I Think I Have a Problem...

I am scheduled to have delivered this week:

Ice Cream Cake
Prem Purple Punch
Banana Fire Cookies
Strawberry Diesel
Some of the Girl Scout Cookies Kief
from MedJane

And I just ordered:

Indoor Golden Pineapple
Indoor Tropicana Cookies

I still want more of:

Apricot Mimosa
Sunset Sherbert

And I want to try for the first time:

Blue Dream
Orange Kush Cake
Violet Vixen

I know you can't get addicted to weed.....but maybe I'm addicted to buying it? LOL!!

My poor bank account. I think I need to stop. Or pause.



  • @OzBaxter, We have the same problem, apparently...

  • @georgetirebiter Maybe we should start a support group......that helps us feel better about ordering more...

  • @OzBaxter I think we've just started one!

  • Hello, my name is.......

  • Does anyone this a "go fund me account would work" lol

  • I'm in....or maybe I already was.........

  • I can totally relate. I made oder yesterday n knew new wud drop. @OzBaxter ur lists sounds great. Im same way. They have been dropping πŸ”₯ I will say Biscotti is great strain. Black Jack is cat piss n its awesome. It's a favorite. Of ones i kno about on ur list. I got lot OD from @medmama last round. All has been great. N now the same are back plus different. Here we go!!!

  • I actually completely avoid this site when I need to stop buying. The forum posts and strains that pop up make it too damn tempting all the time.

  • Hello, my name is_____ & I'm addicted to getting different strains of cannabis.

    Hi_____, welcome!

  • I shud do like @OneLove does. Its so tempting. But @MigraineWarrior79 wen u messaged that...i bout fell on floor. Lmfao

  • @Lou_lew

    Thank you, thank you; I'll be here all day!

  • I’m here to join too!

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    I have that exact problem too, I just got my zips of premium icecream cake, wedding cake, Jupiter og, Godzilla glue and afghani goo. Before that order I got the Skywalker og, absinthe, BlackBerry octane, fruitlooops, guava. Now I am expecting more wedding cake, BlackBerry octane, strawberry diesel, xj-13 and orange cake. Currently have bad thoughts of trying out these new strains that just got on board. 😜

  • Hello____, I am addicted to buying ALOT of different strains of cannabis too...

  • When you are comfortably numb from whatever ailment that you suffer from, then there is no problem with that at all. Only problem is when med supply dwindles and you are completely at the mercy of the delivery man to get your next round of flower meds.

  • @907ak420

    I'm out currently, and at the mercy of the usps. I had one that was supposed to be here Friday. It has HOG, Hindu Kush shatter, and Mazatec shroomies.
    I have Jager and Bear OG shatter on the way also from Loud.
    Looking at the menu now, and about to order more! Hahaha

  • Better Than Yours looking really interesting...reviews suggest it's as close as you'll get to 100% indica. High average THC levels. One to look into, I think.

  • Passed the 60 day mark for purchase abstinence on Saturday. It is more difficult than it may seem πŸ˜” The lure of the next sexy devil weed strain is strong.

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    If you can do this, @funkynugz, I believe in the power of humanity to do anything.

    Man, I just unclogged the screen in my vaporizer and...wow. I love that feeling...

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    I'm with @funkynugz My last order was 1/15 and I still have 5 strains that add up to probably 2+ ounces. I've decided not to purchase any more of the nice jars so 5 is my strain limit that I'm going to stick to. Otherwise, my collection would just continue to grow out of control. And I don't want the solution to be to smoke far more. Sucks that I'm missing out on some awesome strains, but I've come to accept that there will always be more.

    In fact, I made an exception to place my last order because I couldn't pass up on an ounce of the outdoor Jager (which will probably become an annual tradition).

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    @Sixwaychili man my stash was getting out of hand, way too many strains to keep up with. I did what you're doing, cut back to half a dozen strains "about 4oz" and half a dozen 1/8oz containers 1oz at the most. This I'm able to keep track of. Right now I'm waiting on a order 21 days out. I'm with you I can't go without my meds so I don't screw around with order's that I'm not sure of what I'm getting. I'm indebted to everyone who's given these great reviews that guide me on my purchases .πŸ’šπŸ’¨πŸ€β€

  • @georgetirebiter not ashamed to admit the abstinence has caused anxiety and even some depression. Having MM around during the pandemic has been a great psychological distraction. Not much nowadays beats those endorphin hits when the shiny Bitcoin goes jingle-jangle and when the postman makes his drop. Aside from the β€œwait” for delivery this site is a fukn multilevel canna-orgasm 🀣

    @Sixwaychili heh. I did the same with the Jager man. Picked up two zips after I already said no mas in December. But fuk, it’s Jager! I’ve actually considered picking up more. It’s a sickness I tell ya πŸ₯΄

  • @funkynugz @Sixwaychili I'm all onboard the Jager train. I discovered it for the first time last November. I think I've ordered at least three zips of it by now. It's my go-to. My "coffee" weed, the kind you can just hit casually throughout the day and it never slows you down.

  • I know my cabinet has expanded as these good outdoor strains keep getting dropped. Reupped on biscotti, black jack and trying vv. Now I see today all three off the board. Hope I got some before they went bye bye.

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    Hi my name is Dweller and I'm a catatonic cannabis consumer. I am currently working on my 420 step program, I'm stuck on step 1 I just can't admit I have a problem 😎 @bluedreamer how is the blackjack? I haven't seen a good review on this one.

  • @funkynugz Sorry to hear that! I know what you mean.

  • Ugh. I broke and ordered more Jager.

    ....and....some Poptart, BTY, Apricot Mimosa.

    Okay. That's it. No more......for 30 days!

    (unless they bring back White Rhino or Purple Urkle or something super-purple)

  • LMFAO!!!!!

  • @MNTDWLER. The Black Jack is Jack Herer with more of a body relaxation. Still has that focus and creative bent but mellower than Jack. Smell is pure Jack though.

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