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EDIT: Site is now open again!

Hi everyone,

We will all be taking some time off to close out this year. The last order payments will be accepted on Thursday, December 22nd. These will be processed and mailed out on the 23rd. Late payments will cause orders to be delayed until everyone is back on January 2nd so please, make sure you complete payment at the time you submit your order.

Happy Trees will be leaving for break 1 day early, the last day to order from them will be 12/21 and those orders will go out 12/22.

During the break, 12/23 - 1/2, emails will be checked sporadically. Please, do not send in multiple messages if you do not receive a response. I will reply when I see it. This includes emails for issues, questions or tracking.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your patronage!




  • Hopefully my Xmas sale stuff hits before then, was supposed to showed today but PW came and left nothing in receptacle unfortunately so fingers crossed for tomorrow weird cause coming from different areas but both held up must be a bottle neck somewhere just before gets here but know it'll arrive since team always delivers just antsy with time of year and people catching others dumping packs side of road and whatnot

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    First time ever my pack (loud) went from label created straight to porch delivery without any in-between hits from informed delivery 🤷‍♀️

    Happy holydaze folks! 🎄

  • 🎄 Happy Holidays MM Crew!! Appreciate all of you. Another yr of 100% deliveries and 🔥 bud!

  • Thank you for all you do @medman @medboy @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo and out new shipper @HappyTrees!!! Hope you all have a nice break!

  • Drops from @HappyTrees showed with a pre roll that looks and smells pretty decent and definitely appreciated still waiting on couple from merlin now showing late and in transit somewhere out there in the void was really hoping they'd sneak they're way in today as well but fingers crossed for tomorrow but I know they're gonna make their way to destination at some point and it'll be the high quality that keeps me coming back repeatedly and always looking forward to opening packaging, happy holiday to the team and forum members and hope the teams enjoy their well deserved breaks.

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    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Unfortunately, mine has started out with much heartache...

  • Damn Mr4Sher, I am sorry to hear that. Anything good bud will fix?

  • Good luck and good wishes @Mr4Sher sorry to hear that

  • @OzBaxter Nah man. I'm so spun I haven't even really smoked in 4 or 5 days. Tried 2 or 3 times but it's making my mind overwhelmed even more when I medicate... Even pure indica. I'm all fucked up friend...

  • @Mr4Sher

    I'm so sorry, my friend. I hope things get better.
    Email me if you need to talk. 💚💨😊

  • The team always comes through and delivers the goods, haven't had a chance to open and inspect either but skipped a couple hubs and went straight up out for delivery this morn. Excited to check things out when get the opportunity. Happy holiday and merry Xmas again to @medman team and forum members hope everyone makes it through with their sanity and wallets intact and hang in there @Mr4Sher fingers crossed things work out or get better and everyone gets Xmas stuff in time for whatever they're needing appreciate yall

  • May this be a wonderful time for all remember that Christ is the reason we have the season Merry Christmas to all

  • WilliamDavidHowell@ definitely truth & Merry Christmas to all as well. MrSher praying for what ever you are doing through

  • Merry Christmas 🎄

  • Merry Christmas everyone!🎄🎁. I hope everyone has a safe holiday! If you’re enjoying this lovely weather (it’s -8 here🥶)…stay warm!😎🧐

  • Merry Christmas!!🎄 @TheProfessor now that’s cold my friend! Bundle up and be safe everyone!.

  • I hope we are all able to chill out this holiday. I look forward to all that wonderful food!


  • Murray Christmas!

  • Happy holidays all! I'm putting out medicated cookies for santa, so if he doesn't make it to your place you know why.

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    @Fallguy Santa left me a bag of Oreo Cookies from Merlin (absolute 🔥! Sativa hybrid imo) he must have been feeling good! Happy New Yr everyone!

  • I ordered some flower on Thursday, 12/22. Informed Delivery says that a shipping label was made on 12/25, but everything still shows as “Shipping label created, awaiting item.” I hope they got the item to the post office before the break or else I’ll be waiting quite a while! Plus the item disappeared from the menu less than an hours after my order…fingers crossed.

  • Everything has shipped per all the shippers. I know Loud's area had some terrible weather. That and the holidays is likely not helping anything.

  • I ordered the morning of the 22nd from Merlin. Touchdown yesterday. Got some of that discount Georgia Pie and Cherry Pie.

  • I got my order today with no subs. Thanks so much @loud and @medman! Happy New Year!

  • Orders will reopen tomorrow, shipments starting again on Tuesday!

  • Ah, when does the board open again?

  • I thought it opened up today as well. Guess tomorrow?

  • They are open now. Check the order page.

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