Hi all. I have never has dispensary quality weed before..Would you consider the ultra premium flower here on par with top shelf dispensary flower?


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  • Thank you professor for taking the time to provide such a detailed and in depth answer to my question. The mere fact that you are using this site even when you have dispensaries available, speaks volumes of the quality here.
  • I have been looking for Chiquita Banana 🍌 for years. Hopefully one day I'll score some..
    in Strains Comment by Quasar August 2023
  • Absolutely the best that I got from this site. Very euphoric and relaxing high. I liked it so much that I ordered more before I even finished my first joint. Thanks for recommending!
  • Thank you, you just made up my mind for my order.
  • I was just about to ask that same question! Loud used to have a Banana OG in its rotation, it would usually only show up once a year. It was the best herb that I have ever laid my hands on, especially the Premium! Please bring it back!🍌🍌🍌
  • @superman38NC. Thanks bro, that's exactly what I'mπŸ‘€ looking for. I hate the hybrids that make my heart race and keep me up all night.
  • @Tac . Same here, I have never been screwed and the Premiums have always been great except for a few. But weed is like everything else in the market, quality fluctuates, dependant on demand and supply.
    in High grade Comment by Quasar June 2021
  • Absolutely loved the Premium of this by Loud! Definitely my favorite that I have bought from here in the last 18 months. I also bought the Premium Wedding cake, hoping it would be similar but to my demise it just doesn't compare.
  • I too would like to express my gratitude. Medboy has went above and beyond in making things right when my order was lost by UPS.
  • Quality pics make all the difference, and that picture is a love story.😍
  • Stupid question, Is Galato#33 the same as Bacio Gelato?
  • @7r3vor. I can definitely see what you mean. Curing and the final flush is vital, especially for creating a nice clean high with no side effects. Wish it was legal in here in NY, but there's always 2021!
  • Yes, but it happened by accident to my benefit. I mistakenly set my Coinbase to automatic deposits and ended up depositing around $400 that appreciated to $970. I have been buying all my weed on my gains since. All by luck mind you, Bitcoin is much…
  • Professor, considering that you purchased pounds, I will trust your judgment. πŸ˜†We're all here for the same thing and that's to self medicate and not win a beauty contest by best bag appeal. Blackberry Kush sounds delightful! Thank you for your inpu…
  • Very wise words and I completely agree. My last Premium batch from Med Mama was Banana Zkittlez and it was mediocre at best. It definitely wasn't fully cured. Now compare that to my last Premium batch from Loud of Miracle Whip, it was night and day.…