I found a kitten

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I'm not sure if this little guy was abandoned or a feral, but my mom and I leaned more towards being abandoned because he was very nice and cooperative. He's around 2 months I suspect.

This little one was meowing very loudly for 2 days for food....loud enough to wake you up. I didn't know where he was at but he was close.

I have a no kitten policy when it comes to newcomers in the cat colony.

So I set out the trap and caught him thank goodness. Still trying to find a home but if that falls through I'll end up just keeping him.

My elder cat is ok with him, but my 2 five year old female cats will be a challenge. They know he's up in my room and they peek in and see him and hiss.

He's safe and happy now. I named him Gizmo.


  • Awww I'm a sucker for kitties. I just lost one at age 17. I have two others and one of them is continually looking for her. It's like I need a cat psychic to help her out.

  • What a maw on the little guy, he's lucky to get a good home. I miss my cats so much. For the time being, until I "relocate" a few more coyotes I can't have one.

  • Awwww!! I'm a. HUGE animal lover, and I have a 7 yr old kitty named Dutchy (pass the dutchie to the left).

    This little guy is adorable! Love the name Gizmo.

  • Have you tried the baby powder on your cats and this one before they meet? Trick them into thinking they're related!

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    There's nothing more therapeutic than a buzz from a joint, and a purr from a cat. I am a cat lover myself. Trivia for you: what animal, besides a cat, will purr when you pet them?

    A rat. I had a pet rat for over 3 years. Squeaker would stretch out on my arm, and as I stroked her she would buzz like a muted phone. She was very vocal too, that's why I called her Squeaker.

  • @greatspirit it’s kitten season right now. They are everywhere. The shelters and rescues are jammed with kittens this time of year. My eldest cat ( in pic) showed up, when he was a baby, at two in the morning, crying at my front door. When I opened the door, he ran right past my two dogs, to the bowls of food and water, behind the door. That was thirteen years ago. I now have eight of them. Yes I am a foster failure. I gave many homes and kept a couple, lol. The best thing is to let them get to know each other while he or she is young. @MikeyC Ive never heard of the baby powder trick. Good to know! Have fun with your new baby!

  • Great looking kitty's, if and I mean if I decide to try another cat it'll have to be a tiger striped short hair. They have the best camouflage for my area therefore a better chance of avoiding coyotes until they get acclimated to the jungle. Your making me weak guys.

  • Little kitty Gizmo got a home!! He's leaving Saturday.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Your a good foster mom 😁

  • I love a happy ending!

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