Greenhouse White Runtz - Medical Jane

This photo looks good. I have not ordered from Medical Jane before but I had to try this one.



  • How does that photo look good? You must not know white runtz . Her white runtz is sad and awful and kinds disrespectful to
    my favorite bud

  • Has she sold White Runtz before?

  • Please do a review when you get the white runtz

  • Idk bout the white runtz but I had to jump on some pink runtz , lub me some mama so gotta see how the wax is

  • I'm hoping it's a bad photo because it looks nothing like one of my favorites. Not a fan of greenhouse anything especially my matter's and bud but with outdoor and indoor thc levels at 24% and a wonderful high I'm waiting with baited breath on a review on this batch.

  • Oh yeah pic almost look like some brick back in the day

  • Well the Thc% on their strains isn't the real percentage. medboy had wrote me personally saying it just the average percentage they doesn't have a actual lab to test these results @MNTDWLER

  • So really there just going off leafly or any other famous site that records average
    percentage of different strains numerous
    Times . So don't nobody really knows there % unless you got a lab to actually test your strains thc level

  • Yeah I seen a portable tester that hooks up bluetooth to phone and supposedly checks all cannabinoids and Terps or whatever but runs couple hundred

  • I don't think it could be as accurate as real lab testing

  • I came so close to getting some good looking out I've heard nothing but horrible things about medical Jane I wanted some of their peach moonrocks but I just get a bad feelings about them

  • @Batman4rmHouston oh lab would hand down be more accurate, but for testing on the fly and getting a close approximation it could come in really handy cause supposed to tell strain too I think,

  • @buds please do a review after you receive. I thought the description sounded nice but the picture looked very dark and brownish and I personally did not think it looked appealing compared to THC heavy bud pictured by the other shippers. It almost looked like CBD bud. Curious on how the actual product is.

  • Yes I will review and post photos when delivered.

  • Hey @buds did you receive this yet?

  • No not yet. It should arrive shortly. I will post a review and pics as soon as it arrives.

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    White Runtz arrived. I don't like it and would not order it again. My tolerance is running high right now from Royal Kush, MAC and Skywalker OG but White Runtz is not consistent with the killer green buds received from this site. I think @Vapedad78 was correct it is old school brick weed. It does not have seeds but it does smell like Columbian or Mexican buds. If anyone else received some please post your thoughts.

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    Aww man that's hurts even my heart
    Sucks you had to take one for the team
    Didn't know why that put that up there
    When it looks nothing like white runtzs not one shed purple smh

  • Well- that's like 9 strikes for emerald buds or whatever

  • Have to say that this is the first and last time I will order from Medical Jane. This has to be the lowest grade every received from this site. Live and learn.

  • From the appearance it looks like it should be 🔥..looks similar to the Space Candy I received early this yr from does it smell/smoke?

  • Irs crazy how many complaints there are yet the scamming savages that are medical jane are still on here

  • @MoonMan5 im also shocked Medical Jane is on the site still. I decided to give them a try and ordered some vapes and they are no where near the quality of Med Mama’s prefilled Vape syringes.

  • @Kris10 if something dont happen they will be the downfall bc i feel like there left on this site just to wait for leave on there own bc medman doesnt want to cause issues with them buttt dam they have not 1 good review

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    I’m probably gonna be hated n for saying this but medical Jane is garbage just like the shipper before them.

  • Never tried med Jane and never will ill definitely like to see them try new trusted Sellers every so often ..

  • @buds Damn, I was hoping for the best but it seems as if this is yet another instance that can be chalked up as a strike to Med Jane. I really like trying new items and giving different shippers business, but I just can't find it in myself to pull the trigger on Med Jane. Along with you, a number of other customers have had issues with poor quality bud, vapes they say were trash, shipping issues, and so on.

    If it was only one person complaining about this shipper, I MAYBE would still place a small order just to test the water. However, when a handful of multiple customers all complain and have similar issues, I feel like I need to save myself the trouble.

    Has anyone ordered anything from this shipper that they can say was on par with what they received from the other two shippers? If so, what products?

  • @NOLA504

    The ONLY thing that I've seen folks like are Med Jane's moonrocks.
    But, now we have @LoudnCo 's moonrocks that I'd imagine are much more higher quality, and his are $95 vs Jane's $115

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