Premium Fruit Loops - Loud



  • I hope the PFL is as good as a indoor FL that was πŸ”₯

  • It's better. In every way @suchacutie89


  • @BecauseIGotHigh Yes M.A.C. is Miracle Alien Cookies. Which is incredible always in any form.

  • Uhh i need a lb of this 🀀🀀🀀 2oz isn't enough lol

  • My verdict is still out- i realize that's a bit weird to say, so i'll clarify. i feel about the PFL, the same way i feel about the ATF, but just.. not to the same.. orders of magnitude. It's not necessarily that it's "too potent". but it's definitely strong, and if i have something to do or don't want to get sleepy when i get home from work, i will probably reach for something else. ( like this premium Ice Cream Cake from loud- dude, if this ever comes back up again it's an instant re-buy, quantity too. joined my short list. :P down to 1.4g :disappointed: )

    not sure that i added much to this conversation, but.. yeah. i was going to do a full write-up and review with pics but i've just been too busy the past couple weeks. for now, the jury's still out- i like it alot. it's VERY strong. it has a "familiar" smell that I cannot put my finger on ( and no, it's not fruit loops smell, this is a very peculiar kind of sweet, kind of fermented almost type of smell.. but its SOOO familiar that it's driving my fkn crazy ) . anyone thinking of ordering this, I don't see HOW you're possibly disappointed in this strain. that being said, the effect is good but it's not my "sweet spot" / top5 or anything. but.. very very good. :sunglasses:

  • i remembered!! that familiar smell is Widow.

    It's disguised because it has a different fruitiness to it. it took me several days, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I'm catching a definite note of white widow in there. wondering if I'm all alone or anyone else catching that ? it's a very distinct soft citrus type of light orange smell. seems like maybe a widow cross or similar genetics/terp profiles.

    unless i'm just tripping, which may totally be the case as well

  • " Fruit Loops -- not to be confused with Fruity Loops or Fruity Pebbles -- is a flavor-packed indica hybrid that benefits from some very prestigious genetics. It is said to be a four-way cross between Blueberry, Grapefruit, White Widow, and Blue Dream -- "

    Google. surprised i didn't make it there earlier than this. enjoyed doing it the hard way, tho. (surprised i also picked that out.. probably because i've been smoking/vaping/handling WW lately. proud of myself nonetheless lol)

  • Fruit Loops is a White Widow cross. Blueberry. Blackberry.. @v32Finish

  • @MizterNiceGuy thank you sir. i never bothered to look into it, this all came about very casually as i was sitting here at my computer desk sniffing a bud of it over and over again. each time i put it back in the jar, there was that familiarity there and it was driving me crazy. i didn't necessarily even think of it being another strain, just that it reminded me of something .

    then all of a sudden, it came to me that it was Widow i was thinking of subconsciously, then i had to google it to see if i could verify. very interesting and kind of random , but also good to know

  • @suchacutie89 been here about the same time and I 100% agree with you: in my short stent here, MAC holds the #1 spot.

  • Smells and taste like that orange stuff you wash your hands with to get oil and what not off.

  • I wasn't going to order the Fruit Loops since I already ordered a couple of weeks ago and obtained some good bud from my dude, but my buddy wanted some after I showed him the disclaimer. Clearly stated NO SUBS for this one. Just a 1/4 oz each.

    I'm going to have to get a job soon so I'll have to stop smoking for a bit which really blows.

  • FRUIT LOOPS is my FAVORITE CANNABIS! I'll always grab plenty. Must have.

  • Mine arrived today and 3 puffs in this is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ for me it is beating the Mac by a πŸ‘ƒ gonna try a few more pulls MM strikes again.
    Be safe over the weekend guys and gals πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • @greatspirit - i got my current job using "magnum detox" brand synthetic urine. i have passed at least 5-6 UA's with this brand . unless they are literally watching your genitals while you piss.. ...then you're golden

  • I've had my fruit loops for a couple of days and I love it! It does have a distinctive smell and taste that will make you crazy trying to identify, but whatever it is, it only adds to your pleasure! It's a smooth smoke! The high is a trip! After the 1st couple of hits your frontal lobes begin to melt. From there relaxation flows throughout your whole body, and then the relaxation turns to complete and wonderful lethergy. Now here's the kicker-- somewhere in all that lethergy there is a surprising clarity that makes this a very rewarding high! I can't believe it is still available! You really gotta try it!!

  • The shipper was able to procure a large batch this time, hooray! Too often, we've seen our best strains sell out in a couple of days or even a few hours.

  • Ordered more of it last night! πŸ”₯

  • I found this review of fruit loops, which I agree with completely. It states what I said earlier in that you can smoke it during the day and get an extremely energetic high, but also use it to fall asleep quickly.

    This website has way better reviews than leafly.

  • Nicely Done! Very tasty and potent.

  • When you got your PFL did your bag say Fruitloops just like the Indoor one sold a couple weeks ago ? Just asking because I know one shipper does put premium on their bags. Not sure if it is MM or LC

  • edited September 2020

    It won't say premium from Loud. @suchacutie89

  • @MizterNiceGuy ok thanks ! I just know one of them does have premium when you order it must be Medmama

  • I like the PFL a lot. But it makes my heart race so I cannot smoke it before bed. So it’s weird to me that it’s supposed to be more indica. Fantastic daytime smoke for me.

  • Yes it's deff a heart bounder that lets you no it's fire πŸ”₯. That's what I look for is something to get me up and going reminds me of some I used to get back in the day

  • I liked Premium Dolato more than PFL myself..... I was supposed to get some Premium MAC with the dolato, but the ended up missing the split order. But I do still have some indoor MAC from my first order!

  • @PettKatt i'm really looking forward to trying the Dolato, i had it last time but haven't received it yet. you're referring to this batch? the fruit loops are good (and MAC for that matter) but... they're just not my favorite. very strong, very good, i know i feel like it's sacreligious to say about those faves.. lol. but yeah .. not sure what it is. I guess I can just say that potency isn't everything & sometimes i just jive more with some than others. i appreciate them all & they all have their place & purpose.

    ID says Saturday for mine to arrive.. can't wait!!! hoping for an early delivery and get it tomorrow, as that's happen twice already in the past 1-2 months or so.. but i'm not gonna hold my breath. just glad to have it on the way

  • Ive went on to order the premium fruit loops 2x now. My first half was sooo good, I didnt want to miss out - so i ordered another half. Yum Yum. The buzz is nice, consistent, satisfying, and not crippling. It didnt have the look for being a premium bud. The taste is very fruity as described on the web site.

  • Man yeah I went back to try after using some other strains and the loud fruit loops are definitely a great toke, I kinda underestimated it at first

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