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Anyone try these yet? I like shatter because of the terps/flavor...from what I’m reading terp sauce is better. Appreciate any feedback. @medmama @medboy any chance to get .5g addons of the live resins and terp sauces or a sampler? I would definitely be willing to pay the price difference..thx as always for listening to many of our requests!



  • I split an 8g order with Apple Fritter and Dark Star yesterday but it won’t be here for a bit. This will be my first exposure to the stuff. I suspect it will be 🔥

  • Damn I been eyeing it was pissed I didn't pull the trigger on the runtz terp sauce surprised haven't seen any reviews

  • Runtz is amazing and I could kick myself for only getting 4g. Got the apple fritter and it’s more a daytime strain, focus and attention, no couch lock. Runtz, on the other hand, will take you down...in the best way.

  • @agingasian This will be interesting then since I don’t really dab during the day. 50/50 ratio shouldn’t be too bad for the fritter tho. Might mash it up with something else on hand. Thanks for the tip.

  • Well taking a chance on some instead of shatter or refills, went with jack frost but asked if 2nd could be green crack, so see what happens, and wonder if could make a moon rock with sauce and kief lol

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    @Vapedad78 Not trying to snob, but I think moonrocks are overrated, expensive to make and even more expensive to buy. I’ve DIYd using a nice round nug, liquid distillate and a pile of kief. Kinda like dipping strawberries in choco and then rolling em in jimmies. Not perfect like store bought but has the same result.

    I’d say don’t waste the sauce on 🌙 Or you can just smear some of the wonder goo on a side of a small nug and drag it thru some kief. (Then again you can also just layer the same in a bowl like somebody here mentioned, like a lasagne, which I found amusing and spot on).

  • I really want to try making moon rocks, maybe with some ground up buds, kief, and something to hold it all together.... I only have some alcohol-based tincture, and that definitely wont work.

  • Easier if you don’t grind; use whole unstemmed nugz and yeah the tincture will make not much more than a mess 😕 Need something gooey to stick to the weed and then to hold the kief on. If you get some really fresh sticky nugz you can just press kief onto them and do without the gooey. The 3 layers is what makes em rocks tho 👍

  • Yeah my original plan just cause it's something been wanting to try diying was to get a refill and try applying directly from it then rolling in kief

  • It was from a batch of Green Dragon Tincture I made. Waste of some Northern Lights for something I don't use since it works like an edible.

  • @funkynugz let me know how that fritter hits you. Makes chores around the house way more pleasant. Solid mood lifter. I went for some Purple Kush/Green Crack this go around. Loving the sauce!

  • Now that I actually pulled the trigger can't wait to test out the jack frost and green crack, maybe kinda good thing that the runtz wasn't first terp sauce I tried lol

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    Grabbed some GC terp sauce..asked for split with fritter.🤞🏼 Either way I’m looking forward to getting some..the Pineapple Express shatter I recently got from Loud is 🔥 too..

  • Nice almost moved on that pineapple now wish I had, heard the pound cake was good too

  • OK everyone I've never tried sauces but I love the flavor and potency what is the most powerful couch locker in the bunch. Drooling and ready to order help me out.

  • @Vapedad78 the pound cake was excellent! It was neck and neck with cookie dawg for me! Loved them both

  • Almost ordered both those or one other yesterday if hadn't talked myself into spending few more bucks which took like an hour cause I'm cheap asf lol but really been wanting to try the sauce since haven't and haven't heard any locally either

  • @agingasian holy fuck. just did a couple dabs of fritter and typing is a serious challenge 🤪 I'm pretty amazed at the terps that come through for both the AF and the Dark Star i got - it literally smells like a stick of juicy fruit gum. is this for real? stuff is a little difficult to work with compared to rosin or waxes...runnier. damn i think i might have done a bit too much for a wake n bake, lol. man i am lifted AF 🤣

  • *still stoned from that sesh. Going on 2.5+ hrs now. Got a bunch of work done in the garden too. Dang!

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    Man @funkynugz you got me hoping Mama split that Green Crack terp sauce with some Apple Fritter! tomorrow or Monday 🤞🏼

  • I love the holy fuck moments!

  • @funkynugz I KNOW, RIGHT?! I can knock out some house cleaning and laundry washing listening to my jam and having a large time! How’s that Dark Star? Do tell! Tomorrow’s magical delivery will bring me Purple Kush and Green Crack! These terp sauces have changed the game for me. This old stoner never thought I’d find a concentrate to match my love for flower but thanks to @medmama and @medman, never say never when it comes to this ever changing world of cannabis. We better keep it a secret, k? 😎

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    Hahaha! After practicing this addiction for nearly two score and four years (yes I’m that old 😄) I don’t get too many holy fuck moments anymore. But the last few have been with concentrates. Just bolstered with a few puffs of Ghost OG, lovely all around outdoor if you’re in the hunt. I’m going to keep the sauces on the top shelf for special occasions. And Tuesdays.

  • @agingasian the length of the AF buzz - at least this first session - was off the hook 😳 Better than diamonds in many ways. Haven’t dabbed the Dark Star yet. Smell is ridiculous so I have HIGH hopes. And it’s a Dead strain so how bad could it be? Heheh.

    @superman38NC i have a feeling all the sauces are going to report back as 🔥 by most people.

  • Received both GC & Fritter terp sauces as requested. Thx @medmama!! Both are very tasty and pack a punch..I’m almost wondering if they got mixed up as far as labels lol..had Fritter last night and it was very clear headed like GC..was functional to me.then I had a little of the GC a few min ago..and although lifted..I’m also very in my head right now..if that makes sense 🤪

  • @superman38NC
    In my experience with Apple Fritter, it has always hit me like a sativa, but I realize every batch may not hit the same.
    Either way, it good stuff! Enjoy! 😘

  • Maaaan I put a lil green crack sauce on a headband small with some kief on top and holy shit had a time tryna keep up since it stays lit, had me feeling like a moon rock after lol

  • @Vapedad78 i hear you. Hit the GC yesterday for the 1st time and didn’t recover for a few hours! Mind blowing...literally. I was a bit disappointed in the Purple Kush. After Runtz and now GC, PK doesn’t compare.

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    @MigraineWarrior79 yes I saw others post thinking it would sit me down for a bit and it definitely hit like a sativa..more clarity than GC which is 🔥..finally ordered an enail dab rig/banger setup so I’m excited to try these with other shatter I’ve got.

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