Where is loud not on the site as of now



  • They have daily limits.
    Maybe they had a big day.

  • They must've finally gotten tired of all the bitchin on here.

  • It says on the order page that Loud is taking today off.

  • I’m sure the care about all the bitching on the way to the bank with all our money, lol

  • Probably took today off to get cought up on orders am on 9 days with only a label made no movement

  • Loud is taking a day off and will be back on the site tomorrow.
    @Tac - There's something up with the USPS hub their packages start at, I see this every day where there's nothing at all and then surprise, the package is 1,000 miles away being checked in.

  • Sounds good . Always get my order ! almost 10 yrs now never been let down . Thanks very much for responding back

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    @TreesPlz you think they care about ppl bitching and just will decide to give up the large amounts of money they make thru the ppl bitching or not lmao give it a break if u really believe your comment then you must have a hard time dealing with everyone in life bc bitching or not money is money and bitching is everywhere in this world

  • It's called humor. You should give it a try sometime, @MoonMan5

  • @TreesPlz hmmm yea maybe ill try it

  • It sucks to get anything from Loud ! my last order stayed in Seattle for 10 days an took about 15 days to get but it said on my tracker it was like delivered 2 days earlier!!

  • @kleco82 - The USPS is screwy and for some reason the hub Loud goes through seems particularly inept at the moment. This isn't Loud's fault and I hope you can see that just by looking at the ridiculousness of the tracking.

  • @medboy your being honest its not loud its there shipping hub thats taking a bad turn on how they do buisness loud ive noticed ships quickly its there shipping hub who holds things screws it up or whatever the case may be yes they take a few days for a label but there busy bc half of us order from them so i truly belived its not louds staff its the usps hub in that area as medboy said

  • @medboy, Yeah it's crazy to see the difference in the USPS hubs. As I mentioned in another post, I recently moved a short distance and the difference between the USPS hub in my old neighborhood vs the new neighborhood is night and day.

  • I'm just bummed whenever I see anyone blaming a shipper for slow mail. As someone that orders a lot of random things, I get packages in 3 days from one place and 3 weeks from another and just assume the USPS is being the USPS. shrug

  • It’s definitely all about perspective. If anything that I’ve learned from all this COVID craziness is to be more patient and grateful. It’s tough but I’m still trying. I’m sure it’s hard when people are dependent upon their meds..not everyone can stock up like many of us can. I’ve noticed delays too but all my orders have arrived or been rectified since day 1. Let Gods medicine bring us together..not apart..thats how we win! ☮️

  • I'm am no way putting LOud at fault of my orders i know its theUSPS just venting!

  • I love @LoudnCo and have been ordering from them specifically because of their flower strains. The Duct Tape I got last was the best I’ve had in a long time but this whole shipping hub fiasco has me reverting back to the other suppliers. I want to give Loud my order but I need my meds 😔

  • @cancerwarrior I have had my fair share of issues with loud shipments. For the better part of the last few months, most of my packages, were always “arriving late” and it was so frustrating. The last two orders I placed with loud were here, within a week, maybe eight days tops. I don’t know if enough people were complaining about the hub there or what and I hope I’m not jinxing myself now, lol, but it seems to be speeding up. At least for me it has.

  • @TreesPlz no need to be rude to @MoonMan5 this is suppose to be a pleasant forum and your complaining about bitching bit your the one who is bitxhing hhaahaha Don't worry about this dude moonman5

  • Its all good @Zackarrry i tend to still like @TreesPlz we just have diff opinions but other than this post everyone is all good

  • Oh Okay I wasn't trying to be rude I apologize @MoonMan5 and @TreesPlz I thought you was one of the trolls on here again my mistake and apologies 😀😌😜🤪

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    Get a room, you two! 😜😂

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    @TreesPlz you can join ;) @MigraineWarrior79 you tooooooo lol joking joking

  • JUst joking

  • 😂
    Don't tempt me with a good time 😘

  • @MigraineWarrior79 im tempting all of it ;)

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