Which outdoor strain?

I want to buy an OZ of outdoor flower and i really want Jager and Skywalker. Just want to know if those are good batches and if the Magic Melon is good too. Please!



  • Have not had this batch of Skywalker. I do have this batch oh Jager and its good but IMO it is not as good as the last batch that was out last year which was outstanding!!

  • Dude you will be disappointed with the jager it is not potent at all but the longer it sat out side on my shelf the better it has gotten. I'm done buying anything but premo and indoor its to much of a risk that you will get a bag of mids. Mids are fine when you are just buying 8ths or 25s. But i hate getting stuck with ounces of mids. Or a half pound of seeded up bullshit that was just a bit coin cash grab just like all the other Discounted items med mama puts on the menu.

  • Kinda depends on what you're getting it for and how you use the discounted stuff, although I rarely grab the discounted stuff I'm glad it's an option people wouldn't have otherwise

  • Great for cannabutter

  • My Skywalker OG and Sunset Sherbet are supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Both have been outstanding in the past.

  • Right, sure you could make some banging edibles or rosin from the discounted items, I wouldn't get it for my primary water filtration fuel or to grind and vape but definitely see where it could be a good purchase for someone

  • Thanks guys i had a feeling it wouldnt be that great because of how long its still been on the menu. Sad that the prices on here are outrageous. I get basically loud from my guy for $100 a half. This just cant beat it

  • @BMan you think exactly how I do. That un trimmed stuff is 100a zip all day here in knoxville im no dealer by any means but i like to be able to smoke for free so I sale enough to make what I smoke

  • I like the Magic Melon alot. I agree with others that the Jager is blahh. YMMV.

  • @Derege we need to hook up lol

  • I am never dry @MNTDWLER

  • (https://imgur.com/a/Jg68hT7) lavender it pretty decent smoke the smell is AMAZING! I dunno if I could say it smells like lavender but it does smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers the little bit I smoked really hit me behind my eyes good quality smoke does have some premature seeds at you can see in the pic but they are very small and few

  • I’m also watching this thread! So many outdoor choices. I should receive biscotti soon, I’m sure it’s 🔥. Would like to capitalize on the fresh outdoor for one more order. Leaning towards the Magic Melon..lots of positive reviews on that one.

  • @Derege is that Outdoor? or the premiium lavender from Loud? i didn't see any ooutdoor lavender; curious if i missed it or if that's the prem. thx.

    as for the outdoor.. the Biscotti piqued my interest but i can't justify buying outdoor with all the good premiums right now.

    one day, i'll have an experience that will change my biases involving the buds grown out of doors :D

  • Guys TBH my outdoor Jager was better than the indoor gg#4 and indoor pineapple express combined.

  • @Zackarrry I'm a huge fan of both the Jager and the Pineapple Express, but I'd go with the PE if forced to pick.

  • The outdoor Skywalker OG is really fantastic! It looks like outdoor, a little on the shaggy side, but packs a very stoney high. It’s a couch locker and the wife suggests it hits harder than the Purple Kush! Winner winner, another tremendous outdoor strain Thanks @medicineman!

  • @TheProfessor the last Skywalker OG I tried made me feel similar to being drunk..how heavy does it hit for you? Was looking at that one..thx!

  • @superman38NC its a very heavy headed high with an overall body relaxation that made us both literally want to stretch. Time for bed...going to vape some more to see if it’ll let me doze off. I didn’t really get a chance to tell tonight, but that heaviness definitely could have a drunken quality to it. I’ll have to try it earlier tomorrow. Definitely some outstanding outdoor! Powerful medicine!

  • Thx! @TheProfessor the Skywalker definitely looks fresh!

    Anyone try the Salami OG?

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    I can't even find any information about Salami OG.

    I have kind of the opposite problem with "Orange." What is that? Which Orange?

    It's shocking how many packages I have in transit right now. Shocking.

    But that's another thread. They'll get here eventually. For now, I will hold off being the guinea pig on some of these intriguing outdoor possibilities...

  • @georgetirebiter i believe salami og could be another name for salami legs, which is a cross of romberry x garlic breath

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    Took a gamble on the Salami..why? I love salami lol..honestly I received the Biscotti yesterday and was blown away by the aroma and quality..heavy hitter too! Reordered a split of that and Salami..🤞🏼

    I’m with you @georgetirebiter in regards to the “orange”..so many orange strains out there..if it’s Cali orange I may regret not getting it...orange cookies? So far not impressed with that one..

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    @MoonMan5 Suggested that it's Orange Bud. That makes some sense. This is what Allbud has to say about it: "The Orange genetics of this indica-heavy hybrid (it has a sativa/indica ratio of 35:65) make for a flavor and aroma that combines citrus, cloves, and mint."

    I found some money, sucked it up, and put in for a half of Black Jack. That's one I would regret missing out on the most, I think.

  • @superman38NC Appreciate you giving some info on the Biscotti. I have that & Black Jack scheduled to arrive on Monday (hopefully).

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    Monday is also my delivery date on Black Jack & Skywalker

    Can't wait! 😁

    I'm also curious as to which orange it is. I also think it maybe Orange Bud. If funds allow I may pull on some..for scientific purposes, obviously. Lol 😼

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Nice 😎 Haven't read a review about Black Jack yet, so I know everyone here will be waiting. 😂

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