Storage solutions? Humidor?

So since I found this site a couple months back, I’ve been ordering all kinds of strains and have a decent stockpile or collection rather. Some people have wine cellars, but I’d rather have a cannabis pantry! Ha! How do y’all store your buds to last a bit? I did order a humidor and I’m trying to figure that out, but does anyone have any tips or suggestions to share? I’m all ears! I use mason jars to keep a little out and on hand for smoking.



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    Cvault with a 62% humidity pack( I use the “Boveda” brand), it keeps buds smelling and tasting like they did the day I ordered months after I received it, but most bovedas can last over a year.

  • Interesting! I’ll have to check that out as I’ve never heard of it before. I can smell the full humidor in my closet which I don’t like. Does it help with that too?

  • Yeah I can’t smell it at all until I actually open the container

  • Mason jar and a moisture pack is the simplest... and simpler is always better.

  • Fyi, Theres a long thread discussing this somewhere on here. 🥳

  • Thanks! That was a good read!

  • Boveda are the best rh packs I've tried so far.

    I have quite a few cvaults. The last batch of greenhouse I got I can smell it once I open the medicine chest, which is really surprising because I usually can't smell anything outside the cvault. I may try another gasket on this one because the bud is strooooong smelling.

    Some buds I have from 4 months ago look better than they were when I got them.

  • I only use glass masons. More opaque the better. Wide mouth. Make sure you swap out the lids once in a while otherwise the glass will outlive all of us. Match the herb volume to jar size for best results. I’ve got CVaults too but they’re all 4 liter size from my gardening days.

    If you do humidity packs directly in mason jars I suggest considering both the 59% packs and the 62% packs. I’m finding while the buds stay “moist/fresher” longer term with the 62s, the slightly drier 59 is better for daily stash jars you might use to roll blunts, cones and joints since the buds grind easier and burn better. Matching pack size to herb volume helps here too. eBay is a decent resource for buying branded packs but it’s “wholesale in a zip baggie” unlike direct from manufacturer. Check reviews.

  • I use Infinijars and 62% humidity packs, has not failed me.

  • @Kris10 here you are buddy

  • @PettKatt I recommend a Mason Jar with moisture sealing and a humidity gauge on it. They are like $15 but can hold 5oz of bud i think

  • @BMan i always use mason jars or I got this 1 jar that seals and read where u don’t want the container to be air tight and read where u do. I just got a piss test popped on me at work and I’m pretty sure I’m fucked cuz they are strict as fuck about weed where I’m at. It’s fukn stupid but oh well. I’m pretty sure I’m fucked lol, but I’ve got some bud I’m gonna need to store and I wanna do it the best way possible and the jars ur talking about are called what again?

  • @BMan I am curious too! I did already order a humidor though and I’m using that with daily stuff in a mason jar. The smell has either gone or I’m just used to it already....🤷‍♀️🤣

    My MAC and dolato did not come today! 😭 @WDEgkj

  • @WDEgkj They are pretty awesome and mine did not take long to arrive either it keeps the bud really good and tells you the temp and humidity

  • Thanks @BMan. I’ll check into those

  • Check amazon too. I found the same ones but a little cheaper on shipping.

  • Also, Check out the line of "Tightvac" Containers.

  • I did end up ordering a couple mypharm jars and 62% humidity packs too. I like humidor, but it’s already full! I think I will store stuff in the large jars for longer times and use the humidor for my everyday stuff I think? The humidor is great thus far too though.

  • I googled best storage containers for weed and most had herb guard as 1 or 2 so I ordered 1 that will hold up to Oz&half for $25. They have some really good 1s for 80-100 but I never have more than an Oz if that so I think I’ll like what I got. There was another brand I forgot the name of lol, but they are 10-25. From what I read, I mason jar with some humidity packs, kept out of the sun, I’m a dark cool place, is just fine. Plastic bottles are no good and I hope every1 on here already knows bud ain’t gonna last long in a baggie and they also make the crystals stick to the bag so no bags at all

  • So you can’t leave them in bags in these things? I have too many different strains for that. 😬

  • I've also had to upgrade my jar collection. The days of 2-3 jars are WAY behind me with MedicineMan.

  • @G1zm0 i looked at those and a couple others for like an hour before I decided.

  • @WDEgkj The Tightvac containers are pretty good from my experience! But I'm always looking for good storage containers/solutions.

  • @NOLA504 ive got 2 just like those but they’re not clear. They was my moms and probably 20yrs old if not older

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    @MizterNiceGuy I'm looking at spending about $100 on new jars and boveda packs to store the ~8 strains I usually have at a time. And then I'm like I should just buy another 1/4 instead. haha

    I'm looking at the mypharm jars, but the shipping prices are just killing me.

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    These seem like the best price of the several brands of the ultraviolet storage jars (mypharm, infinity jars, etc.). These and some 62% boveda packs seem like the way to go for me.

    Does anyone know how long the 8g boveda packs should last before they need to be replaced? I'm sure it depends on humidity, but just trying to figure it out.

  • I wish the uv jars had a spot to place the rh packs inside so they don't physically touch the buds, but they seem to be the way to go. I have cvaults too but I bought them on ebay and think they're knockoffs

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