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I normally stay away from high sativa strains due to my anxiety and the paranoia it causes me. I've been struggling with my tolerance being too high and want to try new strains. So I'm wanting to give them another shot. I've narrowed it down to Green Cush, Jack Herer and Blue Dream. At first I was thinking Green Cush. Although, after research, I found this strain may be too much. IDK. Any opinions, thoughts or people that have had a similar situation? All feedback appreciated...


  • Blue Dream & Jack tend to not give me as much anxiety as the stronger ones. I too stay away from them because they tend to trigger it in me.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I might go ahead with the green cush and if it's too intense in my head then I'll try it mixed with a higher CBD strain. I've heard it helps. Most times the sativas have me super self conscious. I'll start thinking on what a POS I am and how my wife could do better. Then, oh God, she's cheating on me I know it!!! My mind gets the best of me. I used to be on Klonopin and it helped but benzos are horrible, horrible drugs. So I've been benzo free 3 years now. Sorry, I'm a bit bored...

  • @Mr4Sher

    Your good, my friend! I totally get it. Those neg thoughts get me too sometimes, and that's why I keep a heavy indica on hand to make them stfu. Lmao!
    I was on Xanax for years upon years, and honestly, I abused the fuck outta them while on them.
    It's been roughly about 5 yrs for me, if horrible memory serves me right, lol. 😂
    I hope the Green Crack(Cush) works out for ya, man!💚

  • I can’t touch any of them because of anxiety, but based on its genetics, I believe the Blue Dream would be the most tolerant. Same here @MigraineWarrior79. I’ve been on Xanax now for over 8 years. I’ve managed to stay around 2mg a day, but it’s really the only thing that gets me through mornings at work. I don’t use near as much at home. At home it’s cannabis time and that always works!😎🧐

  • @Mr4Sher I feel able to answer this because I just did the same thing. I also wasn’t getting as much from the usual indicas and my tolerance is way too high since I started using concentrates. Here’s what I learned from my experience last week. The Jack Herer is perfectly clear headed and zero paranoia for me. It’s the ultimate, best Sativa strain I’ve ever tried. The Durban Poison is very strange feeling and I don’t like it. It puts me in my head too much and when I come down I am tired AS FUCK! The Blue Dream however is very good. It doesn’t feel like a Sativa to me, it is just another hybrid. I like it quite a bit, and in my opinion it’s a good strain to dip your toes into if you just want to try a more sativa leaning strain. I never tried the Green Cush but would like to. Good luck on your journey!

  • I would vote for either the bluedream(of course) or the Jack. Green cush is a true sativa with all the hello morning effects. CCs Jack is pretty good, has a heavier bent, less sativa leaning but not couch locking. Blue dream is great head space but ability to get stuff done. Ive never had persistant anxiety issues, except when sometimes waiting for a present to arrive but those two are my recommendations.

  • @PolkHighStar almost exactly what I'm going through. I just started dabbing concentrates and I love em but my tolerance is through the roof! I have jager, GMO, watermelon Zkittles, runtz and rude Boi flower (all from Medman) and none do much since I've been dabbing. I actually only started concentrates cuz loud sent me 16grams of Bear og shatter instead of 1/4 oz of jager. Lucky me huh? They sent me my jager too after I let em kno. I bet whoever ordered the shatter and got flower was disappointed! I had the shatter a couple weeks and finally tried it. Love it. Love diamonds more tho.

  • Now you guys got me leaning toward the Jack Herer. For my 4/20 order, I'm getting a split of GSC and this sativa or a split of louds mdma and another super premium(If this is left and that's doubtful)

  • I vote pink certz, gives me all the joy of an indica leaning hybrid without any tired feeling. And potent with an addictive fruity/cheesy funk.

  • @TheProfessor be careful man there is such a strong link with dementia and long term benzo use

  • Yeah, I know @KannaMannnn, thanks, and it concerns me greatly. I'm always looking for alternatives. I don't use them much during the summer and I'll be retiring before long, which will reduce my anxiety significantly!

  • @TheProfessor congrats on the impending retirement! TBH the anxiety for me didn’t lessen, it simply shifted to new and often yet unexplored stresses. Everyone’s different though 👍 Regardless I’ve been told many times that coming off a long stretch of xans can be really tricky, I wish you the best.

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    Well, unfortunately “before too long” also means “not yet” @funkynugz!😳. I haven’t really decided what I’ll end up doing. I would like a lot less responsibility! But I’ll get there. I’m very conscious and concerned about my meds and talk with my Dr. regularly. Thanks for the thoughts my friend, believe me, it’s something I think about.

  • I have bought some Jack H with the last four orders I've made. It's the perfect Sativa for me, not too strong, not too sleepy. Great wake and bake 👍🏼

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    @Mr4Sher I'm doing the same for 4/20. A split of GSC and one of the sativas. Glad you started this thread because I still can't decide which.

    The only time I get anxiety is when I smoke a sativa somewhere really crowded like at a concert. I got so high and then I thought that the police walking around were after me. That wasn't fun.

    At home I love them though.

  • @Sixwaychili Glad the info is useful to ya buddy. I think my minds pretty much made up... I'm going with the GSC and Jack Herer split! And a couple concentrates. Come on 4/20!!!

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    I'm leaning towards the Green Cush. I also want to get a treat of a premium from one of the other sellers, but have no clue. I absolutely loved Runtz, so I'm looking at Red Runtz. Also looking at the Platinum MAC or Rose Gold.

    @superman38NC what can you tell me about the Platinum MAC vs. Rose Gold? I know you've had both and I trust your opinion.

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    Thx @Sixwaychili my preference between the 2 would be the Platinum Mac. It’s one of the better MACs in a while. Killer nose on this batch. Rose Gold is is more subtle on aroma. Still a great choice. But MAC is better imo.

    That Red Runtz seems like a great choice. Went back and forth with that one. Anyone receive that?

  • I'm tempted to split 2 oz of Premium Runtz and Premium Platinum MAC.

  • I got a split of Jack Herer and GSC. They are both amazing! What is weird to me is I seem to feel the sativa more in the GSC even tho The JH has a higher sativa percentage. It's perfect for before work or mowing the lawn. If I try to sit after I smoke the GSC I get in my head too much. I've jacked my tolerance up real high lately cuz of concentrates. These two strains from Cannabis Club are doing the trick!! Very pleased. I'm going to try more of Cannabis Clubs strains. Although I'm going to shy away from the Durban Poison. Sounds like it's too racy and "in your head" for me...

  • Everything I've had from CC has been spot on. Love the GSC too. I got the Green Cush split with it and love that too. My gf and I took 2 hits of the Green Cush while we were watching Ozark and we started talking so freaking much that we had to turn it off. Can't talk fast enough. So I just put on some 80s music and we danced and sang. lol

    Also, I cannot believe how much they sent. I got an extra 10g on an ounce split.

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    been missing CC's
    Sativa dominate 🥲fferings

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