So I'm still fairly new to this site and smoking in general and have a few questions. I'm interested in trying out some wax and not sure where to start. Is wax/shatter the same thing? I've done a little bit of homework on a dab pen since that seems like the more cost friendly route to go getting started. I Don't want to drop 100+ on a dab rig and find out I don't like it. You can use those with a dab pen, right? I bought some carts on my first order and I didn't even get a buzz from them. Since that was my first experience with vape carts I am just chalking it up to being a newbie and/or it just being different effects on different people, but probably not gonna go that route again for some time. I'm just hesitant cuz I don't wanna get the same result from the wax/shatter as the carts. Thanks for any and all input! I really appreciate it.


  • If you're new to smoking cannabis, I would start with flower instead of concentrates. Concentrates are not going to be that pleasant with little tolerance.

  • ^^^^^read that a few more times before attempting any concentrate 👍

    I got excited about carts, then lost the excitement. Got a couple dozen gathering dust as well as several different vape devices. Oh man. Good for stealth travel and not much else IMHO. But hey different strokes for different folks. Get a quarter oz, grab some RAW rolling papers and call it done 👍

  • I would agree.. wouldn't go "all in" with concentrates. Wax and shatter are technically not the same thing, but they arent far off, either. Difference in extraction technique and texture, mostly. I can highly recommend the Puffco Plus .. it's a little pricey for a wax pen, but extremely easy to use and just overall a bad ass device. the lady I talk to at my local head shop has told me that it's miles above the other ones they stock. for not MUCH more than the competition. so .. yeah, it's nice, but i would definitely go slow w. concentrates if you don't have tolerance. this also applies to edibles.

    the carts... can be hit or miss, just like everything else in life. I heard the Elevated Extracts carts were really good, almost bought some, then saw a bunch of people saying they sucked. so i personally would stay away from those from Loud. but I can vouch for Medmama's cartridges, mostly the refills (check out my Super Silver Haze review for instructions on filling an empty cartridge, which is IMO way more cost effective) .

    most of all, just enjoy. have fun exploring. lol. just be careful when using concentrates and edibles. it's not pleasant if you overdo it.

  • @nugget07 i don’t know which carts you tried, but like @v32Finish said, carts can be hit or miss. The elevated extracts from loud were awful. Not even a little bit of a buzz, nothing. Now medmama refills are the bomb. I haven’t tried the prefilled ones, but the refills are great and much better for my pocket. I was stressing about filing my own carts for no reason. Was very easy.

  • The carts just freaking hurt my lungs like crazy. I have asthma so that's a no-go for me. I have a few carts lying around waiting for me to make edibles out of them.

  • I got the GG4 carts from Loud. Maybe I'll get around to buying some of the refills at some point. Thanks again for the input. I guess when I said I was new to smoking I was comparing it to the amount of time some of my friends have been. I've been a daily toker for the last year and a half or so. So in a sense I'm not THAT new.

  • oh, OK. yeah thats a big difference. LOL i think it's just reaction, right, if you hear or think someone's new, you're gonna default to that kind of safer kind of advice, but yeah i got you, def. not that new (but kind of). no worries. let us know how the GG4 is! I had a pretty bland experience the last time I got GG4 (flower though) and idk .. it kinda put me off GG4 but at the same time i know it can be some real bomb stuff so i've kinda been waiting for my chance to try again :)

  • Okay I've got one other (probably extremely stupid) question. If I place an order and I am getting something from 2 different shippers (in this case flower from Loud and concentrate from Med Mama) do I get a freebie from each or just choose 1 freebie from 1 shipper?

  • 1 from each as they will ship from dif states. Last bit freebies have been hit or miss. 1 no freebie. 1 requested a flower sample got a gummy. One i said your choice and got a J.

  • Every shipper is supposed to give you a freebie on every order if it's requested. Sometimes they'll send you one unrequested.

  • I didn’t know you could ask for freebie so I asked and received nothing. The next order I didn’t ask for anything and they sent me a gram sample bud. I’m sticking with not asking, lol

  • Got my first order MM yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find 3 freebies and I didn’t even know to ask for any! Very happy!

  • I've been finding that the shippers are getting to be unreliable with the freebies. They used to be much better. I'll tell them that if they can't follow through, then they shouldn't offer them!

  • My staff is supposed to put freebies in every single order. I just spoke to them and they swear they do. That does not mean there aren't times of human error but generally speaking you should all be getting freebies.

  • I have to say that on my first 3 or 4 order's I forgot to ask for a freebie and received nothing but when I mentioned this on my next order every shipper made it up to me. You guys don't have to offer anything so I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for the presents you put in my order.

  • I'm with @MNTDWLER. You most certainly don't have to include freebies, but because you choose to is fantastic and one of the many reasons I love this business even though I'm so new to it. It goes a long way in showing great customer service. I've yet to have an order not show up with one.

  • Omg right loud yall rock omg the bud i have gotten in the last few mths WOW!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

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