Happy Anniversary!

I forget the exact date, but this month makes 1 year since this forum was started.

I am glad that MedicineMan et al have provided their services to those of us behind enemy lines. I look forward to another year of doing business with them.


  • Wow, a year already! Thanks to all our awesome forum members.

  • Two years!

    Thank you MedFamily for all the work you do to get us the meds we need. We gripe, complain, rant, stress and carry on, but we also thank you for this service.

    This experience has been a good one and, and I am glad to be along for the ride.

  • here here!

  • Man that's awesome, been loving this forum since finding out about it recently and honestly not sure I woulda worked up to pull the trigger without this forum and the great people involved

  • Thank you. Your service has greatly improved my quality of life.

  • Thanks for all the memories... I think

  • fr thanks for all you guys do

  • Awesome ! I’m so glad I found y’all I legit have been scammed several times this is the only legit site I ever found

  • If I hadn’t seen the forum I don’t think I would have ordered. Was ripped off too many times. When I found you guys I told my hubby and he said no no not believing it, not sending anybody anymore money, and I had to order without him knowing. Once I got my first order, I told him and we have both been so grateful ever since. You guys rock!

  • Same experience for me @Rubygirl816! So glad I didn’t go with my first instinct and gave MM a try. I’ve been scammed so much but no more!

  • I had a buddy tell me bout this place and was still super hesitant even tho I trust him but yeah if not for this forum not sure I ever woulda made that first order and now I can't friggin stop lol but damn grateful for my buddy and the medicine team

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    3 years now! Happy Anniversary, Medicineman Forum!

  • Happy Anniversary to everyone on here, thanks for making it a place where people help each other out.

  • Wow! Time flies! Thanks everybody for making this a cool place to discuss our medicine!🙂🧐

  • Although I was buying from here before the forum, I agree it has been very helpful when choosing from new things that appear on the board and news that effects the site. All the reviews are much appreciated. Thanks to all the shippers and MM and MB for keeping cannabis medicine available for us.

  • Happy Anniversary everyone 👍🏼

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    Everyone thanks for all the memories, advice and laughs. The forum is a source for a plethora of knowledge I've come to depend on. You guys put out great reviews and even put up with my cranky old ass👴MM wouldn't be the same without this forum💚💨🍀

  • This place was made great by George and the rest. Thanks for your service !

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    Holy crap I musta stumbled cross this like almost to the day lol that's pretty funny and lucky but gotta thank my bud for pointing me this way actually need to get over and show him some appreciation
    Edit just seen the year knew it seemed like history went back further than couple weeks when started last year🤣

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