to, sir? And you are correct, calling someone ignorant isn't very civil and hence against the rules of this forum. You CAN respectfully disagree with someone, I don't see anything in the rules against that.

    I for one don't see much ignorance in this thread at all. Just a few freedom-loving individuals who hate to see the powers to be and the media jump at any chance they can get to spew propaganda about our beloved plant. These people are clearly very upset that WE are winning the war on drugs.

  • I was respectfully referring to Sixwaychili's
    screed on his theory of the microbiology
    of viruses and their transmission , sir.

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    Either respectfully dispute anything I said or stfu. Preferably respond with links to the missing studies I asked for that prove anything. I'm capable of conversation.

  • I'm an old man what does "stfu" mean ?
    Would you spell it out for me?

  • Why don't you publish your links to these bogus studies that you mention ?
    Maybe you need to go to a library and do some serious research ,I suggest you start
    with Koch's postulates and his theory of disease.
    Then you can begin on viruses .
    This should keep you busy for awhile .

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    @BigOtis I also disagree with the notion that science is a "relgion" as stated by @Sixwaychili. Science has no dogma, and no "faith" is required. Science is and always has been the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. It is not written in stone nor does it claim to be perfect or tell the absolute "truth". Simply put, the scientific method is the best and most reliable way we have to investigate our reality and universe.

    With that said, can science be bad science or come to the wrong conclusion? YES. It can be faulty and with error, that's why we use things like peer-reviewed studies to replicate scientific findings. I think the ultimate point @Sixwaychili was trying to reach was that science can, has, and will continue to be wrong about things from time to time. For example, we trust our doctors when they tell us to pump ourselves full of pills and over time it has turned our society into zombies with liver cancer. This is an excellent point that I must agree with @Sixwaychili on.

    One of my favorite bands once wrote a song with the lyrics: "We trust our local doctor, we trust his medicine. Our child gets a scratch, we give our child a brand new head." THIS is the society we find ourselves living in.

  • @SpongePail Water vapor carries the virus into the lungs? How did you determine that? Alright, you convinced me. I'm switching back to regular old fashioned cowboy killers aka Marlboro Reds just to play it safe...

  • @Thisguy Funny you mention that, sir. I used to get colds all the time when I was passing joints/bongs/blunts around with my friends. Now that we've all grown up and have kids and no time to hang out and pass joints, I haven't had a cold in years. YEARS. I used to think getting a cold at least once a year was normal, but I think you're right, passing shit around is like asking to get sick.

  • @Stab_Snipers . Idk that just would make sense if it even really does. Was just shooting from the hip.

  • @SpongePail So if I were to say that eating chocolate pudding carries the virus into the stomach, and I base that on absolutely nothing other than it "makes sense" to me, would you believe it to be true?

  • Was being sarcastic about causation and correlation. Guess it did not come across that way. Thats why i said not a doctor but i did play one on tv. 😂

  • I'm switching to vanilla pudding from now on after I finish my bat soup of course!

  • Let's keep it kind here, everyone...

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