Product request/suggestions

I’m looking for specifically the green Sacred Herbs Medicinal Lip Balm and/or the green pain stick.

My father had great results using it on his skin cancer but is out. We’ve tried the first aid salve but he says it doesn’t seem to work as well. Please let me know if it becomes available. Thank you in advance


  • Since it is a CBD product the balm may be available online. I googled and the company looks to have a shop on facebook.

  • If it's all CBD and only trace THC, then honestly you don't need us. That high CBD/zero THC stuff has gotten a lot easier to find.

  • They have a “green” medicinal one with THC.

  • Man I would luv more or the RSO indica.
    The liquid in the tubes was great as well!

  • Will Kosher Kush become available again or will the shippers get any other pure or near 100% indicas?

    Thank you for your wonderful service!

  • No such thing as a pure indica; they don't exist.

    I'll ask the shipper about the Kosher but in general, we're rarely able to find such exotic strains more than once.

  • Medboy
    does loud & co. ever have any concentrates other then shatter ? thank you in advance Jerry

  • THC Lolly Pops

  • I think it was Loud that carried a canna oil . It was really cost effective very potent and seemed to get stronger with age . Really wish they’d get it again .

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