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    Joints are too much of a commitment for me because that's way more than I smoke at a time. I also hate re-lighting joints because it tastes terrible. I typically fill a bowl for my bong and hit it 3-4 times an hour.

    Plus, my apartment is 100% non-smoking so there would just be way too much odor. Can't really control the smoke from a joint at all.

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    Some new strains on the board this evening! I've been waiting years to see Pure Kush (Pure OG Kush) on the menu again. If you're looking for a heavy, sleepy indica, that will knock you out, this is it.😴 The new indoor Face Melt, Permanent Marker, and Z3 also look really good!
    Thanks @MerlinsMagic!😎🧐

    @Sixwaychili that's pretty much why I don't smoke joints. I don't have to worry about smoke though.

  • @Sixwaychili i feel ya. Joints/cones/blunts can be “dirty.” What I do is use joint tubes to pretty much instantly extinguish the cherry with o2 dep. Bo tamping in ashtrays which compresses the ashes and makes nastiness. Before putting the cone into the tube I empty it of residual smoke by exhaling. When relighting later I use a torch and get the cherry back without inhaling, like some people do with stogies. Then it’s like picking up where I left off, and I generally finish a single cone or two the same day over multiple sessions this way. Otherwise it’s single hits in the glass bubbler.

  • @funkynugz great minds think alike

  • Thanks for the info @funkynugz. Makes sense. I’ll have to give that a try. With joints and bowls I generally finish what I start. 🫠. Slowing down could be good.🙂

  • Initial impressions, the pre-rolls are a good value and should prove convenient. They arrived flattened due to the vac seal but were loose enough filled that a few quick twists will tighten and round them up again, one reason I love Raw cones. I won’t comment on the strains themselves, though will say the GMO Grape is nice.

    Feel a little bad for the order preppers, so much packaging involved to send 12 packs of these. But 72 cones ordered Monday night, arrived in 2 stealth boxes Friday AM 👍

    Only one complaint, and it is the same I’ve griped for years. While I totally appreciate the freebies, I totally hate edibles. We just don’t get along. Always note ‘smokable samples only.’ I see others mention getting comped nugz and spliffs with orders. The inconsistency is frustrating, but I’ll just go relight that GMO Grape.

    Have a pleasant Fall y’all!

  • @funkynugz i don’t mind the edibles but my choice is always jays/buds. Many times I request that and get gummies too. I throw them in the freezer for when I’m feeling that vibe. My fav so far of the freshies is the Lemon Cookies. Great flavor and hits great! Next Merlin order I’ll be grabbing more. What strains did you get?

  • @superman38NC GMO Grape, Lemon Kush, Purple Punch, Gelato Cake. While these are convenient and a decent value, I’ll likely go back to rolling my own after they’re gone. YMMV but I’m not 100% convinced on the overall freshness/potency of the freshies. To be fair, I’m smoking a lot more lately due to some life struggles so my tol levels may be whacked.

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    @superman38NC @funkynugz I’m just happy to get a freebie. I never request anything specific…I like the surprise!😁😎🧐. I’m still undecided on the Freshies.

  • I got some of the freshies when they first popped up(slurricane) and the taste and smell was okay but they hit pretty hard but I got a pack of the modified grapes and white runtz(both all flower no trim) and they surprised me. Both are amazing especially for the price

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