Frankenstein 🧟‍♂️

I had an issue. Its in another thread. Putting that aside...

Ok so picture the movie, the horror, the grotesque monster, the fear, the pain. I actually don’t remember the plot of this movie right now 😂.

Anyway, now imagine putting a warm blanket over a warm bed on that monster, feeding it hot chocolate, singing it lullaby's, and bring in a few puppies while you’re at it.

I’ve been in a lot of pain lately and damn did this help.
I’m not sure I've ever gotten so much pain relief from marijuana before.

Soothing. That is the best word. Everything, mentally, physically, emotionally just let out a huge sigh of relief ❤️.

So smooth. Still strong.
Body just feels loose and relaxed which is... wow.
No sativa experience AT ALL

I’m sure this will be a wonderful sleep aid.

Also helped with nausea.




  • That is awesome. Strains that do exactly what you need are the best! Thank you for the review!

  • I say this every time , but It’s worth noting. The description they gave was spot on. Exactly as advertised.

  • Great review! I definitely feel the effects as you've stated. Pleased with this strain

  • I agree this stuff is nice all around. Great aesthetics and a decent lasting indy buzz. I split a 2 zip but wound up getting all Frankie but I’m not disappointed. Just got to watch out for them prickly gray hairs 😉

  • nice! thx for pics! great strain for october lol

  • More:

    The burn is exceptional. Touch the flame and the whole bowl will effortlessly burn down perfectly smooth. No need to hold the flame.

    Many strains I try are creepers. this one is a creeper but only after a hard sucker punch to the face. The moment you inhale. BAM!

    The smell and taste are really enjoyable

    AN exceptionally smooth hit all around.

    Lets see how a few days in the bodega jar treats it 🥳

    Stems are easier to deal with than usual. They are thick and stubby rather than thin and veiny.
    Break off the ends and you’re pretty much rid of The stems.

  • The smell and taste are delightful. Takes any pain away and puts you in a headspace that is easygoing. I’d get this one again. Skunky and great pull from joint. Bring it back again!

  • I got an 1/8 but I wish I got more, love the taste, smell and the high is very relaxing, I'm very happy

  • The new batch of smaller nugs is much darker in color but the effect is immediately recognizable.

    Such a great strain!

  • Loving the latest Frankenstein!

  • Been wanting to test the frankie

  • 😍 this strain is special. Nothing brings relief and comfort for me like Frankenstein.

    I have a list of my favorite strains ongoing and this one may just be on top.

  • It’s more like deep dark green and brown in person. Great small buds!

  • Bumming I missed out but will be looking for the next time based on all the great reviews!

  • It’s available now

  • Looks comforting for something called frankinstien lol

  • Thanks@leaf!

  • The more of it I smoke and vape, the more I like it! Moving up my favorite list pretty fast!

  • I ordered a half of mendo and it’s off the menu now, I asked for sub of any indica, hopefully they give me Frankenstein, especially how everybody is raving about it. Wish there was a way to contact the shipper, when the item you ordered goes off the menu. I don’t have a label made yet either from Monday so makes me very nervous about what they are going to send me.

  • Don't have fomo- week to week more awesome strains will come out...

  • @MikeyC yeah been battling that myself lol

  • My wife would not be happy if I purchased any more product at the moment. She thinks I’m a bit OCD when it comes to cannabis. She’s probably right. Hey, I like variety and I don’t want to run out. That said, I’ll be purchasing z’s of Sunset Sherbet when it comes back...regardless.

  • Same here professor.

  • I just need more friends to split with- unfortunately my friends and I are all in the same boat of having more than we need in this one department... Thanks to medmama and loud!

  • That would be FrankenSTEEEEEEN. Gene Wilder voice

  • Got the whole half of mendo and boy does it smell sour, both me and hubby said it smells like grapefruit. Also received a joint of purple punch which we immediately smoked, outrageous! So good. I’ll let you all know about the mendo but can already tell it’s going to be 🔥 thanks so much @LoudnCo Happy Thanksgiving to you all at @LoudnCo, enjoy!

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