Pure OG smalls (with pics)

My pure OG smalls came in. Ordered from medmama on the 10th... came today. on the east coast... Lighting speed delivery. Big thanks to Medmama considering all the mayhem going on in the west coast. Now let's get to the bud. I'm going to be honest and say at first I was disappointed because the nugs looked nowhere near as good as the last batch of Pure Og smalls i got from Medmama. The nugs are still decent and they are covered in trichomes but they are loose and don't look appealing. The smell is good, typical OG earthy delicious smell. Very good. Taste is good as well... Now let me get to the high... All disappointment out the window. All I smoke is one bowl from my bong and im so high right now it's not even describable. Im seriously sooo high it's that old school OG kush type of high. Super strong and i feel like I don't want to move or do anything already. This is a super heavy high yall like im sooo high right now legit im stoned AF. I dont have food in the fridge and I was supposed to go shopping but I highly doubt thats going to happen. Im so fried its like both a head high and a body high. Im simpley STONED out my mind. Just blit. Absolutely smashed. This is a heavy heavy indica yall tread lightly I forgot how heavy it was but now I remember. This is the reason I loved it the first time. Even tho they dont look alike the 2 batches are the same in smell, taste and specially the high. OG kush always gets me super stoned but this is a whole other level. Off one hit too. I highly recommend this strain. In terms of high i give it a 10/10 easily.



  • Pics not showing

  • Absolutely love Pure OG! @maryjanelover11 glad to hear that it’s as good as the last batch. I still have about an 1/8th left so I decided not to spin the discount smalls roulette wheel right now. We use it like a sleep aid...and just for those times when nothing else works. Pure OG puts us out!

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    @maryjanelover11, this might be your best review yet! (Mainly because of the fact that a) you're high as--all capsF!!!--and b) I think I've ordered smalls every day since they came on the menu, and Pure OG is the sub for every one. I've already hit the lotto once! Thanks for sharing!

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    @maryjanelover11 I ordered a zip of smalls on the 10th from MedMamma as well. How you already got your package and I am still waiting at "Shipping label created" is beyond me. Since item not even shipped wont get till middle of next week at least. Annoying. ./RANT

  • Updated this morning, now it has already made 2 stops. Now I wait for Tuesday.....

  • They should update it to be Cleveland Browns nugs.

  • dang I was so high I forgot to upload the pics. I didn't even take any yet lmao. Will do so tonight and upload them here

  • I just got my package. I got both the items I requested from the MedMamma smalls..... 1/2 and 1/2 zip, all in ONE zip. Normally it would be 2 different zips. The shipper just shoved it all in one zip and vacuum sealed it. Oh well. Nice vacuum seal though.

  • @theunleet they mixed 2 strains together ?

  • @theunleet not too pleased with @medmama at the moment. Something's going on...Must be getting overwhelmed..😒

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    @MizterNiceGuy her shipping has been great but I’ve had a couple hiccups as well.. I will say @medboy took care of one issue for me with lightning speed. I forgot to email him back and tell him thank you so if you read this medboy, ‘thank you’ kind sir..

  • @Theboyua shipping has been fast. I love it. This is just my first time being disappointed ever. I know things will work out.

    Btw Greenhouse OG is a hit! @medmama

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    @MizterNiceGuy I’m glad you mentioned the greenhouseOG. Pulled the trigger tonight. Are the buds dense/tight or more fluffy? A review would be fantastic 😁!

  • Fluffy-ish. Sticky. "Outdoor 3.0" @theboyua

  • As yall can see, Pure OG smalls i FIIIIRE !!! the nugs are small, but loaded with frost. Gets me so fried everytime. full MAC review also coming in a few days. Top HD pics will also be added.

  • Btw is everyone enjoying the pics? Should I keep up with it or is it a waste of time ?

  • @Sixwaychili finally got it to work thanks bro

  • @maryjanelover11 i am loving it! Tempting af when you see them pics bro

  • @maryjanelover11 @MizterNiceGuy They mixed Bubba Kush and Pure OG together in the same zip. and Vacuum sealed it to death into one giant nug I had to pull apart slowly. I guess I didnt pick correctly for sleep, I must have chose the Bubba Kush and got very very stoned for a few hours.

  • @maryjanelover11 appreciate the pics bro. I like the pics.. I think you could probably limit it to two (one up close and one of the batch) and we could all get a good feel and little less work for you. Hell, I just appreciate you going to the trouble and taking the time to do it, especially when it’s a bud I’m considering ordering. It’s helping each other out and I think that’s what this board is for.🤙

  • Btw, order for OG and Bubba Kush placed. Restocking the Indica section.

  • @maryjanelover11, I appreciate you, too. I can't take pics like you and some of our other illustrious commenters...

  • @maryjanelover11 the pictures help everyone. Thank you. Reason I learned, I believe our community pictures may detail the product better than a "display" photo.
    @theunleet that's wild. Never had a street dealer pull that.(fired all) I will say I have experienced similar with MM far as combined strains.

  • @theunleet definitely give medboy a message

  • I will keep the pics up. the MAC is going to be crazy.... Probably the nicest looking bud Ive had from here. The smell is amazing too. However I miss the sour pink grapefruit smell. That stuff had the best smell ever

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