Layer Cake

Will try this later but wanted to share a pic. The cake aroma is definitely there. This strain of Layer Cake almost has the same aroma of Loud's prem Wedding Cake.

Layer Cake - indoor (mama)


  • i have noticed alot of the cakes/GSC strains ... have (sometimes) a similar smell.

    not that i'm complaining... usually it's that OG dank / super gassy diesel smell, when they are similar. but sometimes you kinda wished for a little something unique. i have noticed this with a few batches of Loud's stuff.

    either way thanks alot for the pic!! looks amazing!

  • Beauty! ๐Ÿ’š

  • The taste of this vaped is amazing. Cake with gas/diesel. Such a quality batch. Great high with nice body relaxation.

  • That looks amazing too

  • Picked up a zip that arrived this morning. Gorgeous colorful flowers with a definite cake profile and very sweet vanilla terp finish. Nugz are super tight so the 28.0 filled the jar just 3/4 of the way. A great value at $240/z shipped (bulk).

  • Beautiful buds @funkynugz! Hope you enjoy!

  • Looks good.

  • @funkynugz
    Why don't your layer cake look like
    His layer cake has a sliverish color of visible tricones yours doesn't.
    Why don't your layer cake picture looks like
    His looks more larger,big. Denser and Compacted.

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    Just different lighting and maybe a camera better than my iPhone ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

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    Look at His Than Look at yours.

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    Here I threw a flash on it, canโ€™t make the phone quality any better itโ€™s Gen8.


  • Did it make you feel good?

  • Yeppers. That Cheeto strain is a keeper too ๐Ÿ‘

  • Amazing what lighting and equipment do to the look of that bud.

  • Yeah I need a better camera, -errr phone I guess. Hell I use the damn phone more as a camera anyways.

  • Lil more light and some digitustments ...

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    Out for Delivery!.Layer Cake. It's going to be a great day

    Blu Magoo tagged along as well and Distillate refills too.

  • @MizterNiceGuy hell yea. I never get info from ID. But the packages ALWAYS arrive. Iโ€™m anticipating some delicious Layer Cake soon as well.

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