New orders shipped?

Did anyone that made an order from the last batch that was on for a little bit get a shipping label created ? I ordered a half ounce of the MAC and had the money in on Sunday. Still no shipping label created. Informed delivery always works (knock on wood) so im assuming they still havn't shipped it out. Anyone else in the same boat?



  • Same here, no label made yet here either,two other packages, one from California ,one from Florida ,both ordered same time, different items, both show on id, this site seems to be only site I have trouble with id ,not always,but frequently.

  • ID never has worked for me. I used to check it often to see if labels would show up there, but nope, so I don't even check it anymore.

    Hopefully the mac is just as good as the last batches were. You'll truly enjoy it.

  • I unfortunately can't even get informed delivery at my address and ordered some Mac on Sunday as well. Drives me nuts not having it even though I know how inaccurate it can be. But hell, I'm still waiting on an order of Space Queen from the 24th though 😟

  • @OneLove wow thats a long wait. I hope it gets to you soon! Let me know if you get the order of the MAC.

  • @Jdtokes Yeah people were saying its amazing the last batch so Im hoping its going to be good stuff

  • @tdk329 My ID always works for this site and other mail. Im thinking they got a lot of orders and are still processing them. Hopefully we will see a label made soon

  • Nothing in ID for new orders for me.

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    Nothing here and I had my order complete within 1 hour of them putting up new strains Sunday. My ID has shown the packs every time so far. So I dunno...

  • My id shows shipping label created, ordered Thursday 6/4

  • I've been waiting on my order from Loud...I ordered on 5/21

  • @charlij2328 did you message them? I finally did last night about my Loud order

  • Thank you @maryjanelover11. And same to you!

  • Same here ordered from loud on Sunday and still no label created yet I am hoping soon

  • Yes i did @OneLove , @medboy is looking into whats going on. From reading other threads, i'm not the only person this is happening to.

  • Yeah @charlij2328 I've noticed that, and it seems to be the same shipper. I don't mind if hiccups happen especially with what all is going on in the world right now. I'm beyond thankful for the service. I just like to know what's going on especially with money tied up and needing to order more lol.

  • Yeah I still have no label created... I ordered and had the money in early Sunday.

  • So how do u see if a label was made?

  • @Stoney02 You have to sign up with Informed Delivery through USPS. Its not a MM thing its through USPS but you will be able to see your package tracking information

  • @charlij2328 Wow man thats a loooong wait. I hope it arrives soon for you!

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    Label created today.

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    Signed up for informed delivery I ordered 6/4 blue dream trim from loud no info on label or delivery at this time. I’m not concerned just ready to smoke some

  • Label created for mine today too !

  • Today is day 11 for me still waiting. Hopefully any day now ;)

  • My label still hasn't been created. @Theboyua @tdk329 What day did you order ? I ordered and had the money in by sunday.

  • @Stoney02 interesting that you say that because @liarliar03 ordered on the same day as you and he is saying he has a shipping label. I ordered on sunday and dont have one yet others who ordered on sunday have one. Im not sure in what order they send out the shipments but it might not necessarily be that the people who order first get their shipments out first.

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    @rasta0458 Do you have a shipping label made at least? Can I ask you what your ordered? Im wondering if for some orderes they dont have any stock left.

  • It could be the unrest happening in seattle and california im not sure. Others are saying they got a shipping label so its probably not. Im wondering what if its me accidentaly putting in a wrong letter or number while putting in the address in the order form. What happens if the wrong address is placed in the order form? Has it happened to anyone before because now im worried I might have made a mistake typing in the address and thats why i cant see the label ?

  • @maryjanelover11 Hey friend I ordered and had my order complete by one or 2 o’clock at the latest Sunday

  • @Theboyua I hope Its not me messing up the address in the contact form. Im pretty sure i placed it correctly and I always make it a habbit to double check. I guess Ill be checkin ID frequently.

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    @maryjanelover11 Haven't seen a label__ or anything on ID. Think i ordered 1/8 Indoor Lodi Dodi and i think a 1/2 of Premium Gelato 33 on morning of 05/20/20 I believe

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