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  • Only complaint with them is that they’re not in their original packaging , the looks and aroma are amazing though, some seriously peachy smelling stuff
  • Gushers is veryyy similar to the gelato 41 in taste and high, which is expected considering it’s one of gushers parents, those gelato 41 buds are works of art though, freaking beautiful
  • @GoldenNugget definitely use the contact form when things like this happen, I almost guarantee you were given something else, because I’ve seen people say the gdp is some of the best medicine they’ve gotten in a while and I’ve also seen people be EX…
  • @v32Finish ordered over a week ago so I’m hoping they show up early next week, saw one or two people say they are pre-packed and good but I’m still skeptical until I see them myself, also intrigued but the discount oil she has right now but will sta…
  • Ordered some last Friday so I’m hoping they get here either tomorrow or Monday, I’ll definitely let you know then. I saw one person a couple days ago say they got theirs and they were prepacked and really good. Not gonna get my hopes too high but I…
  • I’ll definitely get some nice pics after work tomorrow, some pretty decent sized nugs in my batch
  • @DoorMan love to hear it! Mine should be here by the end of the week and I’m hoping I have the same thoughts
  • @MizterNiceGuy this gushers is definitely what I was looking for, the second I opened the bag I was greeted by that earthy gelato smell, identical almost to the gelato 41, which makes sense since that’s one of gushers parents. The nugs are hard and …
  • Just received a little nug of this for a sample and it is definitely some pretty looking flower , although I really can’t recommend because the green house jack that I have from loud looks just as pretty and has a stronger smell than this nug . I’m …
  • @MizterNiceGuy love the review! Just got off work and I have all my packages delivered, have a split of gushers and quantum waiting for me
  • I just ordered a split of this and lemon haze, excited to try the lemon haze. Have had it multiple times in vape or distillate form but never buds
  • There are certain strains, no matter if they are outdoor, greenhouse, indoor or premium, that people really tend to look for and MAC is one if them
  • Ordered a split oz of this and gushers as soon as they popped up, gushers has me really excited because I have the gelato 41 from a couple weeks ago and gushers has that in the make up and I’m in LOVE with the gelato 41
  • @BMan it’s definitely a lot more hit and miss when it comes to med mamas premium strains compared to loud, but the gelato 41 I just got from them is ridiculously good but I have definitely gotten stuff before paying that premium price that I don’t p…
  • When you say you got a sampler do you mean you chose the sampler option or bought those 4 individually? They don’t do diamonds in the samplers if that’s the case
  • Holy wax.....definitely will be getting a 4 gram split of 2 of the premium ones, still expecting a lot more new stuff over the coming days so trying to take it easy lol
  • Definitely expecting that concentrates section to be looking pretty new soon, been using this site for 5 months and I’ve never seen them not have shatter from either distributor. Not that I’m desperate because I’m pretty still very well stocked but …
  • Just got the gelato 41 from med mama, and it gotta say this is absolutely up there with the white widow from loud as the best strain I’ve gotten from this website! The nugs were so dense I thought they didn’t even give me a full oz till I weighed i…
  • Just got my ounce in today, gonna shower and I’ll give a review right after! Also got that gelato 41 that was up on the menu for barely a day
  • @v32Finish if you’re looking for flavor, diamonds or live resin are definitely the way to go. Those two have the highest amount of terps put into them, I still have some of the pink lotus live resin and the only other concentrate that beats that in …
  • Can confirm that the batch of sunset sherbert that was just up is awesome, got 2 oz and the nugs were absolutely ridiculous, very dense and and definitely a harsher smoke but a very strong high , definitely more of a night time strain
  • I ordered an oz early yesterday and I’m really hoping I got the rest of the batch! Also had to hop on the jack herer from loud because I’ve seen and heard a lot of good things.
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