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What is everyone else using?

I had bought a 5 pack of 300ml ultraviolet glass jars which have worked perfectly for me. They are no longer available on amazon, which is unfortunate since they were only $40 for 5 jars. Well, I'm up to about 10 strains now and have outgrown the 5 jars.

I just bought 2 more 500 ml jars seen here:

What I really need is an entire room dedicated to storage and smoking. lol


  • I like to use 4oz mason jars. They stack nice and the seal is good. Depending on size of buds it will hold a 1/4 oz.

  • Quart and pint mason jars gotta be less then $10 for a dozen.

  • I'm going to parrot what the others said; I use mason jars, various sizes with bodevas, and am satisfied. 😉

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    What’s nice about ball masons is that the lids and inserts are replaceable. When a seal blows or the lid starts getting rough just pop a fresh one in. I like glass best for extended storage. They sell semi-opaque (blue) glass now too. The glass lasts absolutely forever unless you drop it.

    Why I don’t like the screw top stash jars like the ones 6-way posted…

    Not air tight
    Reviewed in the United States
    Size: 1 Ounce (500 ml)
    The lid is not smell proof. Put water in, tipped it upside down and water leaked right out. Nice jar but if the seal is not tight what's the point? Returning.”

  • I still get mold even in glass jars. Can freezing help? Does freezing reduce efficacy?

  • @TreesPlz if you freeze bud it makes the tricomes fall off really be prepared for all the meds to be on the bottom of the jar.on the bright side you'll have plenty of kief!

  • @TreesPlz tbh I’ve never had weed mold unless it went into the jar that way 🤷‍♀️

    And yeah freezing knocks the trichs off; but worse is freezer burn the from a self-defrosting home refrigerator freezer. The temp swings aren’t great for the flowers in many other ways.

    Best you can do is use bovedas to try to stabilize the moisture to 58% or keep burping the jars. I keep my jarred stash in a metal cabinet in the basement. Stays dark and cool 24/7. Nada problem.

  • Mason jars

  • I reckon I could just vacuum seal after sampling.🤔

  • Clear glass crock-lid jars with a removable (and cleanable) rubber seal from Wal-Mart. I've been using them with Bovedas for years. One size is perfect for an ounce and another is perfect for halves. They even have a smaller jar (1/4?) but what would I do with that?😁 I've never seen mold! I have a couple of strains around 2 years old that are still as good as the day I got them!

  • Yeah, I use the same jars, @TheProfessor .
    However, I lost a whole ounce in one due to white mold. It wasn't three months old.

  • Today I just bought candles from dollar store that are less then 3" tall mini wide mouth mason jars, the regular size lids fit. This is perfect because ever since I've been introduced to bovedas I'm a snob to dry herb, now I can keep a couple grams of each strain out with mini bovedas in them. Currently I have small containers all over with dry herb.

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    I used to use mason jars and sometimes a food saver attachment to suck the air out. But these dark UV jars keep the cannabis so fresh it's like it was just cured 6 months later. I have some cannabis from over a year ago that still seems fresh. I also have had some in clear jars with boveda packs for about that long that I had to throw out because my lungs burned for days after taking a hit, it was so harsh.

    Adding boveda packs makes it even more foolproof.

    @funkynugz I have not had issues with these jars not being smell proof. Not even a little. Mason jars are not smell proof or water tight either unless you vacuum seal them, and that gets to be a total pain in the ass if you continue opening them several times a day. Also, light damages anything stored in a mason jar unless you keep it in the dark all the time. I don't want to keep my jars in a closet.

    I really, really like these UV jars over mason jars. Just try one and you'll see what I mean.

  • If you're able to vacuum seal it that means its not only water tight but also air tight.

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    Yeah, but I open jars several times a day and it's not convenient at all.

    And that still does not prevent the light damage.

  • I was using a brake bleeder gun jig I hooked into a jar sealer for a couple years. Worked amazing, total vacuum, was a total PITA though.

    I do have one opaque plastic wrapped glass UV jar I use for shroom storage but hadn’t had great success with it for herb. But it was bought years ago. I suppose new generations are built better if you choose the right brands. I do love my wide mouth blue balls though 😉

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