Mars Landing

Prem Mars Landing- mama

For you indica lovers out there, this is a strain you should definitely try. Beautiful buds with a coating of frost. Cured perfectly. Dank aroma with a hint of grape. Taste is great too.

Wonderful high that starts out behind the eyes. You'll feel them droop 15 minutes later. Relaxes the whole body. This is a creeper. All body aches are gone so great for pain relief. Eases the mind too. Overall just a great job by the grower.



  • Thanks for the review! Beautiful buds. Order placed.

  • Looks awesome and sounds great! Thanks for the pics and review @ChunksEggo8187!

  • Does look awesome! I have some on the way with some wedding cake. Will be here Monday.

  • Thx! @ChunksEggo8187 awesome review and beautiful bud pics 😎 that looks 🔥

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    What a needed, wanted but didn't expect..but damn what a powerful flower. Opening the bag is a experience in itself, the smell of skunky fuel filled the room and I'm like @superman38NC my smeller ain't quite the feller but this got my attention I gave this review after a solid two day test drive and right with you @ChunksEggo8187 . What a attitude adjustment. The bud's are medium sized ,cured to perfection and covered in trichromes . The high started with a easing of tension at the temple's..followed within a minute or by a relaxing of everything. That's not's a creeper that took away all my pain and just flat out f#@k'd me up. This is a bud I would place with or even above @medmama premium last batch of BlackBerry Octane.🤪.. This is a great flower I couldn't find any information on but I can tell you it's a heavy indica that's absolutely perfect for my anxiety ptsd depression and already placed another four ounce split. Dwelling Dank 💚💨🍀. EDIT:I really hope the lack of information keeps this one around. 😁

  • @MNTDWLER Great review, appreciate it! Such quality bud 😎

  • @ChunksEggo8187 do you think it's a cross of Mars Rover and Mars OG? It would make sense and explain effects lol. What ever the grower did they did it right.

  • @MNTDWLER I have no idea 🤣 All I know is that it makes me feel like I'm floating. Awesome stuff!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 there's no doubt it's a floater lol. The pic's of Mars Rover are dead on but the description sounds like killer batch of Mars OG. All I know is that this is probably my favorite premium indica of the year. I already placed another order because It's very hard to to make me snooze but like you said it's Dreamy ,dozy, floaty, gassy and sassy..yeah I don't know about sassy but the first four fit 🤪 kudos to the grower on this one. HEY!! @Med Mama Helper if you're still lurking in the shadows..this kid would appreciate some information concerning the genetics. I'll hold my breath 😤 and wait for the answer 🤣

  • @ChunksEggo8187 @MNTDWLER Wow! This is what a good heavy indica should feel like! Yes, I'd like more on the genetics, the aroma, flavor and effects are superior! Well done!

  • @TheProfessor Nice! 😎 Definitely quality stuff!

  • @TheProfessor yep my thoughts exactly, that's why I made a second order as soon as I tried it 😁.oh uh hum no this stuff is garbage I wouldn't encourage anyone to buy should have to sit on this one for months lol 😉 . Jokes aside mars landing is by far my favorite nighttime strain in the last year or better. Although i wouldn't smoke a fatty before going to a party 😴 lol. I'm already starting to hoard it :wink: Dwelling HOT♨️, humid🌀 ,hungry😋, happy🙃, high🤪and horizontal 🛌

  • 🤣🤣 @MNTDWLER too funny, high & horizontal !! @TheProfessor glad your liking it! Going back for more myself!

  • Mars Landing is definitely a keeper and will join my coveted Blueberry and Platinum OG sleep stain rotation! Let the hoarding begin!!😁😎👍

  • I just wanted to remind everybody to give these nug's a good squeeze b4 grinding. I have found one nice ripe berry and another small immature one. They are like gold if they are viable.

  • Hope this is anything like "Pure OG". Will knock me out for many hours. Mars Landing will land in my mailbox tomorrow

  • Eh, @theunleet I don’t find them the same. It’s been a long time since I’ve had Pure OG. I loved it and went through a lot…one of my favorite sleep strains from here ever! Right there with 5th Element! Mars Landing is a real “thumper” for me. It’s a really heavy hitter that knocks me out after enjoying some heavy couch (or bed) lock! I remember Pure OG being more like Blueberry and Platinum OG (my go to medical strains for sleep). They really make me drowsy and sleepy, with heavy eyelids almost from the first hit, but not so heavily stoned. They’re not strains I use for anything else but sleep. Mars Landing, however, can be pretty fun until the crash!!😁😎😴

  • The high is strange with this one. Didn't even know I was high, then I was magically tired. Tired feeling took 30 minutes. Must investigate more 🤤

  • Do you have a cold coming on?

  • Had to try and snag some Mars landing and runtz before its all gone after everyone was raving bout those 2 in particular, the forbidden fruit is got an interesting taste but effects are on point

  • You won't be disappointed @Vapedad78! Both are really excellent (although the Runtz needed some Boveda help...the ML probably will too at this point)! Both are strong evening strains with ML having the really heavy finish! Enjoy!😎

  • Appreciate it @TheProfessor sounds right up my alley and can't wait. Gonna miss my me ma mail but got some bodeva just brought back to life I'll give the treatment cause pretty excited about the ml

  • Same @Vapedad78 ordered 2 zips on this last order. Well 3 total. One was master Kush outdoor. And then 2 of Mars Landing. Can’t wait. Should be here today or tomorrow. Insanely fast shipping!!

  • Got mine in a jar! grinding now! One puff mmmm tastsy !

  • @kleco82 enjoy the perfect sunday morning wake, bake and hit the couch my friend lol 🙃 . I like that warm floaty feeling in gives me while I kick back with the wife...she likes it a lot, it gives her the warm and fuzzies lol😏☺️. I'm joining you in a half pack this morning, for a rainy, stressful day it's the perfect start.

  • Probably gonna wish I grabbed more ml than I did lol but for tab actually pretty excited for this haul think did fairly well maximizing bang/buck ratio lol

  • Mine arrived yesterday. Only Took 4 days! 🤯

    It’s exactly as everyone is saying. Just perfect in every way for a strict indica only smoker like myself.

    No joke on that 15 min creeper tho. I’m currently enjoying they complete body melt phase and I may start crying soon because the pain and tension and stress releif is undeniable! It just keeps creeping in deeper and relaxing layer after layer of tension.

    I think this strain reminds me of frankenstein. My all time fave. Its so ultra smooooooothe.

    Warm fuzzy, warm blanket… etc 🥰🥳🥳🥳

    Damn this having this medicine so readily is such a lifesaver for me! So grateful!

  • @Joha you may have something does hit quite a bit like Frank!!😁 Good medicine!

  • Sweet, Frankie and I go back like car seats so that's an A OK comparison in my book, definitely looking forward to trying but I'll have to keep for special occasions since didn't snag very much. Glad yall enjoying, love that we can alleviate ailments this way vs less natural forms

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