How NOT to get any issue resolved.

I just received this email. For an example of how NOT to talk to someone if you're asking for help, this is pretty good. Just a heads up before you reach out to me for assistance, threatening me gets you absolutely nothing.

"I've ordered from before so now u
thiefs? me back ands its cool. If not I'll blow trustpilot and
reddit. If I made a mistake just send my green. I know I entered
every.number on the BTC correctly. I'm not. The fucker to fuck with. U fear
death? I guarantee u do pussy. Make it right or u will"


  • SMH 🤦‍♂️

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    Sounds like the dude you just kicked out a few days ago.

  • LOL He sounds 13. Everyone is brave behind a keyboard...

  • What language is that?

  • U fear death? Lol.

  • Congrats on the free crypto ?🤷‍♂️🤣 like wtf that's just RE-DICK-ulous

  • If anyone f@#%$ with me I will go to trustpilot and reddit. This seems far too amusing to be a threat. I can't imagine the amount of scam BS that you deal with.

  • I wonder who taught that creature how to speak like that.

  • @medboy I sent you that in private, I must have gotten our emails confused. That was meant for our dms 🥰🥰 I thought you liked our role play.

    What a fucking idiot asshole lol

  • My bad. I'll try to dial it back some.

  • horse kicking?

  • Agree with @Rubygirl816. Same lack of moral character. Doubt the troll bought coin. If he stole his mother's credit card, I hope his coin was donated to a good cause like PTSD rather than claimed.

  • @HeartlandHippie2945 All I was poorly trying to say. A good cause - that, **IF ** he sent bitcoin, I hope he lost it and it ended up being something worth doing because it will help people instead of trying to threaten or hurt someone.

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    Put it on my tab. I'm still paying the bounty for trash cleanup.

  • @medboy it sounds like my biggest fan has found a new target😂 they can be a real pain in the ass. Just post their address on the forum I'm sure someone will "take out the trash"😉 If it's the same guy he's around my area along with several others from the forum. If mommy lets go of his hand long enough we'll snatch his vulgar butt off the street😡 Just saying some people just deserve a good ass kicking for hiding behind a keyboard.💚💨🍀

  • @HeartlandHippie2945 please don't leave the forum over one person. I don't let it bother me at all, like water off a duck's back. We all enjoy everyone except my biggest fan. Don't ask to be removed you are welcome with open arms. @Gen is a really great person who I've grown to trust and she's just finding her voice on this forum. I'm positive she took no offense by anything you posted. As for me I've got you by a decade or two😉 I'd love for you to hang around and join more conversations and we're always looking for new reviews by new people. Much love my friend and take care of yourself.💚💨🍀

  • @HeartlandHippie2945 I think there’s been a misunderstanding. I can’t see where anyone here was offended by anything you’ve posted. Certainly not my friend @MNTDWLER 😁😊 or any of the other regulars here, including @Gen! Just my observations, but seems to me you fit in well here. I’m with my “older” brother Dweller 🤣 and I hope you reconsider and let @medboy know that you’d like to stick around!😊🧐

  • @HeartlandHippie2945 Are you another old hippy from the Woodstock days? I wonder if there are any younger hippies around. That would be nice. Sorry, I have been gone for over a week. I didn't think anything you said was offensive. I am sorry if you thought that I was upset. Nope, I just thought what I said wasn't clear enough which is a common problem I have with words. Don't leave, we need as many wonderful positive reviews as we can get here.

    Does anyone know if HeartlandHippie is still around? I would hate it if he disappeared because of something I said.

  • @medboy Although it is common sense, maybe a written policy on the website is needed stating that if you make threats then you forfeit your money and product...and are banned.......

  • Oh, 99 times out of a 100 they apologize and promise to be good boys and girls going forward.:)

  • Wow. I have little temper, but......

  • Damn, I’ll admit I got pretty upset with the previous med boy, but this person is threatening you. And they barely speak English apparently 🤣

  • Wow! Who threatens people like that?

  • Phil Deez

  • Drama everyday all day smh

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