Premium Dolato

Thank you! Just ordered a 1/4 as I have never had the opportunity before. @medman Appreciate the awesome discount code!
Definitely looking forward to this & will give pics/review.



  • Ditto, that 20% kept me on budget to hopefully get some premium 🔥 for NYE.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 If this batch is anything like any of the past 3 .. you're in for a treat!! probably my favorite strain i've had off here. not the strongest, but my favorite nonetheless. Definitely a must-buy imo. I went ahead and bought a zip since there's no telling how long it'll be until it comes back . . and the stars actually aligned in my favor this time :joy:

    That being said i still really want to try that shark bite. And curious what else may pop up before the holiday code goes down . .

    Last batch :

  • @v32Finish I still remember the pic you put up before of Dolato, and I told myself I had to get some. I just feel fortunate as well that I was able to grab some especially with the discount.
    Let's hope we get what we ask for this time...

    That Cali Orange looked amazing but sold out so quick.

  • Cali Orange! that what it was! it was driving me crazy, I couldn't remember what the 3rd one was and what had dropped off the site. lol. it did look fantastic. Definitely thankful for the holiday sale too. wait n see what happens now!! :lol:

  • Its great you guys got that fire. Be glad when my biz pics up so I can pick up some of the premiums. Thankful to be able to get what I have. Seems weird forking out for weed. But with caterpillars this year, had to do it for first time in 30 yrs.

    @funkynugz , you on the old school forums?🏖🛖

  • I got a half oz and I’m so excited! I’ve had fresh frozen Dolato shatter from Loud about a year ago and I loved it. Was probably the best shatter I’ve had

  • Ordered some Dolato based on everyone's reviews. Never tried so I hope its fire!

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    @CuznT Dropped totally out of the scene 5+ years ago from technology and stoner burnout. But yeah I've been around 😉 Had accounts at several well-traveled "weed forums" over the years but I mostly hung around as admin for a handful of by invitation only grow/breed/swap sites between 2002-2015 (not trying to sound snobby or nothing, staying stealth is just the way i prefer to roll). I play around in similar groups on facebook nowadays, don't think the feds give a shit anymore like they used to, but have pretty much retired the spade as they say. Sorry to hear about the crawlies, and yeah paying for weed online is weird at first but when ya get gray and old and lose contacts and friends to jail or jesus - it is what it is.

  • Love when the strain is still listed when my payment gets confirmed.

  • @Sixwaychili totally agree... i always watch the site, even after my order, to check that very thing. I got kind of nervous this time, bc i placed my order.. then it was still listed for a while.. all good.. then i checked again and everything was gone! but now I see the Shark Bite and the Dolato are both back.. so i'm guessing loud just hit his limit or something like that .. only thing I can think of.. either way, i'm grateful to have something on the way

  • @Sixwaychili & @v32Finish Absolutely, I'm grateful but the same thing happened when I ordered the Sherbert. It was up for a couple days, thought I was good but got subbed. Wishing for the best for everyone who ordered.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I forgot about that... yeah... it's happened to me before also. Same here- wishing everyone the best, for sure.

  • Just picked up a 1/4 of Dolato this will be my first time trying it granted it doesn't get subbed but Loud rarely Subs after writing out no subs. Knock on wood. Can't wait to try it, judging by the pics it looks straight gas.

  • I wrote no subs for the Dolato since there were no other premiums available. I don't want a mystery strain unless they throw in an extra 3 grams or something.

  • Didn’t bother writing no subs this time for the same reason. Think I got in under the wire. Once the label pops up I’ll call it a success.

  • @Brandon2k20 if you never had no Dolato your in for a treat that is straight gas ⛽️. That’s one statin I smoked the first time and it became one of my favorites and now that I see they have some premium Dolato up on the site I just might order me a couple ounces I’ll be high all Xmas lol

  • Anyone had the premium dolato yet?

  • Honestly I tried some smokay outdoors from other california dispensaries and they're awesome. I think they can be sold and people would love it.

  • Got a half of this coming on Monday and I cannot wait

  • Still waiting for mine been sitting in Preshipment phase for past 3 days hopefully itll show up by Saturday if not Monday at the latest.

  • i'm telling you man this is literally the perfect bud

  • I'm so excited. Mine is supposedly coming Monday. Not a "Arriving Late" scan yet, like my medmama order.

  • @Sixwaychili I'm in the same boat as you mine should arrive Monday as well. Couldn't be happier.

  • @Sixwaychili & @Brandon2k20 Nice, hope you receive yours on Monday too. Anxious to see what it looks like 😁
    Ordered Dolato on 11th, & for the 1st time, nothing shows up on my ID. I know its coming...hopefully before the new year.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 we ordered around the same time yeah? My Dolato showed movement out of the Seattle hub today @ 3:46am, 8 days after ordering I guess. Says delivery Monday like the others said but I’m betting it will sit for a bit at my destination hub too. Hoping for pre-Xmas but will be all good if it shows before NYE.

  • Ordered on the 11th and received yesterday. Quick shipping for the Houston area. Beautiful buds. Earthy with a hint of lemon. Gave me a clear headed high and I slept like a baby. Thanks @LoudnCo!

  • @funkynugz wow! 🤣 oh well, what can you do?
    @Skholla damn man, post a damn pic! Lol

  • i hope they NEVER stop growing this or move on from it, thinking something else is hot .. (for this reason i REALLY wanna pick up a pack of the original beans from In House Genetics . . all I can find currently is an S1 and it's really pricey :( )

    anyways yeah man to anyone who hasnt received theirs from this most recent batch... I haven't had much time with it, but it is on par with the previous batches. fantastic . i'll try to get a pic up if imgur isn't still fucking around

    happy holidays to all - really hoping anyone who is still waiting, gets their stuff . . mine came fairly quickly with a small delay leaving from WA, and another small delay coming into TX . .

  • Happy holidays @v32Finish to you as well!!

  • And to you ms. @Rubygirl816 !! hope you have a great holiday . despite what's going on in our lives, there is much to be thankful for. You are an inspiration , just by being positive & thru your journey.. I hope you have a great Christmas!

    I am going to try now to post a couple pics. these are not quite the same quality as the past pictures, I don't think, but they definitely represent the Dolato well. it is chunky, very dense, coated with crystals.. but, definitely not as iced out as last time.

    I would be lying if I said that I wasn't on the fence about how many tiny nugs were in this Oz.. I usually never buy zips, so i don't have much to compare it to, but I probably got 7-10 grams of nugs that are less than the size of a fingernail. Like.. at first I didn't really care, it's the strain I wanted and ordered, so I am thankful. but man. i have ALOT of baby nugs. alot so small they're the size of a small piece of corn. :lol: you can see one in the 2nd picture below, there's a couple of them- like the one nestled underneath the "main" large nug? see it? he's got alot of brothers!

    that's my only (minor) quibble; I don't think a 'premium' OZ should have that much tiny baby nugs; BUT the quality overall is excellent. the cure is not QUITE as on point as last time. before, it had a "meat falling off the bone " type of PERFECT cure.. just like that AFK.. this time, it is a bit more wet, sticky, just starting to cure fully.. definitely not bad, but the cure isn't popping like last time. I think they're dense enough that the "smalls" will not dry out to dust before I can smoke them.

    The aroma is a hint of lemon & pine, with satisfying earth notes and a touch of gas.. the previous batches had a little bit of berry hint that i REALLY loved; it seems like this pheno leans a little harder into the citrus.. but it is still very distinctly Dolato.. very very very good terp profiles w/ this strain. it manages to be subtle and nuanced, without being "weak". (this statement applies to both the nose as well as the flavor and even the effects)

    anyways, I guess I could've went ahead and written this up as an actual review since I keep blabbing about it, but I think that's all i've got . so I'm going to just try to post the pictures already & close out by saying that.. while there are definitely stronger flowers, & i have definitely received stuff from this site that would be considered "more potent" -- this strain is still locked in at the very, very top of my list.

    Happy holidays again to anyone who reads this long ass post, and now that I just saw the site kinda remains empty.. i'm REALLY hoping anyone who is waiting for anything, gets it really soon!!! sending vibes to you, your families, and the USPS workers tryina make it happen! :joy: :joy:

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