First Class Mail ????????????????

Will packages now be sent First Class and no more Priority???????????????? I'd like to know if I need to adjust my orders. Still waiting on a second package, for some reason my order was split. DickheadJOY needs to be dickless and dumped in Mariana Trench along with.............


  • Medmama ships first class unless its a big amount of edibles or trees also loud ships everything priority but they both have the same turnaround most times

  • Since when?

  • Seven years all packages priority mail.

  • I'm more pissed about my order being split up.

  • Its been like that any concentrates i get from mama are first class if its edibles or green its priority box loud has always done everything small or big priority been like that since i been on here

  • Every small med mama order I have made has been first class. Been ordering since may last year

  • @antfuzz Occasionally I get a first class package from MedMama. It's always been an "exception" package, a re-ship or something.

  • Mine all arrive via drone😜

  • My order takes 2 weeks, I ordered from Loud. From reading the threads it seemed med mama is the quickest and most reliable

  • Most of my first class packs arrive a lot quicker than priority. Not just mm. Medmama will use first class if it’s just concentrates or vape refills. If you add bud, they put in priority. Loud always uses priority. That’s my experience.

  • @Tealeaves. Loud is as reliable as MedMama about getting your order out but perhaps a little slower. Just gotta time your order with that expectation. The reliability of the USPS is the one to be questioned here. Still recovering from the purge of the last administration.

  • Dont forget its tax season and the IRS is also sending out $$

  • @nefgreen. True that. Any holiday is going to to do the same thing. Plan accordingly....

  • I use to think it was the usps until I received packages from the west coast (priority mail) and it gets here in 3- 5 days tops. A 2 week delivery every time I order from loud just seems to be a pattern. Med mama appears to have her shit together judging by what others are posting and my own personal experiences. I think I’m going to only order from her from here on out. I placed an order on the 14th and still no delivery. Med mama is the best option.

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    @Tealeaves I used to think that same way, until it changed back and forth about 100 times over the years.

    I believe that it's loud's local USPS distribution center that is currently the problem.

  • @Sixwaychili - ding ding ding! :)

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    On a good note, loud shipped my package Monday and it arrived today, a day early. Eight days from ordering to my door. It’s going to get better, hang in there

  • It’s good to here you got yours @Rubygirl816, perhaps mine will show up tomorrow. I’ll try to not be so quick to judgment it is just aggravating at times I guess. I’ll need to work on having more patients I believe. I’ve been ordering from MM for some years now and know they always come through.

  • Do the shippers ever ship two orders together if they may have been placed within a day or two? I’m sure this has been asked.

  • Nevermind, the first one showed up today unannounced. No ID at all. Never had that happen.
    Also Purple Punch was subbed for my sunset sherbert.

  • @leaf sorry about the sub no doubt the sherbert has the edge but they are two different highs. The punch is.a great late day vape..While the sherbert is a all day smoke but not much sleep there. LOL as one of the uninformed I'm just happy to open my mail box 3 to 10 days after I've ordered.

  • @mntdweller I really wanted that subset but I’m happy with the purple too. Go tigers!

  • @leaf go 🐯 you know I'm SEC all the way from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. It's gonna be a good weekend for ball. Purple Punch and two days of round ball...yep good combination

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  • @MNTDWLER ACC all the way for me. I love everything Clemson. My son and I both are grads. But I also find myself Vols fan at times. It’ll be fun watching them rebuild.
    Since my uncle just passed away and he was a UGA grad, I guess I'll cheer for them this year too.

  • Label made?? Hey guy and gals. I’ve placed a few orders recently and I hear some of you speak about labels being made. I assume by post office or whatever? I have received one shipment and no label was made ever and nothing ever showed on Informed Delivery. I’m not worried at all about getting my product. I know it’ll come. But what do you fellow stoners mean about labels? And how do you know if they are made or not?
    Thanks in advance for response.

  • Shippers have their own label makers. When they create one it usually shows on Informed Delivery. Meaning the package will be at the post office soon...However, for the first time I received a package yesterday that never showed up on informed.

  • @leaf Thank you. I was assuming that but just wanted to be sure. I’m a super new rookie at this. Just waiting for my 2nd and 3rd deliveries ever. As soon as I get my next order it’ll be time to place another order. LOL. My first order ever never had a label and never showed up on ID. Pretty sure it was from @LoudnCo and it just showed.

    Right now I got an order from @LoudnCo and @medmama and I’m just anxiously awaiting. Maybe not having a label is kinda better? Cause I’d obsess if I could actually track it. LOL.

  • @leaf I can't help but love Clemson. What a program they have built in the last few years. The Vol's are definitely starting from scratch in their football program it'll be fun and heat breaking to watch.

  • @Bambino21 I’m sure anyone on here would agree that the waiting is a part of the game. Makes the delivery all the sweeter. Brings in a lot of discussion. Be here now. Jus sayin
    Have a nice weekend!

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