Triple Chocolate Chip

Beautiful dense buds. Love the colors. Sticky too. It's pungent but I can't pin point the smells. To me, it smells slightly citrus, earthy, and a bit spicy.
The high is very nice. I only vaped .2 grams. Cerebral happiness with body relaxation. Good stuff!



  • 😻😻😻

  • Never bought premium but those look fukin amazing 🤩

  • Went ahead and ordered a zip. It’s been a difficult year 🤣

  • Nice @ChunksEggo8187! Can’t wait to get mine..beautiful nugs

  • @funkynugz 😂
    @superman38NC oh yeah, you're definitely gonna enjoy this!

  • 🤩🤘👍

  • @funkynugz I'm jealous you ordered a zip 😂
    Its definitely worth it!

  • Hoping for no subs. I don’t order less than a zip especially when others say the quality is good. And these look great! Fingers crossed.

  • ordered a 1/8 last Halloween still waiting on. Saw the pic and ordered another 1/4. That's the prettiest flower I've seen sine Gelato 41

  • Man that does look good, opted for the boss but now having second thoughts lol

  • The subs have been on point for me. Everything is an upgrade / knocks my socks off.

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    My order of 3 Choc Chip and Lemon Royale stuck in transit since the 28th..anyone else experiencing delays? Ordered some more today just in case while it’s on the menu..really want to try it

  • That sucks man.. sorry to hear that. I got mine in a little more than average time .. but waiting on 1 that I should've seen a label by now . Hope yours pops up and may just be bogged down bc election .. and gets to ya quickly

  • @superman38NC I have been having issues with delays, then last week got my order in four days. This week back to “in transit arriving late” Was supposed to be here today. Have another order I placed Monday with medmama, and a label was made Tuesday and it’s been in preship since. I know medmama always ships the day after I see a label made. No rhyme or reason to it. Sucks is all I know. Again, can’t wait for shit to go back to when you get your packages in three days like priority is supposed to be.

  • I don’t know what regional facility yours goes through @superman38NC, my packages always go through Fayetteville and lately now Greensboro. I don’t know which is worse!! I know if my package hasn’t arrived anywhere by the second day it’s left CA or WA it’s coming late. Then you just stuck waiting for it to show up somewhere

  • @MoonMan5 yes, it started moving tonight. Very unusual for it to sit so many days, in my experience But we are living in crazy times right now I guess. Now I can plan my next order 👍🏻

  • And don’t be sorry, you can ask me questions anytime, no biggie my friend

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    Thx everyone! I guess you have to bring it up for things to move lol. Looked this morning and it’s arriving today..I knew it was usps since it said in transit..🙏🏻 yours arrives soon too! Anyone try the Lemon Royale?

  • Well in that case @superman38NC . I had an order last sat. Hope it comes today.. Dont have informed. Maybe this works for the weed gods. Come on make it a chapelle and blackberry kush night. 😂

  • 3 choc chip arrived! Very glad I ordered’s up there with the Gelato 41, 3 Bears OG, and so premium quality! Smoked half a j and I’m feeling amazing!! Beautiful buds and the aroma is so good 😱..favorite part was the tastey dark choc gassy 🔥 flavor..5/5

    Thx @medmama!

  • it's really strong. but not in a bad or intimidating way. would HIGHLY recommend this strain for anyone with nausea or pain. (i deal with both, particularly nausea in the morning-- this trip. choc. chip is one of the strongest i've ever had, as far as treating those 2)

  • @superman38NC Nice! Stuff is so good.
    @MoonMan5 i know everyone may have a different experience with shipping times, but I ordered from medmama on the 4th, next day shipping label was made, next day saw movement & states delivery for Monday (9th)

  • I never got the amherst sour D man I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet.. of the last 3 that I've tried, it's been the 3choc chip, blueberry muffin, and the Boss from Loud. They are all 3 very good. If I was gonna re-buy one, it would be the chocolate chip, by just a little . They're all good tho

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    Also received the Lemon Royale..smell is more unique than I thought..funky garlic citrus aroma..similar to GMO with a pinch of lemon..can’t wait to try it

  • Oooooo! I almost I got subbed with some of that

  • @MoonMan5 label created Tuesday, at 1:20 am, and started moving Friday night. Says delivery for Tuesday.

  • I loved the chocolate chip!! Agree with @v32Finish helps tremendously with nausea. Funds are a little low this time so I’m trying the papaya punch and of course had to grab some wedding cake. Really wanting to try some of the shatter medmama put up. Have to wait until next time. Hopefully will still be there.

  • 🤦‍♀️
    Was supposed to say
    I almost hope I get subbed with some of that!
    The lemon royale, that is

    My stoned ass last night, lol

  • Lol @MigraineWarrior79 i thought that’s what you meant 😎..toked on the Lemon Royale late afternoon and wow it’s strong too! Feels a little sedative at first but after a little while I was able to do of those I wouldn’t do before work..great evening strain!

  • Mine has been in the CA sorting facility since the 5th. Supposed be delivered tomorrow.
    Looking forward to this one.

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